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Database of Michael & Candie Witherspoon
Disclaimer: Data in this database is a collection of compiled family names. Please email us for more information and sources.

Family Tree Names

Rich, Agnes Ann
Rich, Jesse
Richards, Charles Harrison
Richards, Ella
Richards, Faye
Richards, Susan Elizabeth (1827-ABT. 1870)
Richards, Walter (-1950)
Richards, William B. (16 JAN 1814-21 DEC 1892)
Richardson, "Buddy"
Richardson, Amos
Richardson, Arbel (Private-)
Richardson, Buddie (4 AUG 1900-)
Richardson, David (1877-1959)
Richardson, David Felder
Richardson, David Lewis
Richardson, David Lewis (31 JAN 1884-)
Richardson, David M. (Private-)
Richardson, Della Francis (12 FEB 1888-)
Richardson, Donnie (1889-1964)
Richardson, Effie May (16 FEB 1896-)
Richardson, Emma (3 FEB 1890-)
Richardson, Fannie Elizabeth (24 MAR 1898-)
Richardson, Flossie
Richardson, Helen (Private-)
Richardson, Henry Haller (1895-1968)
Richardson, Inez (Private-)
Richardson, J. D. (Private-)
Richardson, James B.
Richardson, James Watson (6 JAN 1938-4 JAN 1957)
Richardson, Jim
Richardson, Jodie (3 MAR 1894-Infant)
Richardson, Lee (2 DEC 1888-Infant)
Richardson, Margaret (ABT. 1816-)
Richardson, Matthew Lemuel (1865-)
Richardson, Mattie (9 JUL 1895-)
Richardson, Rebecca
Richardson, Robert Dale
Richardson, Robert Donald
Richardson, Ruth (1919-1983)
Richardson, Sandra
Richardson, Sarah Elizabeth (1879-1956)
Richardson, Steven Lee (Private-)
Richardson, Virgina Belle (1917-1969)
Richardson, Walter (28 OCT 1903-AUG 1974)
Richardson, William
Ricketts, Stella (ABT. 1890-)
Rider, Paul E. (1921-1983)
Ridgell, Sr., Joel
Ridings, Earl
Ried, Andrew
Ries, Chary
Rieuf, Derek Randall (Private-)
Rieuf, James D.
Rieuf, Jr., James D. (Private-)
Rieuf, James Ryan (Private-)
Rieuf, Lacey Lynn (Private-)
Rieuf, Michael Jared (Private-)
Rieuf, Michelle Lynn (Private-)
Rieuf, Morgan Leigh (Private-)
Rieuf, Rhonda Sue
Righter, Harold L.
Rigsby, Allen Jefferson (9 APR 1836-JUL 1900)
Rigsby, Allen Johnson
Rigsby, Anne
Rigsby, Benjamin Franklin (6 JAN 1844-26 SEP 1924)
Rigsby, Elizabeth Ann (13 JUL 1833-21 JAN 1890)
Rigsby, Emily
Rigsby, James Monroe (13 SEP 1842-24 JUL 1914)
Rigsby, Joe Al (Private-)
Rigsby, Joey
Rigsby, John Lewis (28 JAN 1847-1876)
Rigsby, Lewis Johnson (2 NOV 1802-26 JUL 1872)
Rigsby, Mary
Rigsby, Roger Dale
Rigsby, Sarah Jane (28 JAN 1847-27 MAY 1933)
Rigsby, Shepard
Rigsby, Wiley Thomas (1 APR 1849-)
Rigsby, William Lewis (29 NOV 1831-19 SEP 1900)
Riley, Arthur Henry (Private-)
Riley, Jr., Dan (Private-)
Riley, Sr., Dan (1922-1989)
Riley, Maxie Beckworth (Private-)
Riley, Sara Jane (Private-)
Ring\Rice, Alice B.
Riser, John
Riser, William
Risinger, Landon James
Ritchie, John
Ritter, Martha Patsy (1800-30 NOV 1880)
Roach, Sadie Beatrice
Roach, Sarah Veatrice
Robb, Ida M. (29 MAR 1858-20 APR 1942)
Robbins, Artie Pat
Robbins, Dave
Robbins, Etta Lee
Robbins, H. B.
Robbins, Sarah Ann
Roberson, Sally (10 FEB 1878-23 APR 1964)
Roberts, Dwight
Roberts, Edna
Roberts, Edra
Roberts, Elizabeth (1814-)
Roberts, Harold J.
Roberts, J. C.
Roberts, James
Roberts, Mary Ann
Roberts, Mary L. (1 JAN 1796-2 OCT 1857)
Roberts, Maxie
Roberts, Rachel
Roberts, Terry
Roberts, Thomas Hampton (26 SEP 1875-1 NOV 1962)
Roberts, Wade
Roberts, William E. (ABT. 1858-UNKNOWN)
Robertson, Ann
Robertson, David Michael
Robertson, James Michael
Robertson, John James
Robertson, Kimberly Michele
Robertson, Lou (ABT. 1850-AFT. 1875)
Robertson, Peggy
Robertson, Sawnie
Robertson, William Harvey
Robeson, Marieste (1473-)
Robin, Howard John
Robin, Linda Kay (Private-)
Robins, Dan
Robinson, (-Deceased)
Robinson, A. A.
