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Database of Michael & Candie Witherspoon
Disclaimer: Data in this database is a collection of compiled family names. Please email us for more information and sources.

Family Tree Names

Cottrell, William Austin (Private-)
Couch, George Washington
Couch, II, Junious Morgan
Coultas, Levoy
Coulter, Levi Wallace
Coulter, Mac
Coulter, Opal
Coulter, Roe
Coursey, Benjamin Michael Franklin (8 MAR 1850-18 AUG 1883)
Coursey, Charlotte Helen (5 MAY 1845-16 FEB 1917)
Coursey, Christopher Columbus (15 FEB 1859-8 MAR 1864)
Coursey, Eliza Amanda (30 OCT 1842-)
Coursey, Elizabeth Cynthia (17 FEB 1852-)
Coursey, George Washington (14 FEB 1841-29 NOV 1846)
Coursey, Hiram Alexander (16 MAY 1857-9 JAN 1863)
Coursey, James (BEF. 1766-)
Coursey, James Absalem (7 FEB 1853-1932)
Coursey, John (24 FEB 1863-23 SEP 1866)
Coursey, Leborn Lee
Coursey, Leia Beth (Private-)
Coursey, Sarah Parthenia Jane (3 APR 1844-1925)
Coursey, Valentine Austin (15 AUG 1856-1952)
Coursey, Valintas A."Valentine" (10 DEC 1818-1868)
Coursey, William Travis (6 OCT 1846-18 NOV 1864)
Coursey, Zelpha Caroline (21 MAR 1848-27 AUG 1869)
Courteney, Francis
Courteney, William
Courtney, Alice Faye
Courtney, Jesse
Cousins, Alice (ABT. 1899-)
Cousins, Caroline Jane (16 AUG 1852-6 JUL 1923)
Cousins, James Clark (11 MAY 1855-1941)
Cousins, John Clark
Cousins, John Robert (10 JAN 1856-3 MAY 1923)
Cousins, M. Sid (ABT. 1892-)
Cousins, Mariah Eppes (17 APR 1851-6 MAY 1916)
Cousins, Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" (11 OCT 1849-23 DEC 1932)
Cousins, Mellie (ABT. 1889-)
Cousins, Minnie (ABT. 1895-)
Cousins, Robert (18 APR 1812-23 NOV 1858)
Cousins, William Duval "Bill" (16 NOV 1853-12 SEP 1927)
Covey, Vicki
Cowan, Anna Beth
Cowan, William
Cowart, Maggie E.
Cowell, Etta
Cox, Abraham
Cox, Abraham (1798-1868)
Cox, Amber Lee (Private-)
Cox, Ann
Cox, Benjamin (BET. 1757 - 1759-1829)
Cox, Catherine Ann (Private-)
Cox, David
Cox, David H. (BET. 1745 - 1747-18 NOV 1820)
Cox, Derek Dayton (Private-)
Cox, Eliza
Cox, Elizabeth (1835-1867)
Cox, Elizabeth (1800-ABT. 1865)
Cox, Elizabeth
Cox, Friend
Cox, Gabriel
Cox, Gabriel
Cox, George
Cox, I, George
Cox, George F. (1879-)
Cox, Hopkins (1796-1798)
Cox, II, Isaac
Cox, Isaac
Cox, I, Isaac (ABT. 1716-1783)
Cox, James (ABT. 1738-ABT. 1758)
Cox, James
Cox, Jane
Cox, Jehu M. (1813-1813)
Cox, Joe
Cox, Johannes
Cox, John (1816-1816)
Cox, I, John
Cox, Jonathan M. D.
Cox, Jonathan N.
Cox, Joseph (ABT. 1753-1780)
Cox, Lee Burch (Private-)
Cox, Lucretia
Cox, Margaret (12 OCT 1802-9 SEP 1870)
Cox, Margaret Leona (20 AUG 1781-24 AUG 1858)
Cox, Martha A
Cox, Mary
Cox, Mary
Cox, Mary Ann (1804-1881)
Cox, Miles O. (1874-)
Cox, Nancy (1811-1828)
Cox, Nancy
Cox, Nancy Ann (17 OCT 1757-17 JAN 1818)
Cox, Polina
Cox, Rachel
Cox, Samuel F. (19 DEC 1774-1860)
Cox, Jr., Samuel F. (1818-1819)
Cox, Sarah (1800-1870)
Cox, Susanna
Cox, Texana U. V. H.
