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Database of Michael & Candie Witherspoon
Disclaimer: Data in this database is a collection of compiled family names. Please email us for more information and sources.

Family Tree Names

Sinclair, Lady (BEF. 1490-)
Singletary, Daisey
Singletary, Millie
Singletary, Sammie Elizabeth Stewart
Sission, Charles Harold (Private-)
Sission, Clara Mary (15 AUG 1891-)
Sission, E. D.
Sission, Edward Doein (28 DEC 1900-)
Sission, Fannie Edna (16 APR 1883-3 FEB 1944)
Sission, James Albert
Sission, Marvin Dewey (12 JUL 1898-)
Sission, Mattie Lee (15 JAN 1894-)
Sission, Samuel Gordon (7 APR 1896-)
Sitton, Addie
Skaggs, Alvira M. (1871-)
Skaggs, Amanda
Skaggs, Brian
Skaggs, Levi A. (1837-)
Skaggs, Mary Christena (1865-)
Skaggs, Wade Thomas
Skaggs, William L. (ABT. 1859-)
Skelton, Dysea Elizabeth (3 SEP 1840-9 NOV 1900)
Skelton, Ida Virginia
Skelton, Malinda
Skillings, William
Skinner, Thomas
Skipp, William M.
Slaughter, Francis
Slaughter, Josephine
Slaughter, Mara
Slaughter, William
Slaughter, William
Slay, Bronson
Slay, Chester
Slay, Vera (ABT. 1900-)
Slayton, Minnie Lee
Slivinski, Craig Leland (Private-)
Slivinski, Cynthia Rae (Private-)
Slivinski, Norman (Private-)
Sloan, Archibald (ABT. 1773-)
Sloan, Archibald Y (ABT. 1813-)
Sloan, John William
Sloan, John William (ABT. 1770-ABT. 1914)
Sloss, Alexander Mebane (-2 MAR 1846)
Sloss, Jr., Alexander Mebane (15 JUL 1831-26 AUG 1919)
Sloss, Ammesa
Sloss, Joseph (30 MAY 1777-22 MAR 1829)
Smart, Leavie Earline
Smart, Willie
Smith, Al
Smith, Alfred
Smith, Amelia
Smith, Amy Bass
Smith, Anna Marie (1782-)
Smith, Beatrice
Smith, Berry
Smith, Charles
Smith, Charles (ABT. 1859-1 MAY 1932)
Smith, Claude A. (1881-1958)
Smith, Dale Anita
Smith, Daniel (1788-AFT. 1870)
Smith, Daughter (UNKNOWN-)
Smith, Dezzie (ABT. 1875-)
Smith, Diane
Smith, Donald
Smith, Donald
Smith, Doyle Wayne
Smith, Eason
Smith, Elizabeth (ABT. 1856-ABT. 1889)
Smith, Elizabeth (-1847)
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Elizabeth (1831-)
Smith, Elizabeth Temporance (15 JUL 1863-18 APR 1919)
Smith, Elsie Lee
Smith, Florence
Smith, Florence
Smith, Frances Ann (1780-1807)
Smith, Henry
Smith, Isaac (-6 JAN 1916)
Smith, Jacob Arthur
Smith, James (-APR 1745)
Smith, James
Smith, James Milton (Private-)
Smith, Jason Wayne (Private-)
Smith, Jesse (-AFT. 1884)
Smith, Jesse Rae (-15 MAY 1963)
Smith, Joan (Private-)
Smith, John
Smith, Jr., John S.
Smith, John Sid
Smith, John Witherspoon (1785-1829)
Smith, Josephine
Smith, Keziah
Smith, Lee Ann
Smith, Maggie (ABT. 1878-)
Smith, Martha
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary Ann
Smith, Mary Clay (1790-1864)
Smith, Mary E. (-1887)
Smith, Mary Jane (3 SEP 1837-MAR 1873)
Smith, Miss
Smith, Nancy (1790-1867)
Smith, Nancy
Smith, Nancy C. (1860-)
Smith, Nancy Jane
Smith, Nannie Gertrude
Smith, Organ
Smith, Pamela Jo
Smith, Pauline
Smith, Pricilla Jenia (Private-)
Smith, Rhonda Gail (Private-)
Smith, Robert Harrison (UNKNOWN-1979)
Smith, Roger Barnard
Smith, Samuel Stanhope (1749-21 AUG 1819)
Smith, Sarah
Smith, Susan (1784-1849)
Smith, Susannah (-1827)
Smith, Theodora Maria
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Virginia Lee
Smith, W. G.
Smith, W. W.
Smith, Wilbur
Smith, Wilhemina
Smith, William
Smith, William
Smith, William
Smith, Willie N.
Smith, Woodrow Hezekiah
Smolka, Steve
Snead, Sarah (-1723)
Sneed, Alyce Evelyn (-1 SEP 1931)
Sneed, M. V. T. (ABT. 1917-UNKNOWN)
Sneed, Mr
Snipes, Carol
Snyder, Bertha (20 FEB 1891-24 NOV 1975)
Snyder, Cyndy
Sohon, Milton
Soileau, Eldon
Sollowman, Mr.