Robinson, Allen Dare
Robinson, Anna Johnston (ABT. 1815-ABT. 1841)
Robinson, Christine
Robinson, Francis (31 JUL 1815-27 NOV 1886)
Robinson, George
Robinson, Grace
Robinson, Jane M. (1804-)
Robinson, Lavinia Louisa (ABT. 1798-1840)
Robinson, Mary
Robinson, Mary Ann
Robinson, Minnie
Robinson, Pattrice Ann (Private-)
Roblain, Laura
Robling, Canzada (21 JUN 1871-28 JAN 1959)
Robling, Jr., Lewis
Rockholt, Frank M. (20 JAN 1882-19 JAN 1914)
Rockholt, Frank M. (20 JAN 1848-19 JAN 1914)
Rockholt, William (ABT. 1825-UNKNOWN)
Rockholt, William
Rockholt, William (ABT. 1861-UNKNOWN)
Rodgers, Christopher Randal (Private-)
Rodgers, Damon
Rodgers, Eva
Roe, Sharon
Rogers, Albert Emory (1882-1965)
Rogers, Allen
Rogers, Alton (12 JUL 1913-6 DEC 1978)
Rogers, Bailey Rhena (Private-)
Rogers, Clyde
Rogers, Commie (26 APR 1906-28 DEC 1988)
Rogers, Elizabeth
Rogers, Elizabeth G. (ABT. 1818-AFT. 1900)
Rogers, Farris (15 MAY 1909-1 JUN 1983)
Rogers, Gordon
Rogers, Layton Thurman
Rogers, Leo Tyre
Rogers, Louisa
Rogers, Madge
Rogers, Mary Ann (ABT. 1803-15 JUL 1887)
Rogers, Narvel
Rogers, Nolan
Rogers, Norene
Rogers, Ralph
Rogers, Ralph
Rogers, Theron
Rogers, Weldon
Rokeby, Thomas
Rond, Paul
Rook, Peter R.
Roop, Mary M.
Rosamond, Nina
Rosberough, Ruth
Rose, Albert
Rose, Ann
Rose, Catherine
Rose, David
Rose, Jr., David
Rose, David (15 AUG 1721-OCT 1781)
Rose, Emily
Rose, Emily
Rose, Frank
Rose, Hannah
Rose, James
Rose, James
Rose, Jennie
Rose, Jesse (2 APR 1757-13 JUL 1852)
Rose, Jr., Jesse
Rose, John
Rose, Johnathon (1797-1858)
Rose, Johnathon or John (-1832)
Rose, Lucy
Rose, Mary
Rose, Mary
Rose, Mary
Rose, Mary (1)
Rose, Mary (2)
Rose, Nancy Ann
Rose, Ola Virginia
Rose, Rachel (ABT. 1785-)
Rose, Rhoda
Rose, Rhoda
Rose, Robert
Rose, Robert
Rose, Thomas H. (1841-)
Rosengrant, Susan Camille
Ross, Delana
Ross, Eliza
Ross, Jim
Ross, Mary
Ross, Marylin
Roth, Levi Gene (Private-)
Roth, Maxine
Roth, Richard Dennis (Private-)
Rothe, R. L.
Rousse, Cleinance Andrew
Rousse, David Ray
Rowe, Bobby (Private-)
Rowe, Dixie (Private-)
Rowe, JoAnn (Private-)
Rowe, Louis S.
Rowe, Margaret
Rowland, Abraham
Rowland, Cynthia Ann (11 FEB 1825-13 JUN 1895)
Rowland, Emily (1884-1928)
Roy, David
Royal, Bessie
Roye, Harriet
Roye, Henry (ABT. 1790-1852)
Roye, Henry Louis (7 JUN 1819-16 SEP 1894)
Roye, Jacob (2 MAY 1833-)
Roye, John D. (23 MAR 1822-22 MAY 1890)
Roye, Joseph Jasper (11 SEP 1830-1911)
Roye, Lemuel (24 MAY 1823-15 JUL 1882)
Roye, Margaret Melissa (21 APR 1831-)
Roye, Rachel Ann
Royster, Adeline Susan
Royster, Amanda Malvina (1826-)
Royster, Arkansas Delawar
Royster, David
Royster, Jr., David
Royster, David (-AFT. 1810)
Royster, David
Royster, Dennis
Royster, Edith
Royster, Elisha Sims
Royster, Francis Brooks
Royster, Frankey
Royster, Irena Nichols
Royster, Jr., Jacob
Royster, Jacob
Royster, James Daniel (1807-1890)
Royster, Jethro
Royster, John
Royster, John
Royster, John C.
Royster, Juliana Adeline
Royster, Leonard Henderson
Royster, Leonard Henderson
Royster, Lucy
Royster, Madison Bullock
Royster, Mary
Royster, Mary Daniel
Royster, Mary Howard
Royster, Nancy
Royster, Patty
Royster, Polly (-1816)
Royster, Rebecca (-BEF. 1798)
Royster, Sarah
Royster, Sarah
Royster, Sarah
Royster, Sarah Sanders
Royster, Susan
Royster, Susan
Royster, Vermont Connecticut
Royster, William
Royster, William Burt
Royster, William Howard
Royster, Zachariah
Runnels, Alex
Runyan, James Fowler (1867-)
Runyan, Samuel W. (ABT. 1846-UNKNOWN)
Rush, Bobbie Joy (21 APR 1927-12 JUN 1995)
Rush, John Henry
Rush, Johnnie Carl
Rush, Sarah Gwen
Rush, Thelma Theresia
Rush, Tracie LeeAnn (Private-)
Russell, Buddy
Russell, Catherine
Russell, Jr., James (13 AUG 1849-31 JAN 1864)
Russell, James S. (18 NOV 1815-4 APR 1902)
Russell, Lawson
Russell, Louis T.
