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Database of Michael & Candie Witherspoon
Disclaimer: Data in this database is a collection of compiled family names. Please email us for more information and sources.

Family Tree Names

Burchert, Carl (-AFT. 1758)
Burchert, Maria Magdalena (16 OCT 1740-BEF. 1809)
Burchfield, Elizabeth Ann "Bettie" (Private-)
Burchfield, Lynda (Private-)
Burchfield, Thomas Layton
Burchfield, Tom Barron (Private-)
Burckert, Paul (1 MAY 1716-29 AUG 1758)
Burckhardt, Anna B. (1617-8 JAN 1677/78)
Burden, Lester
Burden, Micky (Private-)
Burfield, Bradley
Burfield, Curtis
Burfield, Dale
Burfield, James
Burfield, Rod
Burford, Irene
Burger, Alice Elizabeth (ABT. 1862-)
Burger, James (ABT. 1861-)
Burger, Matilda (ABT. 1857-)
Burger, Sammie (ABT. 1855-)
Burger, Samuel Nathan (ABT. 1835-)
Burger, Thomas (ABT. 1859-)
Burgess, Elizabeth
Burgess, Flora
Burgess, George
Burgess, James
Burgess, Mary
Burgess, William
Burgess-Straine, Mary Jane
Burk, Orpha
Burke, Arch T.
Burke, Harold
Burke, Lois Elaine
Burke, Maxine (-Deceased)
Burke, Nancy J.
Burke, Stella
Burleson, Stella Annie
Burnett, Grace Nedra
Burnett, Marjorie (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Burnett, Sue M.
Burney, Emma Victoria
Burnham, William T.
Burns, Bethany Throme (20 APR 1855-3 JUN 1911)
Burns, Dora Vinecia (Private-)
Burns, Helen M. (1839-BEF. 1870)
Burns, John Charles (-1915)
Burns, Kathie Ruth (4 AUG 1919-1 JUL 1989)
Burns, Leona (Private-)
Burns, Leona (1902-1928)
Burns, Martha Ann (10 MAY 1861-29 MAY 1936)
Burns, Mattie Luticia (Private-)
Burns, Melvina (Private-)
Burns, Mrs.
Burns, W. Caroline (1849-)
Burns, William (15 JAN 1829-19 MAR 1907)
Burns, Winnie (Private-)
Burroughs, Esther M. (1852-)
Burson, E. E.
Burt, Harriet Amanda
Burt, Mr.
Burt, Sally
Burt, William
Burton, Robert
Burton, Roma
Burton, Thomas
Busbee, James LittleJohn
Busby, Linda Claire
Busby, Marilyn Gail
Busby, Sharon Marie
Busby, William Carl
Busby, Willie
Bush, Elizabeth (14 FEB 1836-9 JUN 1902)
Bush, Henry
Bush, James Calvin
Bush, Julian (3 AUG 1926-16 AUG 1982)
Bush, Lillie
Bush, Lois
Butler, Charles
Butler, Edna
Butler, Henry P.
Butler, Jesse
Butler, John
Butler, Mary Hannah (1848-BEF. 1900)
Butler, Sarah Caroline (1817-)
Butler, Sarah Jane
Butter, Courtney Leigh (Private-)
Butter, Jason Lee
Buxton, Sr., Alexander
Buxton, Jr., Alexander
Byarley, Elizabeth
Byarley, Jesse Taylor
Byarley, John
Byarley, Martin
Byarley, Mary Ann
Byarley, Pleasant
Byarley, Rachel
Byarley, Rebecca
Byarley, William
Byas, Romaine (Private-)
Byas, Ronald L. (Private-)
Byerley, Jr., Casper (1755-JUN 1850)
Byerley, David (ABT. 1790-)
Byerley, Issac (MAY 1807-)
Byerley, Jacob (1800-SEP 1880)
Byerley, James E. (12 JUN 1809-3 JUL 1881)
Byerley, Lucy (1804-)
Byerley, Margaret (27 APR 1811-21 JAN 1898)
Byerley, Maria Catharina (1794-)
Byerley, Martin (10 MAR 1816-23 SEP 1891)
Byerley, Mary Ann (1812-)
Byerley, Michael (1798-OCT 1881)
Byerly, Abbey Mae (1898-)
Byerly, Adam (1798-Dead)
Byerly, Adam (JAN 1880-)
Byerly, Adam H. (1901-1961)
Byerly, Alfred Johnson (Private-)
Byerly, Almira Ann (1840-)
Byerly, Andrew Jester Jett (28 JUL 1896-14 MAY 1970)
Byerly, Andrew Jester"Jett" (24 DEC 1838-AFT. 1850)
Byerly, Arvil (1893-)
Byerly, Berlin (Private-)