Soshee, Shirley
Southcote, Thomas
Southwell, Jane
Spain, Charlotte
Sparger, Harvey Richard (16 OCT 1833-15 FEB 1914)
Sparger, James Thomas (15 NOV 1866-6 JAN 1953)
Sparger, Leona Hicks (22 AUG 1872-4 JAN 1965)
Sparger, Margaret Jane (10 JUL 1857-17 APR 1944)
Sparger, Mary Alice (29 MAY 1862-25 AUG 1939)
Sparger, Mary Elizabeth (27 FEB 1860-27 FEB 1860)
Sparger, Samuel
Sparger, Samuel Hamilton (29 OCT 1869-25 MAR 1925)
Sparke, William H.
Sparks, Bill
Sparks, Clara Jane (1838-14 FEB 1920)
Sparks, Emma
Sparks, Nat
Sparks, Selma June
Sparks, William C.
Spears, Mary
Specke, George
Specke, Philippa (ABT. 1596-Dead)
Speights, John
Speights, Kay
Speights, Walker
Spencer, Charles F. (MAY 1850-)
Spencer, Edward (ABT. 1852-)
Spencer, James William (ABT. 1826-)
Spencer, Jane (ABT. 1862-)
Spencer, Mary (ABT. 1847-)
Spencer, Mary (ABT. 1859-)
Spencer, Netty (ABT. 1856-)
Spencer, W. W.
Spicer, Norma Jean
Spikes, Myrtle
Spillar, D B (ABT. 1866-)
Spinks, Ann
Sposito, Jr., Billy
Sposito, Joyce Christine (Private-)
Sposito, William Christopher (Private-)
Spradley, Temperence E.
Sprague, Billy Lee
Sprague, Harriet Sue (Private-)
Sprague, Harry
Springer, Blanche
Springs, Suzanne (Private-)
Sproule, Minnie Sota (6 JUL 1888-25 JUL 1923)
Sprouse, Daniel W. (1859-)
Sprouse, J. C. (ABT. 1823-BET. 1878 - 1880)
Sprouse, Lee (1863-)
Sprouse, Mary (1868-)
Sprouse, Sarah Jane (24 NOV 1849-25 JUL 1931)
Sprouse, Simeon (1878-)
Sprouse, William (1854-)
Spurlock, Calvin
Sraight, Marguerite Emma (Private-)
St. Clair,
Stacer, Charles Carl (27 FEB 1881-)
Stacer, Ella Mae (23 JAN 1863-)
Stacer, Fred
Stacer, James Edward (26 SEP 1865-)
Stacer, Jenny
Stacer, Lula
Stacer, Margaret (26 NOV 1887-)
Stacer, William (13 APR 1863-)
Stackhouse, Eugene
Stafford, Michael
Stainbeck, Martha
Standridge, Dorothy
Stanfield, Marmaduke
Stanford, Alma Gertrude (31 JAN 1920-APR 1975)
Stanford, Ann C.
Stanford, Arianna
Stanford, Evelyn (18 APR 1908-1994)
Stanford, Mary Blanche (Private-)
Stanford, Mary Mebane
Stanford, Naomi Sylvia (Private-)
Stanford, Richard
Stanford, Richard Thaddeus (Private-)
Stanford, William Linton (ABT. 1873-6 DEC 1961)
Stanford, William Ralph (Private-)
Staples, Elizabeth
Starewich, Alfred Francis
Stark, ?
Stark, William
Starnes, Harmon
Starnes, Leonard
Starr, David
Starr, Janeth Lea (Private-)
Starr, Joel
Starr, John Huron (Private-)
Starr, John Mark (Private-)
Starr, Robin
Starr, Steven (Private-)
Starr, Terry Ann (Private-)
Stearns, Anne Elizabeth (Private-)
Stearns, Barbara Jean (1 FEB 1936-13 SEP 1960)
Stearns, Elizabeth Ann (Private-)
Stearns, Fannie Elizabeth (Private-)
Stearns, Frank William (Private-)
Stearns, Howard McKee (Private-)
Stearns, Jocelyn Adele (Private-)
Stearns, John Lee
Stearns, John Waldo (Private-)
Stearns, Joyce Elaine (Private-)
Stearns, Marjorie Mae (Private-)
Stearns, Pauline Ruth (8 MAR 1932-8 MAR 1932)
Stearns, Ralph Laurence (18 NOV-)
Stearns, Timothy Alan (Private-)
Stearns, William B.
