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Witherspoons in Civil War from Indiana



        Wed, 27 Oct 1999 12:57:45 EDT


        Re: John Logan Witherspoon; Indiana


Hi Michael,

I couldn't find the exact John Witherspoon that you are looking for,

but # 6 looks like he could be your guy or could he have enlisted in another

state? There was nothing listed under the initial J or the name of Logan or a

John that was a POW (that doesn't mean he wasn't, though).  There are more

details listed in this database so if you see someone of interest let me know

and I will check it out.

American Civil War Research and Genealogy Database
Civil War Data

First Name, MI, Last Name, Residence, ST, Enlist Rank, State Served,

Enlist Age, Enlist Date, Enlist Place, Survived War, Events 

Events: (C)ommissioned Officer; (P)OW; (W)ounded

All John Witherspoons listed in this database.  

1 John Witherspoon                Corpl PA         08/17/61    Y  


2 John   Witherspoon   Detroit MI Priv  MI   22    04/18/61  Detroit, MI Y C/W


3 John   Witherspoon          Sergeant  PA         08/17/61    N  


4 John   Witherspoon              Priv  OH   29    02/08/65    Y  


5 John Witherspoon                Priv  OH   18    05/22/63    Y 


6 John B Witherspoon   Patoka IN  Priv  IN         06/12/61    Y

        Residence Patoka IN; 

        Enlisted on 6/12/61 as a Private.

        On 6/12/61 he mustered into "H" Co. IN 17th Infantry 

        He Re-enlisted on 1/4/64

        He was Mustered Out on 8/8/65 at Macon, GA

        Sources: - Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Indiana


7 John S Witherspoon         1st Lieut  OH   25    07/11/62    Y C/W


8 John S Witherspoon              Priv  OH   24    04/20/61    Y


9 John S Witherspoon              Priv  OH   24    04/20/61    Y  


All Witherspoon's listed as serving for IN in this database. 

1 James C Witherspoon   Princeton IN   Priv  IN  09/04/62  Y  


2 John B Witherspoon       Patoka IN   Priv  IN  06/12/61  Y 


3 Milton B Witherspoon                 Priv  IN  10/01/63  Y 


4 Milton B Witherspoon Vanderburg IN   Priv  IN  12/01/63  Y


5 Moses C Witherspoon      Patoka IN   Priv  IN  09/04/62  Y W


6 William P Witherspoon    Patoka IN   Corpl IN  01/31/65  Y



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