Byerly, Betty Diane (Private-)
Byerly, Carol Ann (1944-1948)
Byerly, Carole Jean (Private-)
Byerly, Caroline (1837-)
Byerly, Cassie Belle (5 NOV 1898-MAY 1984)
Byerly, Catherine
Byerly, Charles Brett (1958-1990)
Byerly, Charles Edward (1932-1972)
Byerly, Christopher (Private-)
Byerly, Clara Ella (1893-1955)
Byerly, Courtney Ann (1906-1906)
Byerly, Curtis (Private-)
Byerly, Daniel Fred (1884-)
Byerly, Edith Rebecca (1874-1911)
Byerly, Edna (1896-1974)
Byerly, Effie Ruby (Private-)
Byerly, Elizabeth (1800-)
Byerly, Elizabeth (ABT. 1782-Dead)
Byerly, Elizabeth A. "Lizzie" (1848-)
Byerly, Elizabeth Jane (1873-1940)
Byerly, Elnor (Private-)
Byerly, Elvin Edison WIlliam "Bill" (1917-1962)
Byerly, Ethel
Byerly, Ethel Victoria (9 OCT 1896-)
Byerly, Evelyn Marie (Private-)
Byerly, Evelyn Octovene (1905-1989)
Byerly, Federick "Teddie" W. (12 AUG 1870-29 SEP 1946)
Byerly, Frank Robert (1952-1979)
Byerly, Franklin (1856-1883)
Byerly, Franklin (1839-1931)
Byerly, Frederick (1794-Dead)
Byerly, Frederick (1840-1900)
Byerly, Gabriel (1837-)
Byerly, George (1795-Dead)
Byerly, George W. (1861-1935)
Byerly, George W. (4 DEC 1873-1935)
Byerly, George Washington (1841-1890)
Byerly, Gorom Jackson (Private-)
Byerly, Hampton O. (1876-)
Byerly, Harmon (1776-Dead)
Byerly, Hattie Essie (1900-1984)
Byerly, Henry
Byerly, Henry L. (1853-1928)
Byerly, Henry Preston (1873-)
Byerly, Henry Stevenson (30 SEP 1841-)
Byerly, Hilliard
Byerly, Horace
Byerly, Horace
Byerly, Ila Nell (Private-)
Byerly, James (ABT. 1878-)
Byerly, James (1843-)
Byerly, James Robert (4 APR 1846-1 FEB 1911)
Byerly, James Robert (1882-)
Byerly, James William (11 OCT 1868-7 APR 1934)
Byerly, Jessie Sybil (6 FEB 1908-21 SEP 1987)
Byerly, Jody
Byerly, John (ABT. 1778-Dead)
Byerly, John (1835-)
Byerly, John
Byerly, John Philip Casper (24 AUG 1727-11 JUL 1794)
Byerly, John Seibert "Syke" (1764-)
Byerly, Johnnie (1889-1889)
Byerly, Joseph F. (19 JAN 1871-1949)
Byerly, Joseph Franklin (1871-1949)
Byerly, Joseph Lester (1908-1984)
Byerly, Joseph Lynn (1950-1950)
Byerly, Joshua
Byerly, Kathy (Private-)
Byerly, Katy Belle (Private-)
Byerly, Lela Johnnie (1912-1969)
Byerly, Linda Gayle
Byerly, Louisa (1839-1912)
Byerly, Louisa Edith (27 MAY 1873-4 MAR 1932)
Byerly, Lula (1881-)
Byerly, Luther (Private-)
Byerly, Lynne Ellen (Private-)
Byerly, Malcom Fredrick (1900-1979)
Byerly, Jr., Malcom Fredrick (Private-)
Byerly, Margaret (ABT. 1786-Dead)
Byerly, Margaret (1 APR 1877-)
Byerly, Margaret (1877-)
Byerly, Margaret Elizabeth (30 OCT 1849-1849)
Byerly, Margery (1845-)
Byerly, Maria (1857-)
Byerly, Marie
Byerly, Martha (1838-1838)
Byerly, Martha Jane (26 JUL 1881-28 JUN 1960)
Byerly, Martin (1844-)
Byerly, Martin (1834-)
Byerly, Martin (1870-1870)
Byerly, Martin S. (1765-1850)
Byerly, Mary (ABT. 1784-Dead)
Byerly, Mary Ann (1810-Dead)
Byerly, Mary E. "Mag" (1866-)
Byerly, Mary Ethel (Private-)
Byerly, Mary Francis (Private-)
Byerly, Matthew (21 MAR 1861-)
Byerly, Matthew M. "Mack" (1861-1902)
Byerly, May Irene (1878-)
Byerly, Micajah (1843-)
Byerly, Michael David (Private-)
Byerly, Miriah
Byerly, Nancy (1839-)
Byerly, Nancy Elizabeth (31 JUL 1876-19 AUG 1911)
Byerly, Nancy Emeline (11 SEP 1851-30 APR 1909)
Byerly, Nancy Melvina (1884-1887)
Byerly, Nancy Zelleaker "Zell" (20 OCT 1884-4 JAN 1979)