Stearns, William Edward (17 MAR-)
Steele, Jackson Oneal (Private-)
Steele, Lidge
Stephens, Abraham (1753-AFT. 1766)
Stephens, Jr., Alfred Barnabas (30 APR 1824-)
Stephens, Alfred Barnabas
Stephens, Anne (AFT. 1750-)
Stephens, Ansel (1 JUL 1823-)
Stephens, Arnet (30 OCT 1859-)
Stephens, Jr., Barnabus (AFT. 1762-AFT. 1779)
Stephens, Barnabus (BET. 1728 - 1730-1798)
Stephens, Betty Jane
Stephens, Cabil (AFT. 1750-AFT. 1802)
Stephens, Caleb (BEF. 1676-AFT. 1750)
Stephens, Carl Wallace
Stephens, Charles Edmund (16 OCT 1873-)
Stephens, Charley M. (27 NOV 1888-29 JUN 1957)
Stephens, Clarence Richard (9 OCT 1929-9 NOV 1949)
Stephens, Clementine (1 OCT 1852-15 JAN 1857)
Stephens, Cora Maud (17 MAR 1867-17 OCT 1868)
Stephens, Edith Marie
Stephens, Elbert S. (10 JAN 1882-)
Stephens, Eleanor Dean (6 FEB 1923-7 JUN 1961)
Stephens, Eli (BET. 1755 - 1775-AFT. 1805)
Stephens, Sr., Elisha
Stephens, Elizabeth (21 APR 1850-19 NOV 1867)
Stephens, Elizabeth B. (8 AUG 1871-)
Stephens, Ella M. (29 DEC 1874-20 JUL 1961)
Stephens, Elsie Agnes
Stephens, Esther Jean
Stephens, Ezekiel
Stephens, Grace Marie
Stephens, Grace May
Stephens, Hamilton (26 APR 1853-23 JUL 1924)
Stephens, Harold Paul
Stephens, Harry (9 AUG 1885-3 JUL 1964)
Stephens, Harry Robert (16 JAN 1921-4 JUN 1945)
Stephens, Hunter Earl (10 AUG 1896-11 JAN 1966)
Stephens, Infant (17 JAN 1842-27 JAN 1842)
Stephens, Infant (28 FEB 1840-28 FEB 1840)
Stephens, Infant (28 FEB 1840-8 MAR 1840)
Stephens, Infant (1909-Stillborn)
Stephens, James (22 JAN 1892-)
Stephens, James Alfred Barnabus (25 OCT 1842-)
Stephens, James Hamilton (14 NOV 1919-18 DEC 1945)
Stephens, James Linley
Stephens, Jr., James Linley
Stephens, Joel C. (1785-BEF. 1841)
Stephens, Joel Franklin (29 SEP 1841-)
Stephens, John Gerard (6 NOV 1876-)
Stephens, John M. (7 JUN 1869-28 SEP 1870)
Stephens, John W. (21 JAN 1839-5 JAN 1921)
Stephens, Louisa Clementine (24 JAN 1856-19 NOV 1865)
Stephens, M.
Stephens, Margaret (9 APR 1848-17 APR 1850)
Stephens, Martha (21 JAN 1876-17 SEP 1947)
Stephens, Martha Agnes (6 NOV 1878-)
Stephens, Mary
Stephens, Mary (BET. 1753 - 1755-1840)
Stephens, Mary Jane (9 NOV 1845-BEF. 1883)
Stephens, May Olive
Stephens, Patricia
Stephens, Paul Lewis
Stephens, Pearl W. (19 JUN 1884-12 AUG 1903)
Stephens, Ray Louis
Stephens, Raymond Charles
Stephens, Reuben (ABT. 1762-)
Stephens, Richard Hamilton
Stephens, Robert (7 OCT 1817-29 JAN 1839)
Stephens, Robert (6 OCT 1881-)
Stephens, Robert Don (2 MAY 1905-22 JUL 1935)
Stephens, Robert Howard (2 MAY 1880-)
Stephens, Ruth Roberta
Stephens, Sarah Rice (11 NOV 1861-31 OCT 1932)
Stephens, Thomas (26 MAR 1843-15 MAR 1920)
Stephens, William (BEF. 1712-AFT. 1734)
Stephens, William (1760-1838)
Stephens, Winifred (AFT. 1750-BET. 1799 - 1810)
Stephenson, Amy Bell (Private-)
Stephenson, Edith (10 FEB 1814-8 OCT 1858)
Stephenson, Eliza Rebecca
Stephenson, Eliza Rebecca (14 FEB 1855-1928)
Stephenson, Elizabeth (ABT. 1850-)
Stephenson, Elizabeth Ann (26 FEB 1806-28 FEB 1878)
Stephenson, Emily Jane
Stephenson, Felix (DEC 1810-11 JUL 1873)
Stephenson, Felix Harrison (30 MAY 1854-24 OCT 1916)
Stephenson, G. Wayne
Stephenson, George (SEP 1808-1809)
Stephenson, Henry Ira (1772-10 NOV 1841)
Stephenson, Ira Andrew (ABT. 1847-)
Stephenson, Ira G.
Stephenson, Ira L. (15 AUG 1812-9 APR 1882)
Stephenson, Jarrett Janes (3 OCT 1817-MAY 1862)
Stephenson, John Alexander (ABT. 1841-)
Stephenson, John Thomas (6 FEB 1801-10 JUN 1863)
Stephenson, Joseph M.
Stephenson, Kathryn Ann (Private-)
Stephenson, Louisa
Stephenson, Malana
Stephenson, Margaret (26 AUG 1795-1825)
Stephenson, Martha C.