Russell, Martha
Russell, Martha J. (1861-)
Russell, Mrs.
Russell, Nancy
Russell, Polly
Russell, Rebecca Susan
Russell, Sarah
Russell, Virginia Ann
Russum, Deanie (Private-)
Russum, Henry William
Russum, Laura
Rutherford, Anne Stuches
Rutherford, Karen (Private-)
Rutledge, Amber
Rutledge, Elizabeth (8 JUN 1806-11 NOV 1897)
Rutledge, Elizabeth
Rutledge, Erin Lynn (Private-)
Rutledge, Michael
Rutledge, Milton Lewis (Private-)
Rutledge, Narcissa
Rutledge, Oliver C. (1843-1939)
Ryan, Feliz O.
S., Lillie (2 MAR 1907-3 AUG 1975)
SCHONWALTER, Barbara (ABT. 1497-AFT. 1563)
SCHWAB, (7 SEP 1709-7 SEP 1709)
SCHWAB, (1661-)
SCHWAB, (1659-)
SCHWAB, Anna Barbara (9 OCT 1708-1 AUG 1808)
SCHWAB, Anna Elizabetha (10 OCT 1692-4 MAR 1761)
SCHWAB, Anna Katharina (3 SEP 1701-)
SCHWAB, Anna Margaretha (18 JUN 1695-27 SEP 1757)
SCHWAB, Anna Margaretha (21 MAY 1690-25 JAN 1773)
SCHWAB, Anna Margaretha (11 APR 1697-)
SCHWAB, Anna Maria (3 OCT 1698-AFT. 1730)
SCHWAB, Child (1661-)
SCHWAB, Georg (1659-3 JAN 1718)
SCHWAB, Georg Albrecht (1663-22 DEC 1717)
SCHWAB, George (1610-1689)
SCHWAB, George Albert (1645-)
SCHWAB, Hans Ulrich Or Joseph (21 OCT 1707-)
SCHWAB, Johannes Jost (26 MAY 1704-18 DEC 1780)
SCHWAB, Jost Conrad (11 JAN 1689/90-4 MAR 1761)
SCHWAB, Jost Conrad (29 APR 1687-17 AUG 1689)
SCHWAB, Miss (1650-)
SCHWAB, Youst Child (22 FEB 1677/78-)
Sabattini, Geri-Lyn (Private-)
Sadler, Benjamin Franklin (11 MAR 1837-)
Sadler, Benjamin Franklin
Sadler, Clarence D.
Sadler, Clarence LLewellyn
Sadler, Edwin Robyn (Private-)
Sadler, Elizabeth
Sadler, Helen
Sadler, James
Sadler, James Hervey (17 SEP 1834-1954)
Sadler, Jane Dunlap (1843-1880)
Sadler, John Milton (1 FEB 1839-)
Sadler, Loise
Sadler, Mary Frances (1845-1890)
Sadler, May Belle
Sadler, Stephen LLewellyn (Private-)
Sadler, Teena Patrice (Private-)
Saint Clair, Marybelle Theresa (11 APR 1884-)
Saint Clair, Ruth
Sallie, (ABT. 1889-)
Salmons, Leslie Joe'l (Private-)
Salmons, Rae Lynn (Private-)
Salmons, Ralph
Salmons, Ryan Leif (Private-)
Salsar, Jewett
Salsbury, Markham
Salter, Beatrice
Sampson, Gertrude
Sandefer, Andrew
Sandefer, Austin Andrew (Private-)
Sandefer, Cindy Renae (Private-)
Sandefer, Cindy Renea (Private-)
Sandefer, Desiree Danielle (Private-)
Sandefer, Donald
Sandefer, Harvey Lee (15 FEB 1903-Dead)
Sandefer, Jody (Private-)
Sandefer, Joe Dan (Private-)
Sandefer, Joseph Dan (Private-)
Sandefer, Nancy Jane (Private-)
Sandefer, Pansy (Private-)
Sandefer, Paula Michelle (Private-)
Sandefer, Robert Pete (Private-)
Sandefer, Ulas (3 JUN 1927-Dead)
Sanders, Ada E. (4 SEP 1878-26 DEC 1966)
Sanders, Benjamin T.
Sanders, M. T.
Sanders, Mary
Sanders, Rufus Willett
Sanders, Simon T.