Byerly, Noland (Private-)
Byerly, Odene (Private-)
Byerly, Oscar
Byerly, Paul Rett (1958-1988)
Byerly, Perry Elbert (1902-1940)
Byerly, Perry Mabel (Private-)
Byerly, Perry May (1880-)
Byerly, Rebecca Ann (1838-)
Byerly, Richard (1846-1889)
Byerly, Robert (1842-)
Byerly, Robert Vernon
Byerly, Rosia "Rosa" Marion (2 NOV 1878-MAR 1890)
Byerly, Ruby Ruth (Private-)
Byerly, Runby (1894-)
Byerly, Ruth A. (18 DEC 1890-13 JUN 1911)
Byerly, Ruth Ann (1 JUL 1841-BEF. 1850)
Byerly, Sarah (1848-)
Byerly, Sarah "Sallie" (ABT. 1813-Dead)
Byerly, Sarah E. "Sally" (1873-1929)
Byerly, Sarah M. (1853-)
Byerly, Seth
Byerly, Son (1906-1906)
Byerly, Son (11 DEC 1906-11 DEC 1906)
Byerly, Sophia Tennie (MAR 1895-1977)
Byerly, Sophie
Byerly, Stephenson Franklin (1869-1940)
Byerly, Steve
Byerly, Steven (Private-)
Byerly, Steven (1839-)
Byerly, Teddie W. (12 AUG 1870-29 SEP 1946)
Byerly, Theresa Edna (1873-1947)
Byerly, Thomas (6 APR 1803-1861)
Byerly, Thomas F. (1888-)
Byerly, Thomas Henry (1848-)
Byerly, Thomas Jefferson (1843-)
Byerly, Thomas Wesley (1903-1968)
Byerly, Thomas Wiley (1876-1935)
Byerly, Tinsy A. (1891-)
Byerly, Uriah Platt (1855-1902)
Byerly, Vernon (Private-)
Byerly, Vernon Taylor (21 NOV 1877-)
Byerly, Virginia
Byerly, Vivian
Byerly, Wanda Jean (Private-)
Byerly, William (1844-)
Byerly, William (1833-)
Byerly, William (1836-)
Byerly, William C. (9 AUG 1805-8 AUG 1884)
Byerly, William Chester (1920-1980)
Byerly, William Fredrick (1871-)
Byerly, William Hampton (15 NOV 1893-30 NOV 1963)
Byerly, William Harrison (16 FEB 1855-11 MAY 1925)
Byerly, William Odie (1898-1956)
Byerly, Wirt A. (1897-1965)
Byerly, child
Byers, Darlene Elizabeth
Byers, Larry William
Byers, Patti Ann
Byers, Raymond
Byers, Ronald Eugene
Byers, Susan Denise
Byley, Clabern Harrison (11 JAN 1861-28 OCT 1940)
Byley, Rosalee
Byrd, Ann C. (ABT. 1790-AFT. 1870)
Byrd, Catherine (ABT. 1805-ABT. 1880)
Byrd, Clifford
Byrd, Henry C.
Byrd, James Calvin
Byrd, II, John (ABT. 1783-BET. 1828 - 1829)
Byrd, I, John (1758-4 DEC 1843)
Byrd, Polly
Byrd, Rosa Lee
Byrd, Sarah Caroline (22 NOV 1785-2 JAN 1832)
Byrd, Tamar (-AFT. 1736)
Byrne, J. I. (9 AUG 1840-6 MAY 1892)
Bysse, Edward
C., Ida (NOV 1877-)
Cade, Alice
Cade, Charles C. (12 MAR 1854-29 JUN 1915)
Cade, Robert
Cade, Jr., Robert E. (10 MAR 1844-23 JAN 1891)
Cagle, Alma Bessie (Private-)
Cahn, Johnathan Samuel (Private-)
Cahn, Samuel Graig
Caidzow, Elizabeth
Cain, Birdie Alice (16 MAY 1894-13 JUL 1952)
Cain, Pete
Cain, William Henry
Caldwell, Brandon Michael (Private-)
Caldwell, Brandy Dawn (Private-)
Caldwell, David Ray (Private-)
Caldwell, Debbie Lynn (Private-)
Caldwell, Dennis Wayne (Private-)
Caldwell, Douglas Dee (1958-1981)
Caldwell, Douglas Dee (Private-)
Caldwell, Jeremy Todd (Private-)
Caldwell, Llewellyn Joseph (Private-)
Caldwell, Maggie May (Private-)
Caldwell, Sylvia Elaine
Cale, Mattie
Calhoun, Alice (UNKNOWN-)
Calhoun, Dorothy Carolyn (Private-)
Calhoun, Eric Vinson
Calhoun, Gus (UNKNOWN-)
Calhoun, Lonny (UNKNOWN-)
Calhoun, Nora (12 JAN 1883-1 JAN 1974)
Calhoun, Sam
Calhoun, Susie (UNKNOWN-)
Calvert, Allene
Calvert, Andrew
Calvert, Casey
Calvert, Grace
Calvert, Harry
Calvert, Martha
Calvin, Aimee
Calvin, Blanche
Calvin, Ralph
Calvin, Thomas
Calvin, Thomas J.