Cox, William
Cox, William J.
Cox, William Lee (Private-)
Cox, William M. (1876-)
Craft, Anna (-1872)
Craft, Archie
Craft, Laura L.
Crafton, Owen
Craig, C.
Craig, William Henry
Cramlington, Agnes
Cramlington, William
Crane, Julia Blanche
Crass, Jack Monroe
Crawford, Burce Wayne
Crawford, Channing Bryant (Private-)
Crawford, Eliza Jane (1820-)
Crawford, Garrison Reese (Private-)
Crawford, James (1810-)
Crawford, John (1848-)
Crawford, Sarina Paige (Private-)
Crawford, William (1846-)
Credeur, Earley
Credeur, John Dudley
Creech, Rita Malone
Creed, Anne (ABT. 1658-OCT 1726)
Creed, Maudlin (ABT. 1645-ABT. 1700)
Creed, Raphael (-1668)
Creel, Edith Maybelle or Belle
Creel, James Lonnie
Creel, Londa
Creel, Lydia Ida
Creel, Sherry
Crenshaw, Delilah (ABT. 1790-1888)
Crenshaw, John
Crenshaw, Mildred Ann
Crews, Nancy
Cribbs, Eleanore (Ella) (2 JAN 1872-29 JAN 1942)
Crier, Marion (BEF. 1547-)
Crisp, Marrit C. (UNKNOWN-11 JAN 1946)
Criswell, Christine
Crockett, Albert S.
Crockett, Alice Josephine (-2 NOV 1953)
Crockett, Ashley Wilson
Crockett, Becky (1790-)
Crockett, Bolden Avery
Crockett, David (1735-1777)
Crockett, David Columbus
Crockett, David Stern "Davy" (17 AUG 1786-6 MAR 1836)
Crockett, David Thomas
Crockett, Dorcas Matilda
Crockett, E. R. M.
Crockett, Elizabeth
Crockett, Elizabeth G.
Crockett, Franklin Boneparte (27 JAN 1894-25 JUL 1964)
Crockett, George Patton
Crockett, James (1780-)
Crockett, James
Crockett, Jane (1792-)
Crockett, Jason (1788-)
Crockett, John (1754-1794)
Crockett, Jr., John (1778-)
Crockett, John Bell
Crockett, John Ewing
Crockett, John Wesley (10 JUL 1807-24 NOV 1854)
Crockett, Joseph Louis (9 JAN 1674/75-)
Crockett, Lafayette Columbus Francis (6 JAN 1858-12 JAN 1933)
Crockett, Margaret
Crockett, Margaret Ann
Crockett, Margaret Finlay (1812-23 SEP 1889)
Crockett, Martha
Crockett, Martha F.
Crockett, Martin D.
Crockett, Mary
Crockett, Mary
Crockett, Mary Elizabeth (1855-27 OCT 1904)
Crockett, Mary Jane Ann
Crockett, Matilda (2 AUG 1821-28 JAN 1864)
Crockett, Nancy M.
Crockett, Nathaniel
Crockett, Nathaniel M.
Crockett, Ollie Elvira
Crockett, Rebecca Elvira (25 DEC 1818-)
Crockett, Robert Patton (16 SEP 1816-23 SEP 1889)
Crockett, Sally
Crockett, Samuel (10 NOV 1799-)
Crockett, Samuel P. S.
Crockett, Sarah
Crockett, Sarah Wilson
Crockett, Thomas
Crockett, William
Crockett, William (1809-)
Crockett, William (10 AUG 1709-)
Crockett, William (1782-)
Crockett, William Barnett Henderson (10 JUN 1821-1874)
Crockett, William H.
Crockett, Wilson (1784-)
Crockett, Wilson
Crofts, Martha
Crouch, William H
Crow, Mancel S.
Crumb, Jacob
Cryer, Richard
Cude, Mary
Culley, Lon
Cullins, Elmo
Cummings, Ada
Cummings, Emma Ann (Private-)
Cummings, Martha
Cummings, Jr., Max L.
Cummings, Mollie Ruth
Cummings, Mr.