Sanders, Thomas Benjamin
Sanderson, Prudence (1745-1816)
Sandifer, Eddie Lee (Private-)
Sandifer, Leroy (29 DEC 1910-1985)
Sandifer, Patsy Marlene (Private-)
Sandling, Albert James
Sandling, Eunice Myrle
Sands, Derrick Alan
Sands, Eric Lee
Sapp, Mary or Polly
Sarah, (MAY 1876-)
Sargent, Jane
Sasser, Felicia (Private-)
Satterfield, Cinthy (2 DEC 1805-UNKNOWN)
Saunders, Molly
Saunders, Susannah
Savage, Absolom
Savage, Miss
Savage, Sarah Nancy
Savant, Kendra Kay
Savoie, Ellen or Helen
Sawyer, Linda Kay (Private-)
Sawyer, Robert
Saxon, Jr., Archibald Clayton (Private-)
Saxon, Archie Clayton (26 FEB 1884-19 JUN 1958)
Saxon, Charles
Saxon, Francis Mozelle (Private-)
Saxon, Gary Lynn (Private-)
Saxon, Joann (Private-)
Saxon, John D. (Private-)
Saxon, Johnny Brooks (Private-)
Saxon, Laddie Lewis (Private-)
Saxon, Lynda Susan (Private-)
Saxon, Mattie Autrice (27 OCT 1910-2 JAN 1912)
Saxon, Suedella (Private-)
Scaggs, Elizabeth
Scales, Louella
Scarber, David
Scarber, Paul Furniss (Private-)
Scarber, Robert Earl (Private-)
Scarborough, (1644-1698)
Scarborough, Alexander (1789-ABT. 1850)
Scarborough, David (1760-UNKNOWN)
Scarborough, David (1784-ABT. 1824)
Scarborough, Jr., Edmund (1604-1644)
Scarborough, Edmund (1566-1624)
Scarborough, Edward
Scarborough, Edward (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Scarborough, Edward (UNKNOWN-)
Scarborough, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Scarborough, Jr., James (1783-1865)
Scarborough, James Monroe (1753-1840)
Scarborough, John (1716-1815)
Scarborough, Jr., John (1751-)
Scarborough, Jr, John (1751-UNKNOWN)
Scarborough, John William (27 JAN 1781-16 AUG 1837)
Scarborough, Mary (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Scarborough, Mina (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Scarborough, Mitchel (1695-1763)
Scarborough, N. L.
Scarborough, Nancy (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Scarborough, Rebecca (1765-AFT. 1830)
Scarborough, William (20 AUG 1765-6 JAN 1824)
Scarborough, William (1758-UNKNOWN)
Schaffner, Anna Eva (ABT. 1687-3 APR 1767)
Scherry, Mr.
Schmidt, Frederick A. Jr (Private-)
Schmidt, Frederick Albert III (Private-)
Schmidt, Ruth
Schmitt, Florence
Schmitz, Anneliese (Private-)
Schradder, Tonya
Schwab\Swap\Swope, Jost (22 FEB 1655/56-29 JAN 1727)
Scott, (-BEF. 1850)
Scott, Ada Muriel (Private-)
Scott, Cason
Scott, Catherine A. (ABT. 1840-)
Scott, Catherine J. (28 OCT 1842-28 DEC 1889)
Scott, Charles Ernest (Private-)
Scott, Claude Lee (1902-1968)
Scott, David
Scott, Dudley Wallace (Private-)
Scott, Edward Alfred (-15 MAR 1962)
Scott, Elizabeth
Scott, Elizabeth
Scott, Emily A. (1833-)
Scott, George
Scott, Hester Jane (1716-25 NOV 1756)
Scott, James M. (3 MAR 1812-25 APR 1887)
Scott, John M. (1830-)
Scott, Joly (1893-1895)
Scott, Joseph Anderson (10 DEC 1796-17 AUG 1872)
Scott, Josephine Gertrude (1897-1897)
Scott, Lawrence Edward (1899-1946)
Scott, Lily Viola (1895-1895)
Scott, Mamie Marie (1919-1919)
Scott, Margaret Irene (Private-)
Scott, Mariah (10 SEP 1810-1865)
Scott, Mary
Scott, Mary Jane
Scott, Nancy (1779-16 MAR 1862)
Scott, Nellie Marie (Private-)
Scott, Sarah L. (8 MAR 1824-)
Scott, Thomas G. (19 OCT 1836-28 OCT 1873)
Scott, Unknown
Scott, Washington M. (1835-1920)
Scott, William Alfred (Private-)
Seags, Frances Lendor
Seale, Annie Bufort (6 APR 1805-3 OCT 1884)
Seale, Buddy
Seales, Hazel Mae
Seamons, Mary J.
Seay, Deborah Jean
Seay, Phoebe Ann Eliza (24 FEB 1856-)
Sebren, Hannah LaRue (Private-)
Sebren, Paige Lyn (Private-)
Secrest, Cynthia
Secrest, Eliza
Secrest, Evan
Secrest, Jane
Secrest, Malinda
Secrest, Maltilda
Secrest, Mary (Polly)
Secrest, Michael
Secrest, Nancy (1820-)
Secrest, Patsy
Secrest, Wiley
Secrist, Ginsey
Secrist, Jacob (-1835)
Secrist, Malinda (-BEF. 1835)
Secrist, Rachael
Secrist, Thomas
See, Elaine
See, Howard Adin
See, Jr., Howard Adin
See, Lynette
See, Polly (1794-)
Seeger, Judy Ann (Private-)
Segrest, Aldmond (14 JUN 1879-15 DEC 1909)
Segrest, Ann E.
Segrest, C. S.
Segrest, Charles T. (ABT. 1789-)
Segrest, David (1787-)
Segrest, David
Segrest, David L. (1845-)
Segrest, David Reuben (20 FEB 1840-17 SEP 1881)
Segrest, Elizabeth (25 JAN 1795-BEF. 1850)
Segrest, George Bosch (1801-30 OCT 1853)
Segrest, George T.
Segrest, Harriet (1800-BEF. 1845)
Segrest, Henry (1747-30 JAN 1827)
Segrest, Henry Churchill (NOV 1866-)
Segrest, Henry Clay (6 OCT 1844-16 JUN 1901)
Segrest, Henry Glenn (19 MAR 1838-3 NOV 1922)
Segrest, Henry Joseph (19 APR 1830-14 NOV 1888)
Segrest, Jr., Jacob (26 NOV 1808-4 JUL 1870)
Segrest, Sr., Jacob (1777-1 JUN 1850)
Segrest, Jacob "Jake" L. (MAR 1856-)
Segrest, Jacob L. (MAR 1893-)
Segrest, Joseph
Segrest, Joseph Richard
Segrest, Joshua H.