Cambell, Jim
Cambell, John Wesley
Cameron, Andrew J. (1816-12 FEB 1889)
Cameron, Elizabeth Adams (5 NOV 1823-30 JUN 1894)
Cameron, Susanna (26 SEP 1844-14 FEB 1926)
Camp, Maud
Camp, Washington Perry
Campbell, F.
Campbell, George
Campbell, Henry
Campbell, James J. (-SEP 1854)
Campbell, Jimmy
Campbell, Jonathan Wade (Private-)
Campbell, Kenneth William
Campbell, Lauren Michelle (Private-)
Campbell, Linda Gail (Private-)
Campbell, Loyd Allen (Private-)
Campbell, Mark Aaron (Private-)
Campbell, Mattie Lina
Campbell, Maude
Campbell, Robert Aaron (Private-)
Campbell, Stephen Wade (Private-)
Campbell, Unknown
Campbell, Zoie Diane (Private-)
Cannon, Mollie (1861-1915)
Cannon, William
Cantrell, Willie Mae Penelope (1925-1973)
Canty, Jr., Eugene (Private-)
Canty, Eugene (Private-)
Caraway, Belitha Mayona
Carlin, Parmelia
Carlock, Henry
Carlock, James
Carlock, William
Carlock, William H.
Carlson, Jean (Private-)
Carlton, A. Hoyt (1897-28 JUN 1966)
Carlton, Alan (1919-)
Carlton, Claudia May (1922-)
Carnahan, Mary Sue (Private-)
Carnahan, R. Leland
Carnahan, Jr., R. Leland (Private-)
Carnes, Mollie F.
Carnes, Nettie E A (1848-)
Carney, Donald Glenn
Carney, Stacey Michelle (Private-)
Caroline, Arilla
Carothers, Massie Ann (ABT. 1802-6 OCT 1876)
Carpenter, Martha
Carr, Thomas C.
Carrick, Margaret (ABT. 1252-)
Carrico, Bertiss
Carrol, John
Carroll, Linda Lou
Carroll, Nadine
Carruth, Willie Mae
Carson, Andrew
Carson, Jane
Carson, Jr., Karl L.
Carson, Karl L.
Carson, Lannette
Carson, Lillian Elizabeth (Private-)
Carson, Margaret (27 JAN 1777-11 OCT 1842)
Carson, Pearlie Ruth
Carson, Jr., W. T.
Carson, Sr., W. T.
Carter, Abner Alva (19 JUN 1870-)
Carter, Berry
Carter, Caroline E. (ABT. 1821-BEF. 1857)
Carter, Charles G.
Carter, D. C.
Carter, Eloise
Carter, Eunie Diane
Carter, Fern (6 JUL 1910-31 AUG 1912)
Carter, Gertrude (Private-)
Carter, Hampson Curtis (2 MAY 1875-)
Carter, Harold B. (3 APR 1900-17 MAY 1900)
Carter, Harry LaFayette (Private-)
Carter, Ina (Private-)
Carter, Magdalene
Carter, Margaret
Carter, Marion
Carter, Mildred (7 AUG 1896-20 FEB 1897)
Carter, Mildred (Private-)
Carter, Nancy (1801-)
Carter, Paul (Private-)
Carter, Pleasant DeFayette
Carter, Rachel Catherine
Carter, Rena
Cartwright, Elizabeth Jane (-BET. 1852 - 1856)
Casburn, Carolyn
Casey, Henry T. (23 APR 1885-1939)
Cason, Avorilla
Cass, Margaret
Casselbery, Harriet
Cassels, Fannie R. (4 JUN 1869-18 AUG 1893)
Cassels, Jr., Thomas Alfred
Cassels, Sr., Thomas Alfred (1878-1963)
Cassels, William Harrison M.
Cassey, Caty (1 OCT 1850-)
Castillo, Anna (Private-)
Castlebury, Mary
Castlebury, Matilda
Cater, Mildred
Catherine, (ABT. 1748-BEF. 1790)
Cato, Penelope
Cauble, Helen Elmira (15 AUG 1819-8 APR 1886)
Caufield, Isabella
Caufield, Mary
Cauley, F. M.