Cunningham, Agnes (ABT. 1516-ABT. 1550)
Cunningham, Karl (Private-)
Cunningham, Robert (Private-)
Cunningham, Robin (Private-)
Curley, Margaret
Curro, Jr., Joseph (Private-)
Curro, Joseph (Private-)
Curry, David
Curry, Frank
Curry, Hester
Curry, Jacob
Curry, James
Curry, James
Curry, Janet
Curry, John
Curry, Joseph
Curry, Margaret
Curry, Mary Cath (1851-)
Curry, Mary Juli Ann (1832-23 AUG 1873)
Curtice, Bill
Curtis, Allie Mae (Private-)
Curtis, Amanda
Curtis, Catherine (BET. 1728 - 1763-)
Curtis, Eliza
Curtis, Taylor
DEMMLER, Anna (1506-)
Dabbs, Christina (Private-)
Dabbs, Jr., Gregory (Private-)
Dabbs, Sr., Gregory (Private-)
Dabbs, Joy (Private-)
Dabney, Thomas P.
Daigle, Gabriel
Daken, Hattie
Dalton, Wanda (Private-)
Dameron, Krystal M.
Daniel, James
Daniel, Kate (1896-1990)
Daniel, Mary
Daniel, Mary Elizabeth
Daniel, Robert (1779-ABT. 1849)
Daniels, Cecil
Daniels, Delana (1819-1881)
Daniels, Dixie
Daniels, Elizabeth
Daniels, Fox
Daniels, Jr., J. W.
Daniels, James Winter
Daniels, Judy (Private-)
Daniels, M. L.
Daniels, Margaret M.
Daniels, Mary
Daniels, Miss
Daniels, Miss
Daniels, Rhoda
Daniels, Victor H.
Darby, Eliza Augusta
Darden, H. Jerome (1843-)
Dase, Andre (Private-)
Dase, Dontrell (Private-)
Dase, Dwyana Annette (Private-)
Dase, Elige (Private-)
Dase, Marcus (Private-)
Dase, Ronaldo (Private-)
Dase, Tonda Yvette (Private-)
Daugherty, Nancy C. (ABT. 1796-BEF. JUN 1859)
Daugherty, Vida
Daux, Ann (ABT. 1650-)
Daux, Richard (ABT. 1600-)
Daux, Susanna (ABT. 1648-1694)
Daux, Walter (ABT. 1630-1658)
Davenport, Emeline D.
Davidson, Allen
Davidson, Christine
Davidson, Laura
Davidson, Mary
Davidson, William Finley
Davis, Aaron
Davis, Amanda
Davis, Augustus
Davis, Betty
Davis, Bridgit Regina (Private-)
Davis, Ed
Davis, Frank
Davis, George
Davis, George
Davis, Harriet
Davis, Jane (ABT. 1827-1903)
Davis, Jane C. (1922-1981)
Davis, Joel Charles (Private-)
Davis, Joel Daniel (Private-)
Davis, Marilyn Jean Ebe
Davis, Mary (ABT. 1697-)
Davis, Mary (Private-)
Davis, Mary Ann Bashtie (JAN 1866-1941)
Davis, Minerva
Davis, Pleasant (1817-)
Davis, Pleasant
Davis, Robert
Davis, S. Elizabeth
Davis, Sarah "Sally"
Davis, Sim
Davis, Tom
Davis, Turner
Davis, Urania
Davis, William
Davis, William M. (1797-)
Davison, Mary
Dawson, Burin (Private-)
Dawson, Catherine (AUG 1881-)
Dawson, Henrietta (JAN 1884-)
Dawson, Isaac N. (1820-ABT. 1880)
Dawson, Jane (ABT. 1848-)
Dawson, John W. (1879-)
Dawson, Johnny (Private-)
Dawson, Joseph (1783-)
Dawson, Laura (Private-)
Dawson, Lydia A. (ABT. 1823-)
Dawson, Martha Ann (22 JAN 1862-13 JUN 1945)
Dawson, Mary Mallissa (16 AUG 1874-5 JUN 1966)
Dawson, Nancy Jane (1859-MAY 1896)
Dawson, Rebecca (Private-)
Dawson, Sarah Isabella (1857-AFT. 1900)
Dawson, Thomas I. (JUN 1838-ABT. 1908)
Dawson, Thomas Joseph (DEC 1879-)
Dawson, William (1852-)
Dawson, William A. (1870-)
Day, Abigail (1669-)
Day, Abigail (27 DEC 1664-1664)
Day, Alice (1677-)
Day, Almon Y.