Segrest, Larissa (NOV 1881-)
Segrest, Laura (NOV 1887-)
Segrest, Lemuel (1804-)
Segrest, Lonie Luther (JAN 1892-)
Segrest, Lorena Louise (JUN 1890-)
Segrest, M. C.
Segrest, Margaret (1809-)
Segrest, Marriah (ABT. 1806-)
Segrest, Martha M. (1818-)
Segrest, Marvin D. (MAR 1896-)
Segrest, Mary L. (MAY 1898-)
Segrest, Mattie L. (DEC 1894-)
Segrest, Mattie Lou
Segrest, Nancy (BEF. 1825-)
Segrest, Noah A.
Segrest, Rachel Ann (1813-)
Segrest, Rachell Laura Arabella (2 MAR 1851-20 DEC 1880)
Segrest, Rebecca H.
Segrest, Reuben (1794-1859)
Segrest, Robert W.
Segrest, Rosinne (Private-)
Segrest, Sr., Samuel (1807-)
Segrest, Vines (Dennis?) (MAR 1888-)
Segrist, Noah (1721-)
Selby, Barbara Joyce
Self, Elijah
Self, Virginia (23 JAN 1880-26 OCT 1941)
Sellers, Elizabeth (1811-1870)
Selph, Chasity Paige (Private-)
Selph, Dakoda Anthony (Private-)
Selph, Glenn
Selph, Michael Anthony (Private-)
Seniff, Karen
Sessions, Billy Rube
Sessions, Charles F.
Sessions, Homer
Sevedge, Sarah Emma (1875-1960)
Sewell, Minnie
Seybold, Earnest (26 DEC 1897-)
Seybold, Ed Conrad (18 JAN 1893-)
Seybold, Gertrude F. (MAY 1899-)
Seybold, John O. (3 APR 1871-10 JAN 1957)
Seybold, May E (DEC 1893-1959)
Seymour, Anne (-25 MAY 1686)
Seymour, John
Shackelford, Denver
Shackelford, Gerald Wayne (Private-)
Shackelford, Sylvia (Private-)
Shaffer, Cora Burgus
Shannahan, Gloria
Shannon, Alice Lena (23 OCT 1874-)
Shannon, III, Benjamin Franklin (3 JAN 1873-24 MAR 1930)
Shannon, Jr., Benjamin Franklin
Shannon, Blanche G. (FEB 1870-)
Shannon, Boland (NOV 1898-)
Shannon, Burrus Hervey (18 JUN 1870-)
Shannon, Daniel Webster (20 MAR 1880-)
Shannon, Eli McCullie (15 OCT 1886-18 SEP 1948)
Shannon, Eliet (FEB 1897-)
Shannon, Eula L. (13 FEB 1868-)
Shannon, Frances Philetus (Private-)
Shannon, Genevieve (OCT 1882-)
Shannon, James Hervey
Shannon, John Oscar (11 AUG 1887-11 OCT 1958)
Shannon, Katie E. (FEB 1878-)
Shannon, Lillian E. (15 NOV 1876-)
Shannon, Luna (1877-18 APR 1896)
Shannon, Mable R. (1875-)
Shannon, Matt (SEP 1894-)
Shannon, Mattie
Shannon, Ola (1868-7 SEP 1895)
Shannon, Olivia J. (30 APR 1872-)
Shannon, Susan Eugenia (2 MAY 1884-)
Sharp, Ann
Sharp, Mahalia Ann
Sharp, Rebecca
Shaver, Amos Percy (-7 MAY)
Shaver, Annie (ABT. 1867-Dead)
Shaver, Bertie Gruite
Shaver, Bertie Mae (16 MAR 1910-19 JAN 1995)
Shaver, Bonnie
Shaver, Bud (1913-1987)
Shaver, Chirstine (27 DEC 1924-AFT. 1978)
Shaver, Curtis Wayne
Shaver, Curtis Wayne
Shaver, Dorothy
Shaver, Effie P. (JAN 1896-)
Shaver, Elizabeth (1873-20 MAR 1923)
Shaver, Emma
Shaver, Frank (MAY 1878-Dead)
Shaver, Henry (JUL 1898-)
Shaver, Hiram L. (ABT. 1812-BET. 1850 - 1860)
Shaver, Jeanette
Shaver, Jimmy (ABT. 1907-ABT. 1912)
Shaver, Jo Ann
Shaver, Jr., Joe
Shaver, Sr., Joe (22 MAR 1909-8 DEC 1984)
Shaver, John
Shaver, John Riley or Sonny Boy
Shaver, John S. (ABT. 1847-AFT. 1875)
Shaver, Johnny (1912-1926)
Shaver, Joseph or Joe (1875-DEC 1949)
Shaver, Kathy
Shaver, Larry
Shaver, Louis (10 FEB 1902-22 FEB 1978)
Shaver, Louis McKinley
Shaver, Mable
Shaver, Margaret C. (ABT. 1849-)
Shaver, Mary Ada or Ader (4 SEP 1872-6 JUN 1943)
Shaver, Mary Carline (19 MAR-)
Shaver, Mary E. (ABT. 1847-)
Shaver, Mary Jo (10 AUG 1936-17 NOV 1993)
Shaver, Mr.