Cavender, William DeWitt
Cavet, Alexander
Cavet, Alexander (1745-1793)
Cavet, Alexander (1705-1793)
Cavet, Andrew
Cavet, Catherine
Cavet, Claibourne
Cavet, Daughter
Cavet, Daughter
Cavet, Daughter
Cavet, Elizabeth
Cavet, George
Cavet, George (1750-)
Cavet, Grizelle
Cavet, India
Cavet, James
Cavet, James
Cavet, Jean
Cavet, John
Cavet, Jr., John
Cavet, John
Cavet, John (1713-17 AUG 1784)
Cavet, John (1736-1764)
Cavet, Margaret
Cavet, Martha
Cavet, Mary (1744-)
Cavet, Mary
Cavet, Michael (1733-)
Cavet, Michael
Cavet, Michael Whitley (1747-1821)
Cavet, Moses
Cavet, Moses (1742-1802)
Cavet, Moses
Cavet, Moses (1734-17 OCT 1790)
Cavet, Moses
Cavet, Moses (1684-AFT. 1750)
Cavet, Patric (1735-1835)
Cavet, Rebecca
Cavet, Richard (1749-1819)
Cavet, Richard (12 JUN 1763-18 NOV 1844)
Cavet, Richard (1727-)
Cavet, Samuel
Cavet, Sheridan (1710-)
Cavet, Susanna (1768-1860)
Cavet, Thomas
Cavet, Thomas
Cavet, Thomas
Cavet, William
Cavett, Alexander (19 MAY 1786-31 JUL 1841)
Cavett, Alvin Adrian (3 APR 1881-24 JUN 1895)
Cavett, Ann (9 JAN 1801-26 JAN 1882)
Cavett, Beatrice
Cavett, Bessie
Cavett, Brice
Cavett, Charlie W. (10 MAR 1904-SEP 1976)
Cavett, Connor H. (MAY 1902-1965)
Cavett, D. F. (8 JUN 1829-)
Cavett, Edgar (9 NOV 1862-3 AUG 1896)
Cavett, Eldridge
Cavett, Elizabeth (28 OCT 1806-)
Cavett, Emma
Cavett, Emmett
Cavett, Emmett
Cavett, Ester
Cavett, Fannie
Cavett, Flora Estelle (3 SEP 1886-)
Cavett, Frances
Cavett, H. B. (Private-)
Cavett, Hallie
Cavett, Hazel
Cavett, Isabelle (Private-)
Cavett, James B.
Cavett, James Bruce (6 OCT 1874-)
Cavett, James Franklin
Cavett, James Richard
Cavett, Jr., James Richard
Cavett, Jane
Cavett, Jane (1802-)
Cavett, John
Cavett, John
Cavett, John Conner
Cavett, Joseph (23 OCT 1871-)
Cavett, Josh
Cavett, Laura
Cavett, Lizzie
Cavett, Louise
Cavett, Mary
Cavett, Mary (1799-11 SEP 1879)
Cavett, Mary Ellender
Cavett, Mattie
Cavett, Maude (28 SEP 1878-)
Cavett, Moses (18 MAY 1791-)
Cavett, R. I.
Cavett, Richard Savannah (17 MAR 1829-)
Cavett, Rosebud (Private-)
Cavett, Rutha (1807-)
Cavett, Rutha
Cavett, Sallie (3 APR 1782-)
Cavett, Sallie
Cavett, Sam
Cavett, Samuel (1805-)
Cavett, Sarah
Cavett, Thomas (19 OCT 1792-)
Cavett, Thomas Owen (7 JAN 1861-2 OCT 1867)
Cavett, Van
Cavett, Van
Cavett, W. Robert (10 AUG 1864-)
Cavett, Waster
Cavett, Will
Cavett, William Whitley (22 JUL 1809-)
Cavitt, Alexander Tinnin (20 AUG 1813-)
Cavitt, Altha Georgia Ann (Private-)
Cavitt, Andrew (1796-1 JUL 1836)
Cavitt, Andrew Franklin (27 AUG 1830-8 JAN 1863)
Cavitt, Andrew Jackson Carroll Scott
Cavitt, Andrew Sidney (1871-11 NOV 1945)
Cavitt, Annie Jane (21 SEP 1856-31 JUL 1867)
Cavitt, Annie Loree (Private-)
Cavitt, Artie Van (Private-)
Cavitt, Belvedere Brooks (1864-1932)
Cavitt, Bethel Kathleen (Private-)
Cavitt, Beulah Mary Lucile (23 FEB 1910-1919)
Cavitt, Catherine (4 JUL 1849-23 AUG 1924)
Cavitt, Clara Isabell (9 NOV 1865-)
Cavitt, Clarence Volney (5 MAR 1855-)
Cavitt, Claude Thomas (20 MAR 1890-)
Cavitt, Claudia Virginia (Private-)
Cavitt, Cora (1870-1964)
Cavitt, Dorothy Wanabe (Private-)
Cavitt, Elizabeth (1884-1952)
Cavitt, Elizabeth
Cavitt, Elizabeth Caroline (20 OCT 1842-)
Cavitt, Elmer Odell (Private-)
Cavitt, Elviry Jane (20 MAR 1848-)
Cavitt, Enoch Doyle (Private-)
Cavitt, Enoch Matthew Marvin (15 AUG 1882-3 AUG 1960)
Cavitt, Florence (1880-1949)
Cavitt, Gene Arthur (Private-)
