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Descendants of John Melton

Generation No. 1

1.    JOHN1 MELTON was born Abt. 1768 in Virginia. He married SARAH ??.

Notes for JOHN MELTON:

Descendants of John Melton

John Melton b. 1768 in VA. m. Sarah--- b. 1776 in VA.

    1.    Mary Melton b. 1798 in VA. m. Cooper Melton b. 1815 in TN

            A.    Temperance Melton b. 1835 DeKalb Co. TN.

            B.    Sarah E. Melton b. 1849 DeKalb Co. TN.

    2.    Catherine Melton b.1822 in DeKalb Co. TN.

    3.    Robert Melton b. 1823 in Meigs Co. TN. m. Nancy Ann b. 1841

            A.    William Melton b. 1843 Meigs Co. TN.

            B.    James Melton b. 1845 Meigs Co. TN.

    4.    James Fowler Melton b. 1824 in VA. m. Jane C. Allen b. 1824 in VA

            A.    Uriah Cooper Melton b. 1844 Meigs Co. TN.

            B.    Robert I. Melton b. 1846 Meigs Co. TN.

            C.    John Melton b. 1848 Meigs Co. TN

            D.    Margaret A. Melton b. 1849 Meigs Co. TN.

            E.    Thomas Duggan Melton b. 1854 Meigs Co. TN.

            F.    Thomas O. Melton b. 1856 Meigs Co. TN.

            G.    Sara A. Melton b. 1857 Meigs Co. TN.

            H.    Elinor L. Melton b. 1860 Meigs Co. TN.

            I.    James F. Melton b. 1863 Meigs Co. TN.

    5.    Leander M. Melton b. 1830 m. Martha McMullius b. 1830

            A.    John Melton b. 1847

            B.    James Melton b. 1849

    6.    Calvin Melton b. 1836

Children of JOHN MELTON and SARAH ?? are:

2.    i.    MARY2 MELTON, b. Abt. 1811, Tennessee.

3.   ii.    JAMES FOWLER MELTON, b. August 1, 1824, Virginia; d. 1864, Nashville, Tennessee.

      iii.   CATHERINE MELTON, b. Abt. 1822, DeKalb County, Tennessee.

4.   iv.    ROBERT MELTON, b. Abt. 1823, Meigs County, Tennessee.

Generation No. 2

2. MARY2 MELTON (JOHN1) was born Abt. 1811 in Tennessee. She married COOPER MELTON.


Per Joe Baker <> January 24, 1998

Source 2: Rose Ombre <> Jan 22, 1998 (Rebecca pack in Cajun Country)

1840 DeKalb County Tennessee census:

One son <10, one son <15, one male <50, two females <5, one <10, one <15, one <20 and Temperance <40

1850 DeKalb County Tennessee census:

Milton, Cooper 35 TN

Mary wife 32 TN

Sarah E 1 TN

Temperance 15 TN

1860 DeKalb County Tennessee census:

Melton, Cooper 45 TN mechanic

Mary 42 TN

Sarah E 11 TN

Mary Jane 2 TN

Temperance C 25 TN now listed as a Martin is still living with him.

Rose writes:

I have a Thomas Melton on the 1850 DeKalb county TN Census with wife Temperance and children: James W 20, Robert W 17 TN, mary J 15 TN,; Elvira P 14 TN,; Sarah A 10 TN. Thomas was age 57 b. NC; Temperance was 49 b. NC.

There is also another daughter, Elizabeth who married Thomas PACK. This 1850 census also has a Cooper MILTON living in the same district. He is 35, b TN with wife Mary, daughter Sarah E 1 and a Temperance age 15 born TN. I have nothing to link these two together. He is not old that he may be a son of Thomas Melton.


Occupation: Wagon Maker

Children of MARY MELTON and COOPER MELTON are:

     i.    TEMPERANCE3 MELTON, b. Abt. 1835, DeKalb County, Tennessee; m. ?? MARTIN.

    ii.    SARAH E MELTON, b. Abt. 1849, DeKalb County, Tennessee.

    iii.    MARY JANE MELTON, b. Abt. 1858.

3. JAMES FOWLER2 MELTON (JOHN1) was born August 1, 1824 in Virginia, and died 1864 in Nashville, Tennessee. He married JANE CARSON ALLEN.


He was a US soldier in the Civil war, Company H, 5th Tenn. Vol. He died at Nashville, Tennessee in 1864, a month before the battle of Nashville. He was married to jane Carson Allen, b. 16 Oct. 1823 in VA and died 13 Dec 1890 in Meigs Co., TN

Children of JAMES MELTON and JANE ALLEN are:

5.     i.    URIAH CHRISTOPHER3 MELTON, b. September 29, 1844, Meigs County, Tennessee.

        ii.    ROBERT J MELTON, b. August 1, 1846, Meigs County, Tennessee.

        iii.    MARGARET A MELTON, b. September 14, 1848, Meigs County, Tennessee.

        iv.    JAMES T MELTON, b. September 2, 1850.

        v.    NANCY JANE MELTON, b. November 2, 1852.

        vi.    THOMAS DUGGAN MELTON, b. December 30, 1854, Meigs County, Tennessee.

        vii.    SARAH ALBANY MELTON, b. September 21, 1857, Meigs County, Tennessee.

        viii.    ELLEN ELINOR L MELTON, b. April 28, 1860, Meigs County, Tennessee.

        ix.     JAMES H F MELTON, b. October 15, 1862, Meigs County, Tennessee.

4.    ROBERT2 MELTON (JOHN1) was born Abt. 1823 in Meigs County, Tennessee. He married NANCY ANN ?? Abt. 1841 in Meigs County, Tennessee.

Children of ROBERT MELTON and NANCY ?? are:

        i.    WILLIAM3 MELTON, b. Abt. 1843, Meigs County, Tennessee.

        ii.    JAMES MELTON, b. Abt. 1845, Meigs County, Tennessee.

Generation No. 3

5.    URIAH CHRISTOPHER3 MELTON (JAMES FOWLER2, JOHN1) was born September 29, 1844 in Meigs County, Tennessee.


6.    i.    ROBERT WILBURN4 MELTON, b. Abt. 1866.

Generation No. 4



        i.    ALICE RUTH5 MELTON, b. Abt. 1890.