Stephenson, Martha Lunetta "Mittie" (7 DEC 1845-)
Stephenson, Mary (10 OCT 1799-11 AUG 1837)
Stephenson, Mary Ann (ABT. 1839-)
Stephenson, Mary Edith
Stephenson, Melissa
Stephenson, Miner Felix
Stephenson, Nancy (26 OCT 1803-1842)
Stephenson, Nancy Ann
Stephenson, Sarah Jane (Private-)
Stephenson, William
Stephenson, William Harrison (10 JAN 1797-)
Stephenson, Willliam Henry (ABT. 1845-)
Sterling, Anna
Stevens, Adeline Bellzora (3 FEB 1876-2 AUG 1962)
Stevens, Alice C. (27 JUL 1871-BEF. 1920)
Stevens, Alice Gertrude (1857-25 DEC 1939)
Stevens, Andrew McCullen (27 NOV 1862-15 JUN 1922)
Stevens, Ardele
Stevens, Arline
Stevens, Benjamin Franklin (29 JUL 1837-)
Stevens, Caleb G. (1787-21 AUG 1836)
Stevens, Charlie Will (Private-)
Stevens, Clara Markey (14 DEC 1865-17 DEC 1952)
Stevens, Dannie Adelia (27 JAN 1887-24 JUL 1954)
Stevens, Daughter (3 JAN 1817-3 JAN 1817)
Stevens, Delia (Private-)
Stevens, Dianne
Stevens, Douglas
Stevens, Jr., Douglas
Stevens, Eli (20 JAN 1792-12 NOV 1867)
Stevens, Eli Thomas (18 SEP 1823-BEF. 1864)
Stevens, Jr, Eli Thomas (1854-)
Stevens, Elizabeth (1855-)
Stevens, Elizabeth
Stevens, Emma Goldsmith (1859-)
Stevens, Ernest Dalton (14 DEC 1907-23 JUL 1964)
Stevens, Falcon
Stevens, Fannie Cordelia (27 JAN 1887-12 NOV 1941)
Stevens, Felix Ray (Private-)
Stevens, Francis Marion (17 APR 1880-17 JUL 1909)
Stevens, Fred E. (Private-)
Stevens, G. V.
Stevens, George Brice (9 NOV 1872-17 AUG 1944)
Stevens, George Bruce (1847-)
Stevens, Guy Hartwell (Private-)
Stevens, Henery I.
Stevens, Henry Green (7 NOV 1819-3 OCT 1888)
Stevens, J. Daniel (1882-1920)
Stevens, James (-BEF. 1840)
Stevens, James Emmett (15 FEB 1881-23 OCT 1961)
Stevens, Jr., James Emmett (12 AUG 1910-24 NOV 1934)
Stevens, James Quin (3 FEB 1814-6 JUL 1814)
Stevens, Janice
Stevens, Jessie Bell (15 JUL 1875-1 MAR 1943)
Stevens, Jessie Mae Roberson (4 DEC 1897-)
Stevens, Joel O.
Stevens, Joel Ormond (5 OCT 1835-9 NOV 1872)
Stevens, John
Stevens, John Brown (30 JUN 1783-10 OCT 1842)
Stevens, Jr., John Brown (2 JUN 1824-)
Stevens, John Oscar (1842-25 NOV 1899)
Stevens, Johnny G.
Stevens, Johnny Gibb
Stevens, Josie Edna (Private-)
Stevens, Kimberly Ann (Private-)
Stevens, Lawrence McMartin (24 MAR 1884-21 NOV 1964)
Stevens, Levi (20 FEB 1796-4 FEB 1861)
Stevens, Levi Holmes (15 APR 1827-)
Stevens, Margaret (Private-)
Stevens, Margaret Evelyn (Private-)
Stevens, Marion Frances (1841-)
Stevens, Mary (1790-)
Stevens, Mary Jennie (7 DEC 1869-23 DEC 1935)
Stevens, Mary Margaret (14 OCT 1815-10 OCT 1847)
Stevens, Matt Bruce (3 NOV 1902-30 SEP 1956)
Stevens, Mattie Bell (Private-)
Stevens, Maude
Stevens, Nora (FEB 1871-)
Stevens, Olivia J. (1844-15 JAN 1891)
Stevens, Oscar (Private-)
Stevens, Percy Hudson (Private-)
Stevens, Pierce
Stevens, Reuben (1794-5 FEB 1870)
Stevens, Robert D.
Stevens, Robert Quitman (1858-)
Stevens, Sally W. (28 JUN 1867-AFT. 1920)
Stevens, Sam
Stevens, Susan Richards (10 MAY 1849-11 JUN 1884)
Stevens, W. W. (Private-)
Stevens, Walter
Stevens, William Barnabas (2 JAN 1833-2 AUG 1856)
Stevens, William Marion (Private-)
Stevens, William Wallace (17 APR 1845-20 JAN 1923)
Stevens, Jr., William Wallace (26 JUN 1864-12 NOV 1864)
Stevenson, Hettie
Stevenson, William M (ABT. 1816-)
Steward, Andrew (1515-AFT. 1550)
Steward, Andrew (1460-)
Steward, Andrew (1490-)
Steward, James (1395-1441)
Steward, Margaret (BET. 1540 - 1547-1612)
Steward, Murdock (1370-1425)
Steward, Robert (2 MAR 1314/15-19 APR 1390)
Steward, Robert (1339-1420)
Steward, Walter
Steward, Walter (1430-)
Stewart, Adam Lackey (22 DEC 1797-1 FEB 1859)
Stewart, Archibald
Stewart, Carrie B.
Stewart, Doris
Stewart, Franklin Doyle (Private-)
Stewart, Judith
Stewart, Mary (1709-24 DEC 1735)
Stewart, Paul Burtrum
Stewart, Ruby
Stewart, Sarah
Stewart, Unknown
Stewart, Will
Stinneis, Mabel
Stinson, Alec
Stinson, Alec
Stith, Abner
Stith, Ada Aurelia
Stith, Andrew
Stith, Mary Andrew
Stockton, William Thomas
Stogie, Sallie Meador (27 DEC 1869-)
Stokes, Earl
Stone, Clifford (Private-)
Stone, Evelyn (Private-)
Stone, Grover
Stone, Jane (1888-1966)
Stone, Martha Faye
Stone, Ruth (Private-)
Stone, Sally Y.
Stone, William
Stormont, Esther A. (1882-)
Stough, Anna Janette (23 APR 1868-)
Strain, Nancy
Straine, A. K.