Cavitt, George Delmer (14 MAY 1910-12 NOV 1916)
Cavitt, George Franklin (31 JAN 1857-24 FEB 1859)
Cavitt, George Samuel (24 FEB 1879-26 JAN 1940)
Cavitt, Georgiann May Elizabeth (1841-)
Cavitt, Hannah (24 NOV 1857-)
Cavitt, Ida Josephine (Private-)
Cavitt, James
Cavitt, James Alexander (8 OCT 1848-)
Cavitt, James Alexander (29 JUN 1840-12 APR 1864)
Cavitt, James Alexander (8 AUG 1832-29 OCT 1860)
Cavitt, James Andrew (18 APR 1851-3 DEC 1875)
Cavitt, James Arley (Private-)
Cavitt, James Franklin (26 JAN 1877-12 DEC 1889)
Cavitt, James Volney (1 MAY 1860-16 AUG 1930)
Cavitt, John
Cavitt, John
Cavitt, John Belvedere Brooks (12 MAR 1863-1930)
Cavitt, John Wesley (1846-)
Cavitt, Joseph (1776-1833)
Cavitt, Joseph Francis (23 AUG 1845-)
Cavitt, Josephus (19 FEB 1826-12 JUL 1883)
Cavitt, Josephus Franklin (1867-1952)
Cavitt, Josephus Whitley (26 FEB 1853-4 FEB 1925)
Cavitt, Kenneth Ray (Private-)
Cavitt, Leah Docia Derotha Dulcena (14 SEP 1850-)
Cavitt, Lillie Jewell
Cavitt, Lizzie (1861-1879)
Cavitt, Lou Ellen (1 FEB 1886-)
Cavitt, Luna Estell (Private-)
Cavitt, Mable Lovene (Private-)
Cavitt, Majorie Vaden (Private-)
Cavitt, Margaret (1843-)
Cavitt, Margaret (1792-1857)
Cavitt, Margaret Jane (4 JAN 1813-29 MAR 1861)
Cavitt, Martha Ellen (FEB 1847-1900)
Cavitt, Marvin Pearl (Private-)
Cavitt, Mary (12 AUG 1852-)
Cavitt, Mary (27 NOV 1777-27 NOV 1857)
Cavitt, Mary Ann (9 FEB 1861-)
Cavitt, Mary Armstrong (6 DEC 1816-)
Cavitt, Mary Eva (Private-)
Cavitt, Mary Ruth
Cavitt, Minerva (17 SEP 1862-15 JUL 1863)
Cavitt, Moses (1838-)
Cavitt, Moses
Cavitt, Moses (1784-MAY 1853)
Cavitt, Mosettia America Jane
Cavitt, Nancy
Cavitt, Ocie Ida (Private-)
Cavitt, Richard
Cavitt, Jr., Richard (-1808)
Cavitt, Richard (25 JUL 1874-20 JAN 1940)
Cavitt, Richard Dudley (1844-)
Cavitt, Richard Vibla (Private-)
Cavitt, Richard Whitley (25 FEB 1822-1 JUL 1845)
Cavitt, Robert Daniel (Private-)
Cavitt, Robert Walter (9 NOV 1865-29 DEC 1868)
Cavitt, Russell (Private-)
Cavitt, Ruth (1873-1955)
Cavitt, Ruth Ann (13 MAY 1900-)
Cavitt, Salena Ethel (Private-)
Cavitt, Samuel Earle (1882-)
Cavitt, Sarah
Cavitt, Sheridan (24 MAR 1824-27 JAN 1862)
Cavitt, Sheridan Alexander (1858-1947)
Cavitt, Sheridan Henry (9 FEB 1861-2 APR 1890)
Cavitt, Stella Ann (Private-)
Cavitt, Thomas Andrew (25 APR 1855-)
Cavitt, Thomas Milsap
Cavitt, Thomas Norris (24 FEB 1859-22 OCT 1865)
Cavitt, Violet Christine (Private-)
Cavitt, Volney (2 FEB 1824-30 NOV 1903)
Cavitt, William Armstrong (20 OCT 1842-)
Cavitt, William Canada (15 JAN 1819-19 JAN 1873)
Cavitt, William Richard (JUL 1849-13 DEC 1914)
Cavitt, William Sparks (1865-1887)
Chaddick, James
Chaddick, Julia Ann
Chaddick, Margaret Brack
Chaddick, S.
Chaddick, Sedora (ABT. 1864-)
Chadick, Zadock
Chaffin, Mary Ann
Chambers, John Miles
Chambers, Joseph
Chambers, Kelly Dustin (Private-)
Chambers, Leonard
Chambers, Martin Kelly (Private-)
Chambers, Norman
Chambers, Winifred
Champion, Susanna
Chandler, A.
Chandler, Charles Ernest
Chandler, Cornelia (1872-)
Chandler, Ella (Zella) Francis
Chandler, Hattie J (1870-BEF. 1925)
Chandler, Lillian L.
Chandler, Martha A (11 DEC 1877-15 NOV 1944)
Chandler, Mary William (23 OCT 1882-11 SEP 1963)
Chandler, Minnie Myrtle
Chandler, Ola Richard
Chandler, Omega Barnes (1875-ABT. 1911)
Chandler, Richard W (1819-ABT. 1885)
Chandler, Sarah Elizabeth
Chaplin, J. W.