Shaver, Mrs.
Shaver, Mrs.
Shaver, Myrtlee (Private-)
Shaver, Octavia or Tavie
Shaver, Oscar (ABT. 1844-)
Shaver, Parthenia (ABT. 1838-)
Shaver, R. L. (4 FEB 1933-28 JAN 1940)
Shaver, Robert Earl
Shaver, Sarah O. (ABT. 1845-)
Shaver, Sissy
Shaver, Uriah or Riley G. (17 APR 1875-1 OCT 1948)
Shaver, Walter L.
Shaver, William (ABT. 1841-)
Shaver, William Hill "Dick" (1927-1986)
Shaw, Child (Private-)
Shaw, Donny Len
Shaw, Glen
Shaw, Herbert
Shaw, Mary Evelyn (Private-)
Shaw, Rosa
Shaw, Sherald Odis (13 AUG 1914-21 MAY 1990)
Shaw, Stephen Otis
Shaw, Stevie Joe (Private-)
Shaw, William (1812-1871)
Shawhan, Mercedes (1857-1936)
Shay, Jason (Private-)
Shay, Kelly (Private-)
Shay, Steven
Shearer, Jacob (9 JAN 1744-29 JAN 1823)
Sheffield, Blueford
Sheffield, Elizabeth
Sheffield, Herbert
Sheffield, Maurine "Mickey"
Sheffield, Mildred
Sheffield, Milton
Sheffield, Myron
Sheffield, West
Sheley, Beulah
Shelly, Annie Laura
Shelton, Amelia (-6 MAR 1929)
Shelton, Bolivar
Shelton, Cordelia S.
Shelton, Elizabeth
Shelton, Ella J (-ABT. 1905)
Shelton, Ethel
Shelton, Henry
Shelton, Jerry G. (Private-)
Shelton, Robert N
Shepard, Georgia Ethel
Shephard, Absalom Abner
Shephard, Elizabeth (1700-1742)
Shephard, Margaret (ABT. 1817-16 DEC 1889)
Shephard, William
Sheppard, Agnes D. (1872-)
Sheppard, Beverly Gail
Sheppard, Charles Columbus
Sheppard, Elizabeth
Sheppard, Emily E. (ABT. 1869-)
Sheppard, J. Monroe (ABT. 1876-1940)
Sheppard, Jefferson Davis (1861-)
Sheppard, Jesse O. (19 OCT 1878-)
Sheppard, John S. (ABT. 1870-)
Sheppard, Lucy Louise (10 MAR 1873-17 OCT 1955)
Sheppard, Maranda Leona "Nannie" (26 DEC 1871-13 AUG 1949)
Sheppard, Martha
Sheppard, Robert Lee (10 SEP 1864-14 JUL 1892)
Sheppard, Rosean (ABT. 1867-)
Sheppard, Thomas Jackson (9 DEC 1862-15 FEB 1936)
Sherwood, Elizabeth
Shipp, Layla Joy (Private-)
Shipp, Melvin Ray
Shirkey, Donald Gene
Shirley, Silas C.
Shoemaker, William
Shoptaugh, Ed
Short, William Z.
Showers, Andrew
Showers, Dick
Showers, Wayne
Shurlett Josephine \Lusk, Josephine Charlotte (22 OCT 1855-28 AUG 1917)
Shute, Elizabeth (10 APR 1776-1831)
Shutz, Nora (-7 SEP 1900)
Sibbet, David Harper (17 JUN 1876-28 MAY 1950)
Sibbet, Elinor Carothers (10 OCT 1871-26 SEP 1954)
Sibbet, Grace (14 SEP 1878-28 MAY 1950)
Sibbet, James Elliott (12 APR 1869-24 NOV 1960)
Sibbet, John Knox (11 FEB 1875-13 MAR 1904)
Sibbet, Lowry Witherspoon (21 JUL 1863-6 OCT 1897)
Sibbet, Mary Eva (4 JAN 1867-4 FEB 1920)
Sibbet, Robert Wilson (13 NOV 1873-BET. 2 - 4 AUG 1874)
Sibbet, II, William Ryan (2 APR 1866-20 JUN 1945)
Sibbet, William Ryan (3 JUN 1830-8 APR 1906)
Sides, Ella
Sides, Richard
Sidley, Daughter
Sidley, Edith
Sidley, Son
Sikes, Betsy
Sikes, Chelsey
Sikes, Curtis or Cortis (13 APR 1877-1915)
Sikes, Oscar
Silliman, Lydia
Simanovski, Nancy Ann
Simmon, Brandon (Private-)
Simmon, Louis Matlyn (Private-)
Simmon, Michael Louise (Private-)
Simmon, Michael Ray (Private-)
Simmon, Williiam Anderson (Private-)
Simmons, Barbara (Private-)
Simmons, Brian James (Private-)
Simmons, Charles
Simmons, Connie L. (-9 OCT 1918)
Simmons, Jr., Connie L. (1918-7 OCT 1918)
Simmons, Denice (Private-)
Simmons, E. E.
Simmons, Eula
Simmons, Gail (Private-)
Simmons, Gale
Simmons, James William (Private-)
Simmons, Janet
Simmons, Jay
Simmons, John T.
Simmons, Leigh Boisclaire (Private-)
Simmons, Malinda (Private-)
Simmons, Mary Catherin
Simmons, Michael
Simmons, Phyllis (Private-)
Simmons, Robert B.