Straine, Joseph Lusk
Strane, Josphine
Strane, Nancy Elizabeth
Strange, Joseph Henderson (11 FEB 1852-13 MAY 1935)
Strange, Josephine Alice (15 APR 1898-2 NOV 1953)
Strange, Larkin Alloway (9 MAR 1819-25 AUG 1884)
Strickland, Elizabeth
Strickland, Prentiss
Strickland, Rebecca Lynn
Stroeler, Veronica (1621-)
Stroup, Pam (Private-)
Stubbs, ?
Stucker, Jacob
Stump, Linda
Stupka, Mark Edward (Private-)
Stupka, Marvin E.
Stupka, Michael Edward (Private-)
Stupka, Miriam Elizabeth (Private-)
Sturrock, William
Stutts, Turner
Suber, Laura L.
Sublousky, Debra Ann
Sublousky, Diana Marie
Sublousky, James Leroy
Sublousky, John
Sublousky, John Michael
Sublousky, Joseph Anthony
Sublousky, Patricia Kay
Sudac, Leah Marie (Private-)
Sudduth, Sarah Ann or Sallie (ABT. 1851-)
Sue, Annie
Sullivan, Benjamin Vincent James (Private-)
Sullivan, Catherine
Sullivan, Danny Steven (Private-)
Sullivan, Elizabeth
Sullivan, Francis
Sullivan, Madison Lee (Private-)
Sullivan, Rebecca (-1777)
Sullivan, Rochelle Roselynn (Private-)
Sullivan, Tina Lynn (Private-)
Sullivan, Vincent James (Private-)
Sumerall, Christopher Lee
Sumerall, Fred
Susan, (4 JUL 1812-5 JAN 1884)
Susanna, (1705-)
Sutton, Celia Freeman
Sutton, Francis (Private-)
Sutton, Grady
Suzanne, (Private-)
Swagety, Thomas T. (ABT. 1871-UNKNOWN)
Swan, Harriet S.
Swann, Emmaline (20 JAN 1868-9 APR 1942)
Swearingen, Rebecca (1722-)
Sweasy, J. R. (6 NOV 1883-24 JAN 1949)
Sweat, James (ABT. 1764-)
Sweat, Nathan (ABT. 1760-1830)
Sweat, William (ABT. 1712-)
Swepson, Sarah
Swift, Elizabeth Frazier (1835-)
Swift, Frankie
Swift, James
Swift, Lydia Gardner (ABT. 1856-1879)
Swilley, Dorothy Lee
Swinburn, Sir John
Swindal, James
Swinson, Sonnie Virginia
Swisher, Frank
Swope, Anna Eva (ABT. 1718-11 DEC 1756)
Swope, Johann Georg (19 JUL 1682-10 APR 1756)
Sykes, Beverly
Sykes, Bryan
Sykes, Frank
Sykes, Sarah Ann
Symes, Abigail
Symes, Adam (1689-JUL 1773)
Symes, Jr., Adam (ABT. 1711-ABT. 1771)
Symes, Alice (ABT. 1570-)
Symes, Amy (ABT. 1605-Dead)
Symes, Amy (-ABT. 1677)
Symes, Amy (ABT. 1641-Dead)
Symes, Anne (ABT. 1605-Dead)
Symes, Anne (29 JAN 1709-)
Symes, Benjamin (13 JUL 1662-12 AUG 1662)
Symes, Benjamin
Symes, Charles (ABT. 1709-AFT. 1762)
Symes, Charles (ABT. 1649-ABT. 1709)
Symes, Charles
Symes, Christopher (ABT. 1685-Dead)
Symes, David (ABT. 1709-1773)
Symes, Dorothy (ABT. 1605-Dead)
Symes, Drusabell (ABT. 1604-)
Symes, Edith (ABT. 1605-Dead)
Symes, Edward
Symes, Edward (ABT. 1645-)
Symes, Eleanor (10 AUG 1710-)
Symes, Eleanor (ABT. 1581-)
Symes, Eleanor
Symes, Eleanor (-26 SEP 1672)
Symes, Eleanor (ABT. 1605-Dead)
Symes, Elizabeth (ABT. 1682-)
Symes, Elizabeth
Symes, Elizabeth (ABT. 1572-)
Symes, Elizabeth
Symes, Elizabeth (ABT. 1641-ABT. 1676)
Symes, Elizabeth (ABT. 1605-ABT. 1696)
Symes, Elizabeth (24 MAR 1632/33-)
Symes, Frances (-17 DEC 1671)
Symes, George
Symes, III, George
Symes, II, George (BEF. 1665-1723)
Symes, I, George (1643-1687)
Symes, Sr., George (ABT. 1709-SEP 1763)
Symes, Grace (1622-)
Symes, Henry (ABT. 1653-ABT. 1714)
Symes, Henry (1597-1599)
Symes, Henry (ABT. 1686-Dead)
Symes, Henry (ABT. 1607-1 NOV 1682)
Symes, Henry (-ABT. 1693)
Symes, Jr., Henry
Symes, Henry (-1599)
Symes, Henry (4 MAY 1704-)
Symes, Sr., Isham (1723-MAY 1796)
Symes, James
Symes, James
Symes, James (1645-)
Symes, James (ABT. 1709-Dead)
Symes, James (ABT. 1601-Dead)
Symes, Jane
Symes, Jane (1731-)
Symes, Jane (ABT. 1605-Dead)