Day, Ann
Day, Avon
Day, Eli (1830-)
Day, Ellen (1826-)
Day, Frances Lindsey
Day, George (-1815)
Day, James E. (1828-)
Day, John (1820-)
Day, John (13 DEC 1768-ABT. 1838)
Day, Sr., John (7 JUN 1667-)
Day, John
Day, III, John (1731-16 MAR 1762)
Day, Jr., John (8 NOV 1707-21 MAY 1760)
Day, Jonathan (8 NOV 1776-)
Day, Joseph (2 MAY 1789-2 APR 1867)
Day, Joseph (6 MAR 1782-24 JAN 1793)
Day, Jr., Joseph
Day, Joseph (1741-)
Day, Joseph Richard (13 JAN 1829-)
Day, Martha Lewis (26 APR 1818-15 SEP 1903)
Day, Mary Ann
Day, Nathan (10 DEC 1785-)
Day, Nathan J.
Day, Rebecca (19 AUG 1774-)
Day, Rebecca
Day, Rebeccah (26 JAN 1709-)
Day, Rebeccah (1740-)
Day, Richard B.
Day, Jr., Robert (24 MAR 1664/65-)
Day, Robert
Day, Samuel (-BEF. 17 MAR 1803)
Day, Samuel Connell (18 SEP 1788-)
Day, Silvanus (1746-)
Day, Silvina
Day, Solomon (1738-)
Day, Sr., Stephen (ABT. 1742-1825)
Day, Jr., Stephen (22 MAR 1772-)
Day, Stephen (1791-)
Day, Steven M. (1832-)
Day, Sylvanus (8 NOV 1778-)
Day, Theodate (10 MAY 1769-)
Day, Thomas (1748-)
Day, Will
Day, William
Day, William Hobbs (17 JAN 1824-31 JUL 1853)
Dayly, Doris (Private-)
De Bruce, Adam (-1172)
De Bruce, III, Robert (-1196)
De Bruce, I, Robert (-1094)
De Brus, Adam
De Brus, II, Robert (-1141)
De Clare, Isobel
De Knox, William (1486-1513)
De Saix, Louise
De Veaux, Mary
DeCamp, Benjamin Tilman (1891-)
DeCamp, James P. (1886-)
DeCamp, Louis (1889-)
DeCamp, R. M. (1888-)
DeCamp, Walter
Deadwyler, Rebecca
Dean, Appless or Appie
Dean, Clyde
Dean, Esca Eugene
Dean, Gertrude
Dean, Gloria (Private-)
Dean, Isabella (-1861)
Dean, John M.
Dean, John William
Dean, Katie
Dean, Macel
Dean, Madge
Dean, Nancy Elizabeth or Nannie
Dean, Nellie
Dean, Thomas
Dean, W. P. M. (1830-1908)
Dearmond, M. E.
Deaton, Fred Marshall
Deberry, Frances (1784-UNKNOWN)
Defur, Aletha
Delaney, James
Delaney, Mary Ann
Delano, Amanda E. (1842-)
Delano, Oliver Howard
Delano, Oliver J. (1840-)
Deloach, Benjamin
Deloach, Sarah
Demaree, Medrith (1906-1962)
Demos, Alan Lynn
Demos, Laura Louise (Private-)
Denman, Able (ABT. 1898-)
Denman, Jesse (ABT. 1896-)
Denman, John C.
Denman, Pearl (ABT. 1900-)
Denman, Robert (ABT. 1892-)
Denman, Royce (Private-)
Denman, Sarah Elizabeth
Denning, Ray
Dennis, Angelique (Private-)
Dennis, Logan Barlett (Private-)
Dennis, Steven Lee (Private-)
Dennison, Daughter
Dennison, Flora
Dennison, Frank
Dennison, John
Dennison, Laura
Dennison, Lizzie
Dennison, Mary
Dennison, Robert
Dennison, Son
Dennison, Son
Denny, Ellen
Depew, Jesse
Derentwater, Earl of
Deresau, Goldie
Deresau, Unknown
Devin, Mary Jane
Dick, Robert
Dickerson, Evie
Dickerson, I. B.