Simmons, Robert Bruce
Simmons, Sarah
Simmons, Sharon
Simmonson, Kathy
Simms, Mary Francis
Simon, Anna Catharina
Simon, Anna Maria Elisabetha
Simon, John Adam
Simon, Maria Elisabeth
Simpson, Elizabeth Jane
Simpson, Mary
Simpson, Mary Ann (8 AUG 1824-24 NOV 1895)
Simpson, Mauri Elizabeth (Private-)
Simpson, Jr., Richard Wayne
Simpson, Richard Wayne
Simpson, William Everett (Private-)
Simpson, William Gregory (Private-)
Sims, ?
Sims, Abner (1771-18 MAR 1808)
Sims, Adam (1754-1826)
Sims, Adam (ABT. 1729-AFT. 1775)
Sims, Agatha (ABT. 1744-Dead)
Sims, Agnes
Sims, Albert Alonzo (Private-)
Sims, Albert Cuthbert or Bert (7 JAN 1889-6 AUG 1960)
Sims, Albert Huthbert or Hub (5 APR 1845-19 FEB 1863)
Sims, Alfred
Sims, Alfred Cuthbert or Cub (5 APR 1845-19 JAN 1920)
Sims, Allen Darrell (Private-)
Sims, Alletha Aggatha
Sims, Allisa Fay (Private-)
Sims, Almon Elmer (29 MAY 1909-2 OCT 1967)
Sims, Amanda Ruth (Private-)
Sims, Andrew John (24 JAN 1847-Dead)
Sims, Anita
Sims, Ann Hendley (ABT. 1742-Dead)
Sims, Annie
Sims, Appless Foster (24 JAN 1847-13 DEC 1918)
Sims, Applis Arbelle or Bell (16 OCT 1880-12 JAN 1958)
Sims, Australia or Autie (20 MAR 1876-19 JAN 1966)
Sims, Jr., Bartlett
Sims, Bartlett (BET. 1728 - 1763-20 MAY 1802)
Sims, Becky Jo
Sims, Benjamin
Sims, Benjamin (BET. 1755 - 1778-)
Sims, Benjamin
Sims, Bethany
Sims, Betty
Sims, Boman
Sims, Briggs (ABT. 1775-)
Sims, Bronson Day (Private-)
Sims, Burwell Boswell (BET. 1728 - 1763-)
Sims, Candie Ann Marie (Private-)
Sims, Caswell S. (1805-)
Sims, Cathy
Sims, Charles
Sims, Charlie
Sims, Chesley (1770-)
Sims, Colleen Latrica (Private-)
Sims, Danny (Private-)
Sims, Daughter (BET. 1755 - 1778-)
Sims, David
Sims, David
Sims, Dorcus
Sims, Dorcus
Sims, Doris Susanna (Private-)
Sims, Edgar Albert (Private-)
Sims, Edward
Sims, Edward
Sims, Elisha (1748-1810)
Sims, Jr., Elisha
Sims, Elizabeth
Sims, Elizabeth (BET. 1755 - 1778-)
Sims, Elizabeth
Sims, Elizabeth
Sims, Elizabeth Ann (Private-)
Sims, Elizabeth Ann
Sims, Emily F. (1845-)
Sims, Emily Nicole (Private-)
Sims, Emma Jane (Private-)
Sims, Ervin (1775-1864)
Sims, Ervin Martin (9 MAY 1837-6 AUG 1885)
Sims, Euphrates (ABT. 1751-)
Sims, Evelyn Irene (1 JUL 1917-4 JUN 1985)
Sims, Fannie
Sims, Fanny
Sims, Frances Evelyn
Sims, Francis Avrie (1 AUG 1905-11 MAY 1970)
Sims, Frankey
Sims, Franky H.
Sims, Frederick (ABT. 1766-)
Sims, Garrett (27 FEB 1803-2 SEP 1882)
Sims, Jr., Garrett (1833-)
Sims, Gay Dawn (Private-)
Sims, Gazaway
Sims, George (ABT. 1750-)
Sims, George
Sims, Jr., George (ABT. 1728-ABT. 1808)
Sims, Guilford H. D.