Symes, Jane (ABT. 1565-10 JUN 1654)
Symes, John (ABT. 1515-ABT. 1563)
Symes, John (NOV 1581-21 OCT 1661)
Symes, John (1643-1711)
Symes, Sr., John (ABT. 1690-22 JUL 1750)
Symes, John (ABT. 1671-)
Symes, John (1713-MAY 1778)
Symes, John (26 AUG 1667-6 JUL 1685)
Symes, John (-1712)
Symes, John (-1698)
Symes, John (ABT. 1672-BEF. 1687)
Symes, Jr., John (ABT. 1605-BEF. 1658)
Symes, Katherine (ABT. 1641-Dead)
Symes, Margaret (ABT. 1601-Dead)
Symes, Margery (ABT. 1562-)
Symes, Mary (1574-)
Symes, Mary (ABT. 1641-Dead)
Symes, Mary (ABT. 1709-Dead)
Symes, Sr., Matthew (ABT. 1690-)
Symes, Jr., Matthew (BET. 1708 - 1748-)
Symes, Murry
Symes, Richard
Symes, Richard (ABT. 1676-)
Symes, Richard
Symes, Richard (ABT. 1656-27 MAY 1728)
Symes, Robert (ABT. 1674-FEB 1728)
Symes, Robert (ABT. 1567-)
Symes, II, Robert (ABT. 1700-APR 1748)
Symes, Sarah (24 FEB 1702-)
Symes, Susan (ABT. 1605-Dead)
Symes, Tabitha (1732-1768)
Symes, Thomas (ABT. 1569-)
Symes, Jr., Thomas (ABT. 1642-1 JAN 1681/82)
Symes, Thomas (ABT. 1689-21 NOV 1724)
Symes, I, Thomas (ABT. 1615-22 JAN 1668/69)
Symes, Jr., Thomas
Symes, William
Symes, William (1623-1687)
Symes, William (ABT. 1545-27 JUL 1597)
Symes, William Compton
Sypes, Mike (Private-)
Tackett, Ignatius H.
Tackett, John Wesley (1795-1873)
Tackett, Nimrod
Tackett, Sarah
Taff, James W. (-JAN 1913)
Taff, Sarah Elizabeth (22 JUL 1870-15 APR 1931)
Taft, Jr., John (ABT. 1839-UNKNOWN)
Taliaferro, Albert Sidney (1887-1967)
Taliaferro, Alice McCleland (1866-1934)
Taliaferro, Ann Hasseltine (1883-1975)
Taliaferro, Annie (1887-1887)
Taliaferro, Benjamin Ruddle (1874-1915)
Taliaferro, Charles Beckworth (1872-1958)
Taliaferro, Dennis Hansel (1889-1889)
Taliaferro, Elenor N. (1876-ABT. 1960)
Taliaferro, Captain, James Andrew
Taliaferro, James Caywood (1879-)
Taliaferro, Jefferson Lee (1870-1871)
Taliaferro, Nannie Isora (1868-1954)
Taliaferro, William
Taliaferro, Willie Caroline (1864-1941)
Taliaferro, Wylie Carter (1881-1922)
Tamplin, Beulah (1875-1960)
Tamplin, Edmond W.
Tamplin, Henry Windham
Tamplin, Ina Mae (1885-30 SEP 1975)
Tamplin, John T.
Tamplin, John Z.
Tamplin, Keith
Tamplin, Leslie (1888-1897)
Tamplin, Levi Young
Tamplin, Minnie (ABT. 1884-)
Tamplin, Pearl Hancel (1882-1908)
Tamplin, Talmage D. (1889-1952)
Tamplin, Ulala (1877-1967)
Tamplin, William Edmond
Tamplin, William Henry
Tamplin, William Love
Tanksley, Ammie E.
Tanner, Henry R. (JAN 1887-)
Tanner, Isabel E. (APR 1882-)
Tanner, Sr., James Layffette (24 FEB 1847-17 APR 1929)
Tanner, Jr., James Layffette (DEC 1878-)
Tanner, Lillie M. (MAR 1885-)
Tanner, Ollie (APR 1892-)
Tanner, Orian (DEC 1895-)
Tanner, Pleasant Thomas
Tanner, Susan (Private-)
Tanner, Susan Elizabeth Jane
Tannos, Jonah Joseph (Private-)
Tannos, Joseph
Tannos, Louis Joseph
Tate, Dicey M (ABT. 1834-)
Tate, Middleton (8 JAN 1854-22 DEC 1926)
Taylor, Alice Mae
Taylor, Amelia
Taylor, Asa
Taylor, C. G.
Taylor, Carrie
Taylor, Charles Mallory
Taylor, Charles R.
Taylor, Cornelis Ann Rutland
Taylor, Eliza Ann
Taylor, Ellie
Taylor, Eurina Elaine
Taylor, Frances J. (-3 OCT 1856)
Taylor, Francis
Taylor, Francis (-BEF. 1734)
Taylor, George Franklin (7 NOV 1864-18 DEC 1935)
Taylor, Glenn (Private-)
Taylor, Havanna
Taylor, Isaac
Taylor, Isaac
Taylor, J. O.
Taylor, Jay Edmond (Private-)
Taylor, Jessie Lee
Taylor, Joe David
Taylor, John (-AFT. 1758)
Taylor, John
Taylor, John
Taylor, John K.