Chapman, Annie Eliza (21 MAR 1891-12 OCT 1935)
Chapman, Barney (ABT. 1898-)
Chapman, David L. (APR 1884-)
Chapman, Dora (3 MAR 1900-13 FEB 1902)
Chapman, Early Talmadge (13 AUG 1897-)
Chapman, Eleanor
Chapman, Eliza J. (ABT. 1879-)
Chapman, Frank (1910-1910)
Chapman, Isadore C. (ABT. 1866-)
Chapman, John (ABT. 1876-)
Chapman, Lewis M. (ABT. 1862-)
Chapman, Lola Lee (1 DEC 1895-ABT. 1972)
Chapman, Lonnie B. (Private-)
Chapman, Mary Ellen (14 JUL 1872-)
Chapman, Mary Thelma (Private-)
Chapman, Matthew
Chapman, Mattie Saphronie (1 OCT 1893-JAN 1964)
Chapman, Minabel (Private-)
Chapman, Rachel A. (ABT. 1863-)
Chapman, Richard (Private-)
Chapman, Robert Semour (8 FEB 1870-9 JUL 1943)
Chapman, Vera (Private-)
Chapman, William
Chapman, William Case (ABT. 1865-)
Chapman, William Cason (22 AUG 1829-8 MAR 1907)
Chapman, William Robert (Private-)
Chapman, Willie A. (Private-)
Charles, L. E.
Charlton, Catherine "Kate" (ABT. 1848-)
Charlton, Josephine B. (16 JUN 1847-9 MAY 1934)
Charlton, Napoleon Bonaparte (13 MAY 1813-)
Charlton, Rachel A. (ABT. 1845-)
Charolotte, (1797-)
Cheever, Tiffany Deniese (Private-)
Chestnut, William
Childers, A. Berry
Childers, Geneva Lou (Private-)
Childress, Courtney Leigh (Private-)
Childress, Earl
Childress, John Clayton
Childress, John William (-ABT. 1945)
Childress, Jr., John William "Johnny"
Chilton, Ella
Chilton, Horace
Choat, Terry Diana
Choate, Nancy
Chrietzberg, Caroline Elvira (18 MAR 1822-31 OCT 1900)
Chrietzberg, Christiana Hesse
Chrietzberg, Elizabeth (6 JAN 1821-11 SEP 1886)
Chrietzberg, John (18 AUG 1787-15 DEC 1879)
Chris, Harry J.
Chris, Mary Elizabeth (Private-)
Chris, Robert Mark (Private-)
Christain, Octavia St. Clair
Christain, Wiley
Christain, Wynne Eliza (19 DEC 1893-1986)
Christian, (-1731)
Christopher, Jr., James Lee
Christopher, III, James Lee (Private-)
Christopher, Jason Nicholas (Private-)
Church, Frances Ada
Civilla, Erin Michelle
Civilla, James Patrick
Civilla, Jeffrey James
Claiborne, Ralph
Clapton, Ann
Clark, Alice (ABT. 1528-Dead)
Clark, Andrew
Clark, Ann Tracy
Clark, Ansabell
Clark, Bryan Phillip
Clark, David Anderson
Clark, David Burleigh (22 JAN 1884-)
Clark, David McKee (2 NOV 1847-4 NOV 1939)
Clark, David Phillip
Clark, Diane
Clark, Dorothy Margaret
Clark, Ella
Clark, Eva
Clark, Hazel Louise (Private-)
Clark, Jack Freeman (Private-)
Clark, Jane
Clark, Jennie V. (-Dead)
Clark, Jerilyn
Clark, Jerry
Clark, Jimmie Marshall (Private-)
Clark, Joel Clayton
Clark, John
Clark, John Freeman (1898-1988)
Clark, Laura Belle
Clark, Lena Mae
Clark, Lizzie
Clark, Louise
Clark, Mary
Clark, Mary E. (22 NOV 1817-27 OCT 1904)
Clark, Nancy S (ABT. 1818-)
Clark, Raymond Henry
Clark, Sarah
Clark, Sarah E (ABT. 1816-1858)
Clark, Sarah Sallie (4 FEB 1810-)
Clark, William (28 OCT 1804-23 OCT 1880)
Clark, William Dunlap (11 JUL 1814-10 AUG 1887)
Clark, William John (26 AUG 1876-)
Clarkson, Fannie Joyce (1 JAN 1884-4 AUG 1943)
Clayburn, Daniel Ray
Clayburn, David Dewayne
Clayburn, John Thomas
Clayburn, Joseph Alex
Clayburn, Marty
Clayburn, Ray Wayne
Clayburn, Jr., Ray Wayne
Clayburn, Robert Bryan
Clayburn, Tom
Clayburn, Travis Hank
Clayburn, Valerie Marie
Clayburn, Virgil
Claypool, Amy
Clegett, Linda
Clemens, Maria Kathleen (Private-)
Clemens, Sarah Christine (Private-)
Clements, Elizabeth
Clements, Sallie
Clements, William Hardy (27 AUG 1873-25 JUL 1953)
Clements\Clemons, Kate (-Deceased)
Clerc, Donna Jean (Private-)
Clines, Addie Mae
Clinton, Frank
Coan, Ricky Lynn (Private-)
Coates, Charles E.