Sims, Gus
Sims, Hannah (BET. 1728 - 1763-)
Sims, Henrietta
Sims, Henry (BET. 1706 - 1775-)
Sims, Henry
Sims, Herbert (BET. 1770 - 1774-)
Sims, Horatio (ABT. 1789-Dead)
Sims, Hubert Ray (Private-)
Sims, Ignatius
Sims, Irene
Sims, Jr., Isham (ABT. 1760-)
Sims, Issac Row (ABT. 1754-)
Sims, Jacob Aaron (Private-)
Sims, Jacob Francis or Frank (29 AUG 1871-16 NOV 1960)
Sims, James
Sims, James (ABT. 1732-)
Sims, James
Sims, James Darrell (Private-)
Sims, James Frank (1841-)
Sims, James Russell or Russ (16 OCT 1873-17 MAR 1940)
Sims, Jane Henley
Sims, Jarrett
Sims, Jefferson
Sims, Jennie
Sims, Jeremiah
Sims, Jimmy Cuthbert
Sims, Sr., John
Sims, John (ABT. 1773-)
Sims, John (27 SEP 1849-)
Sims, John
Sims, Jr., John (BEF. 1719-ABT. 1766)
Sims, John
Sims, John (1812-1847)
Sims, John (BET. 1755 - 1778-26 FEB 1800)
Sims, John
Sims, John Collier (17 JAN 1831-)
Sims, John Robert
Sims, Jr., Joseph (-ABT. 1795)
Sims, Joseph
Sims, Sr., Joseph (-BEF. 1751)
Sims, Joseph
Sims, Joshua Caleb (Private-)
Sims, Joshua Caleb (Private-)
Sims, Kate Elizabeth (16 DEC 1893-28 FEB 1978)
Sims, L. Sanders (ABT. 1755-)
Sims, Lena (1826-)
Sims, Leonard
Sims, Leonard B. (ABT. 1766-)
Sims, Leonard Henley (-ABT. 1804)
Sims, Leonard Henley (ABT. 1755-)
Sims, Jr., Leonard Henley
Sims, Leonard P. (BET. 1802 - 1810-)
Sims, Lester William (1919-1995)
Sims, Littleton (-1807)
Sims, Lora Ellen (DEC 1875-7 MAR 1918)
Sims, Lorainah (5 MAR 1772-)
Sims, Lucretia or Lucy (BET. 1755 - 1778-)
Sims, Lucy
Sims, M. T. (1848-)
Sims, Mahala
Sims, Mann (1759-3 MAR 1823)
Sims, Marcus Matthew (Private-)
Sims, Marden
Sims, Margaret or Peggy Ann (ABT. 1762-)
Sims, Mark
Sims, Martha (1857-)
Sims, Martha (1 AUG 1820-24 MAY 1901)
Sims, Martin (BEF. 1765-7 APR 1822)
Sims, Mary (BET. 1755 - 1778-)
Sims, Mary
Sims, Mary
Sims, Mary
Sims, Mary (1750-1840)
Sims, Mary
Sims, Mary Ann (ABT. 1795-Dead)
Sims, Mary Anna (2 MAR 1957-20 JUN 1958)
Sims, Mary Francis or Madie (6 JUL 1885-1 MAY 1932)
Sims, Mary Kathryn (Private-)
Sims, Massie
Sims, Matilda or Tilda (1839-)
Sims, Matthias
Sims, Melton Henry (Private-)
Sims, Jr., Melton Henry (Private-)
Sims, Jr., Micajah
Sims, Micajah (ABT. 1720-)
Sims, Middy
Sims, Millington (BET. 1728 - 1763-22 JUL 1775)
Sims, Molly
Sims, Nancy (1845-)
Sims, Nancy Octavene or Nannie (29 FEB 1892-15 MAR 1965)
Sims, Nathaniel
Sims, Nathaniel
Sims, Nathaniel (1730-1800)
Sims, Nathaniel
Sims, Ninian (ABT. 1793-Dead)
Sims, Oda
Sims, Olive
Sims, Patty
Sims, Peter
Sims, Polly
Sims, Prudence
Sims, Q. (BET. 1728 - 1763-)
Sims, R. (BET. 1728 - 1763-)
Sims, Rebecca
Sims, Rebecca (-OCT 1787)
Sims, Rebecca
Sims, Richard
Sims, Richard
Sims, Richard H. (1803-)
Sims, Richard Wayne (Private-)
Sims, III, Robert (ABT. 1732-)
Sims, Robert Braden (24 JUL 1914-16 JAN 1977)
Sims, Rosa Anna (6 OCT 1907-23 JUN 1983)
Sims, Sally
Sims, Samuel
Sims, Sanderson S. (1844-Dead)
Sims, Sara
Sims, Sarah (ABT. 1745-25 NOV 1815)
Sims, Sarah (20 SEP 1726-4 APR 1789)
Sims, Sarah
Sims, Sarah or Sally (BET. 1755 - 1778-)
Sims, Sary
Sims, Senath
Sims, Shadrack
Sims, Jr., Sherwood
Sims, Sherwood (-ABT. 1789)
Sims, Sidwell
Sims, Silva
Sims, Son
Sims, Stephen Day (7 MAR 1878-10 MAY 1938)
Sims, Stephen Day (Private-)
Sims, Susan (ABT. 1775-)
Sims, Susan (ABT. 1791-Dead)
Sims, Susanna
Sims, Susanna
Sims, Susannah (ABT. 1745-)
Sims, Swepson (16 MAY 1775-22 SEP 1850)
Sims, Tabitha
Sims, Thiria
Sims, Thomas
Sims, Thomas
Sims, Thomas
Sims, Thomas
Sims, Thomas (ABT. 1715-)
Sims, Thomas Randolph (13 JUN 1842-11 DEC 1883)
Sims, Timothy Day (Private-)
Sims, Tom
Sims, Tracy Lynn (Private-)
Sims, Willam Howard
Sims, William (ABT. 1787-Dead)
Sims, William
Sims, William (ABT. 1755-JUL 1780)
Sims, William (ABT. 1727-)
Sims, William (BET. 1728 - 1763-NOV 1810)
Sims, William
Sims, William
Sims, William (1715-MAR 1814)
Sims, William Albert (9 JAN 1911-1 AUG 1978)
Sims, William Allen or Bud (19 JUN 1887-28 MAY 1966)
Sims, William Shepard (23 JUN 1839-9 APR 1930)
Sims, William Ward (Private-)
Sims, Willie
Sims, Wythe
Sims, Zachariah
Sims, Zachariah (13 JUN 1775-)
Sims, Zachariah (ABT. 1739-AFT. 1790)
Sims, Zilpah


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