Taylor, Joseph Edward (Private-)
Taylor, Joseph Ray (Private-)
Taylor, Justin David (Private-)
Taylor, Mabell
Taylor, Margaret
Taylor, Margaret Maggie (26 JUL 1841-FEB 1900)
Taylor, Marie (Private-)
Taylor, Martha C.
Taylor, Mary
Taylor, Mary
Taylor, Mel
Taylor, Modenia Missouri (29 JAN 1884-)
Taylor, Myra Michelle (Private-)
Taylor, Ora
Taylor, Pleasanton
Taylor, Polly
Taylor, Richard Terrell
Taylor, Rutha
Taylor, Sallie
Taylor, Sarah Frances
Taylor, Sherman
Taylor, Susan
Taylor, Susan Lee (Private-)
Taylor, Terry
Taylor, Thomas P.
Taylor, Vera
Taylor, William Amos
Teal, Adam (ABT. 1785-SEP 1834)
Teal, Alison Val (Private-)
Teal, Asa Adell (-15 JUL 1963)
Teal, Bertha Ellen (28 MAY 1888-)
Teal, Betty Joe (Private-)
Teal, Catherine (ABT. 1820-)
Teal, Charliss Arlene (Private-)
Teal, Chester Maurice (30 DEC 1881-19 DEC 1949)
Teal, Clarence William (Private-)
Teal, Cynthia Lynn (Private-)
Teal, Daisy Bell (1874-1958)
Teal, David Jens (Private-)
Teal, Dora M. (22 MAY 1880-23 MAY 1880)
Teal, Dorothy (Private-)
Teal, Dorothy Madeline (17 JAN 1907-1 AUG 1907)
Teal, Elizabeth "Betsy" (2 APR 1822-13 JUN 1880)
Teal, Florence Mabel (6 OCT 1886-AFT. 1970)
Teal, Frances Marie (Private-)
Teal, Geraldine (Private-)
Teal, Glen Mortimer (8 MAR 1904-31 DEC 1943)
Teal, Grace Elizabeth (31 JUL 1885-7 OCT 1934)
Teal, Grace Lilyan (Private-)
Teal, Helen Esther (Private-)
Teal, Henry Martial (11 DEC 1853-21 JAN 1891)
Teal, Hester "Hetty" (ABT. 1827-)
Teal, Jennie
Teal, Joann (Private-)
Teal, John Moline (Private-)
Teal, John Thomas (30 MAY 1849-27 AUG 1926)
Teal, Joseph Henry (Private-)
Teal, Joseph M. (21 FEB 1884-AFT. 1970)
Teal, Leland Baker (Private-)
Teal, Lester M. (12 JUL 1881-12 JAN 1968)
Teal, Lillian May (5 JAN 1880-4 MAR 1908)
Teal, Lisa Marie (Private-)
Teal, Lois Mildred (Private-)
Teal, Mantie Maud (16 APR 1878-22 APR 1902)
Teal, Myra Mason (8 APR 1879-26 NOV 1954)
Teal, Nellie Myrtle (15 JAN 1889-AFT. 1970)
Teal, Peter Valentine (Private-)
Teal, Randall M. (Private-)
Teal, Ray Holt (Private-)
Teal, Rhonda Jean (Private-)
Teal, Robert (Private-)
Teal, Rodney (Private-)
Teal, Roger Leland (Private-)
Teal, Ronald (Private-)
Teal, Ronald E. (Private-)
Teal, Shirley Jean (Private-)
Teal, Stanton M. (Private-)
Teal, Stephen Wiley (Private-)
Teal, Susan Lee (Private-)
Teal, Susan Lynn (Private-)
Teal, Thomas Augustus (Private-)
Teal, Wiley M. (23 JAN 1859-30 JAN 1936)
Teal, William (20 AUG 1818-1897)
Teal, William Preston (18 MAY 1881-1968)
Tebay, Margaret (3 MAR 1824-16 JUN 1879)
Teel, Adaline (ABT. 1815-ABT. 1851)
Teel, Anna Maria (9 JUL 1763-ABT. 1778)
Teel, Billie Joan (1932-1994)
Teel, Christina (28 SEP 1765-)
Teel, Clara (1871-1962)
Teel, Cynthia Nicole (Private-)
Teel, Eliza Ann (1816-1897)
Teel, Elizabeth (17 JUN 1815-AFT. 1844)
Teel, Elizabeth or Betsy (2 APR 1822-)
Teel, Emma (1873-1931)
Teel, George (ABT. 1778-ABT. APR 1816)
Teel, Harriet Jane (2 MAR 1829-BEF. 1870)
Teel, Jane (BEF. 1822-8 OCT 1850)
Teel, Johann Adam (18 JUL 1769-ABT. 1840)
Teel, Johann Nicholas (16 JUN 1761-10 JAN 1821)
Teel, Johann Peter (19 JAN 1772-22 JAN 1775)
Teel, John L.