Cobb, Lester Rogers (1882-1942)
Cobb, Reba (Private-)
Coble, David Gene
Coble, Dianne Lenae
Coble, Jim Gene
Coble, Lori Denise
Coburn, A. Y. (-31 OCT 1845)
Cochran, Arthur David
Cochran, Arthur David
Cochran, Ella (-1955)
Cochran, Jimmie Lee (Private-)
Cochran, Lillie Pearl (Private-)
Cochran, Lula (Private-)
Cochran, Mary
Cochran, Mary Lee
Cochran, Paul Wallace
Cochran, Selmon
Cocke, Indiana T.
Cockfield, Eunice
Cockrell, Tommie
Cocks, Alexander
Cocks, James
Cocks, Matilda (ABT. 1806-)
Cocks, Sarah
Cocks, Zachariah
Coffee, Cleveland
Coffee, Elijah (1806-15 SEP 1873)
Coffee, Martha
Coker, Robert Lee (Private-)
Colbert, Leo Edward (Private-)
Colclasure, Omer
Colclasure, Salena Marie
Cole, Alice or Artimace
Cole, Margie
Cole, Martha
Cole, Temperance
Coleman, Daniel
Coleman, Diane (Private-)
Coleman, Donelda
Coleman, Edward (Private-)
Coleman, Margaret Clarisse (Private-)
Coleman, Marie (Private-)
Colinsky, Patricia Ann
Collier, Lucy B.
Collier, Mary Virginia
Collier, Selma
Collins, Benjamin Chappel or Bennie
Collins, Florena (Private-)
Collins, Florida
Collins, Floyce "Nub"
Collins, Hazel
Collins, James
Collins, John
Collins, John
Collins, Josephine
Collins, Lorrie Elizabeth (Private-)
Collins, Loyce
Collins, O. L.
Collins, Olige
Collins, Opal
Collins, Patricia
Collins, Ronald D.
Collins, Sarah
Collins, Walter
Collins, Wiley
Collyar, Abigaill
Colton, Carolyn Rose
Colvin, Eliza Ruble
Colvin, Ida Mae (ABT. 1866-)
Colvin, Pamela Jean
Comer, Amanda (1858-)
Comer, Mary
Condit, Elinor Pauline
Condit, Gilbert (ABT. 1862-)
Condit, Son (9 APR 1886-)
Cone, Nancy
Connally, Charles
Connally, Donna Kay
Connally, Karen Sue
Connell, Andra Amy (Private-)
Connell, Betty Jean (1938-1938)
Connell, Bonnie (Private-)
Connell, Charlie M. (1896-1980)
Connell, Dan May (Private-)
Connell, Grover J. (1919-1992)
Connell, J. T. (1917-1919)
Connell, Jack (1927-1991)
Connell, Joshua (Private-)
Connell, Latrilla (Private-)
Connell, Louise (1915-1981)
Connell, Matthew (Private-)
Connell, Nellie (Private-)
Connell, Randy (Private-)
Connell, Scott D. (Private-)
Connell, W. J. (1921-1984)
Conner, Louisa
Conner, Nancy
Conners, Sarah Ann (1865-1918)
Connolly, Gerard
Connor, Carolyn (Private-)
Constable, Dorothy (-1632)
Constable, Sir Henry
Cook, David
Cook, Jane (ABT. 1800-BEF. 1850)
Cook, Mary
Cook, Sarah
Cook, William
Cooke, Thomas (1723-1774)
Cooley, William
Coons, Male (Private-)
Coons, Richard
Cooper, Amanda Elizabeth (2 MAR 1877-8 DEC 1940)
Cooper, Bruce Alan (Private-)
Cooper, Bruce Alan (Private-)
Cooper, Glenda Saralyne (Private-)
Cooper, Howard Lee
Cooper, Jane (20 AUG 1792-2 SEP 1814)
Cooper, John (NOV 1851-1923)
Cooper, Lillie Lee
Cooper, Martha
Cooper, Nancy Mary Ann (17 SEP 1881-1958)
Cooper, Samuel C.
Cooper, Sarepta Irene (18 DEC 1882-18 APR 1964)
Coose, Elizabeth Lee (Private-)
Coose, Jo Nell (3 NOV 1928-)
Coose, O. J.
Coose, Stephen Austin (26 FEB 1875-13 SEP 1946)
Coose, Willie V. (24 OCT 1917-)
Copeland, Essie Katheryn
Copland, Mr
Corbin, David Daniel
Corder, Kenneth W.
Cordes, Erin Jill (Private-)
Cordes, Ken
Cordes, Kenneth Eldon (Private-)
Corley, W. E.
Cornelison, Elva Christine
Cornelius, Juanita
Cornelius, Nancy
Corroll, Mary Ann (1843-UNKNOWN)
Cosby, William R.
Cosey, Alfred
Cosey, Emily (22 MAR 1817-)
Cotten, James


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