Teel, John Stanley (15 FEB 1878-15 JUN 1956)
Teel, Jonnie Joe (Private-)
Teel, Julieanne Catherine (Private-)
Teel, Kelsey Marie (Private-)
Teel, Lydia (ABT. 1812-JAN 1877)
Teel, Maria Catharina (25 AUG 1774-ABT. 1859)
Teel, Mariah (14 MAR 1819-20 JUL 1858)
Teel, Mariah Davis (1851-1919)
Teel, Martha (9 OCT 1809-17 MAR 1896)
Teel, Mary Catherine (ABT. 1789-ABT. 1854)
Teel, Mary Jane (1 APR 1823-AFT. 1850)
Teel, Nancy Katherine (Private-)
Teel, III, Nicholas (2 JUL 1821-31 JUL 1889)
Teel, II, Nicholas
Teel, Nicholas Stanley (Private-)
Teel, Peter (ABT. 1808-)
Teel, Peter (3 NOV 1776-ABT. FEB 1820)
Teel, Samuel Louis (29 DEC 1849-9 AUG 1851)
Teel, Stanley Males (10 FEB 1903-9 SEP 1954)
Teel, Tiffany Ann (Private-)
Teel, Timothy Jon (Private-)
Teel, Tracey Don (Private-)
Teel, Ulysses S. (1864-1952)
Teel, William Davis (1904-1974)
Teel, William P. (4 JUN 1787-12 JUN 1832)
Teel, William Preston (16 MAY 1848-23 AUG 1929)
Teel, Winston Jacquess (1903-1983)
Tenorio, Stefanie Michelle
Terrell, Amanda (-BEF. 1880)
Terry, Marha
Terry, Mattie (-1913)
Terry, Minnie I.
Terry, William
Testerman, Evaline Joyce Elaine (Private-)
Testin, Susan Melissa (23 APR 1853-16 MAY 1946)
Teston, Minnie
Tharling, Alice
Thayer, Diana Lynn (Private-)
Thayer, Harry A. (Private-)
Thayer, Howard A. (6 APR 1882-MAR 1964)
Thayer, John Thomas (Private-)
Thayer, Rex Teal (Private-)
Thayer, Ruth Ann (Private-)
Thayer, Sandra Kay (Private-)
Thelma, (ABT. 1863-17 MAR 1919)
Thibodaux, Branden Ray (Private-)
Thibodaux, Calvin Ray
Thibodaux, Hope Daniele (Private-)
Thieme, Valerie
Thiessa, Elizabeth
Thigpen, Albert (1874-1941)
Thigpen, Faye (Private-)
Thomas, Barbara Marie (Private-)
Thomas, Barsheba (Barefield)
Thomas, Benjamin Tedd
Thomas, Carol
Thomas, Chip (UNKNOWN-)
Thomas, David (-10 MAY 1850)
Thomas, Diane (UNKNOWN-)
Thomas, Dorthy (UNKNOWN-)
Thomas, Hattie
Thomas, John (UNKNOWN-)
Thomas, Karen Annette
Thomas, Margaret
Thomas, Othello
Thomas, Paula Kay
Thomas, Peter (BET. 1728 - 1763-)
Thomas, Pink
Thomas, Robert Earl
Thomas, Robert Todd
Thomas, Russel Clifton (ABT. 1869-)
Thomas, Sarah
Thomas, Tom
Thomas, Jr., Walter R.
Thomas, William P.
Thomason, Ann Thursa
Thomasson, Billie Joe
Thomasson, Eugene (1933-1996)
Thomasson, Jennifer Leigh (Private-)
Thomasson, Martha Nell (1936-1957)
Thomasson, Jr., Smith Everett (Private-)
Thomasson, Sr., Smith Everett (1901-1984)
Thomasson, Staci Elizabeth (Private-)
Thomasson, Timothy (Private-)
Thompkins, Denice (Private-)
Thompkins, Eddie (Private-)
Thompkins, Michael (Private-)
Thompson, (-1976)
Thompson, Ann T.
Thompson, Annie Fay (19 MAR 1911-14 AUG 1990)
Thompson, Barron Levi (22 FEB 1884-21 FEB 1964)
Thompson, Charles
Thompson, Claudia Mae
Thompson, Dee
Thompson, Ertith Marie
Thompson, James
Thompson, John
Thompson, Karen (Private-)
Thompson, Lynn
Thompson, Martha Aline (Private-)
Thompson, Martin
Thompson, Mary
Thompson, Mary Jane
Thompson, Mary Winifred (29 SEP 1914-1 JAN 1984)
Thompson, Pheobe
Thompson, Rebecca (-11 JUN 1828)
Thompson, Robbie Gene
Thompson, Susanna
Thompson, Tayler Renee
Thompson, Teneva
Thompson, Thomas
Thompson, Thomas Paul
Thompson, Tiffani Jane
Thompson, Will
Thornton, Sarah Ann
Thornwell, Charles Alexander (21 AUG 1849-)
Thornwell, Gillespie Robbins (15 AUG 1844-4 MAY 1863)
Thornwell, Jackson Witherspoon (1 FEB 1848-3 OCT 1856)
Thornwell, James Henley (13 MAY 1846-30 DEC 1907)
Thornwell, James Henly (1812-1862)
Thornwell, Jane Donnom (16 MAR 1838-17 JUN 1858)
Thornwell, Jane Hervey (18 JAN 1840-)
Thornwell, Martha Terrell (1 OCT 1842-)
Thornwell, Mary Elizabeth (1850-1852)
Thornwell, Nancy (16 JAN 1839-17 JUN 1858)
Thorpe, John (BET. 1587 - 1631-BET. 1600 - 1712)
Throckmorton, Courtney Blair (Private-)
Throckmorton, Donald Dean (Private-)
Throckmorton, Garrett Micah (Private-)
Throckmorton, Gary Dean (Private-)
Throckmorton, Jana Lynn (Private-)
Throckmorton, Joshua James (Private-)
Throckmorton, Megan Michelle (Private-)


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