Dickerson, Janet (Private-)
Dickerson, John R.
Dickerson, Miss
Dickerson, W. H.
Dickey, Sarah Gordon
Dickinson, Mary "Molly" (4 SEP 1844-14 OCT 1925)
Dicks, Della
Dickson, Benjamin W. (ABT. 1850-)
Dickson, Charlotte
Dickson, Gray Churchwell (ABT. 1843-)
Dickson, Hansel A. (ABT. 1841-)
Dickson, James
Dickson, John Newton (1840-1905)
Dickson, Martha A. (ABT. 1845-)
Dickson, Nancy Elizabeth (1896-1954)
Dickson, Ranson L. (ABT. 1844-)
Dickson, Sampson (ABT. 1859-)
Dickson, Sarah A. (ABT. 1846-)
Dickson, Sissa (1857-)
Dickson, Thomas (ABT. 1814-)
Dickson, Thomas (ABT. 1848-)
Diehl, Hans Adam (12 SEP 1690-12 APR 1755)
Diehl, Melchoir
Diel, Adam (12 AUG 1743-)
Diel, Anna Maria (11 FEB 1744-)
Diel, Carl (ABT. 1717-)
Diel, Elizabeth (1746-29 JAN 1823)
Diel, Hans Georg
Diel, Johann Adam (APR 1734-BEF. 1809)
Diel, John Adam (16 DEC 1746-)
Diel, John Carl (19 OCT 1742-)
Diel, John Daniel (ABT. 1713-)
Diel, Maria Elisabetha (ABT. 1718-)
Dies, Clement
Diggens, Donna Mae (Private-)
Dill, Ann Marshall (21 JAN 1768-24 NOV 1811)
Dill, James Madison (30 SEP 1831-23 JUN 1916)
Dill, Jason Heath (Private-)
Dill, Joseph White (20 MAY 1865-)
Dill, Keith Gregory (Private-)
Dillard, Janice Marion (Private-)
Dillon, A. D.
Dillon, Bill
Dillon, Buelah Dean
Dillon, Earl
Dillon, Evy
Dillon, Herman
Dillon, Jimmy Loyce
Dillon, Macel
Dillon, Mildred
Dillon, Thomas Whitfield
Dillon, Truby
Dillon, Whit
Dillon, Wilma Ann
Dilly, Irene
Dilly, J. Ed
Dinger, Marvin Joe
Dinkler, Fred
Dixon, Charlene (Private-)
Dixon, Charles
Dixon, Jean
Dixon, Margaret Jane
Dixon, Shirley (Private-)
Dixon, Tabitha
Dobbins, Nancy Agnes (ABT. 1765-1849)
Dobson, Diane (Private-)
Dobson, John Wayne (Private-)
Dobson, John Wilber (1919-1995)
Dobson, Valeria (Private-)
Dockens, Eric
Dockens, Erica Shantel (Private-)
Dodd, Lelia Matilda
Dodderidge, Joseph
Doi, Fumiyo
Donaldson, Isaac
Donaldson, Martha
Donaldson, Mary
Donavon, Pearl Ellen
Donnom, Jane (19 NOV 1786-1 JAN 1834)
Donohoo, Rosa Ruth (5 JUN 1896-19 FEB 1993)
Doolen, Geneva Grace
Doolen, James Everett
Doolen, James Isaac
Doolen, Lena Otta (26 MAY 1876-17 NOV 1978)
Doolen, Mary Lillian (4 FEB 1878-1971)
Doolen, Samuel F.
Dorgan, Claude
Dorminey, Thelma Jeanette
Dorminey, Wootson
Dorsey, (ABT. 1886-)
Dorsey, Guy
Dossey, John Wesley
Dougan, Catherine (26 SEP 1834-)
Dougan, Charity A. (ABT. 1830-)
Dougan, Elizabeth A. (ABT. 1840-)
Dougan, George (12 SEP 1803-)
Dougan, George Washington (22 FEB 1827-)
Dougan, James
Dougan, Mary Jane (ABT. 1823-)
Dougan, Minerva (ABT. 1832-)
Dougan, Sarah Melvina (ABT. 1827-)
Dougan, William
Dougharty, Francis B.
Dougharty, Frank
Dougherty, Cathy
Douglas, Grizelda
Douglas, Joseph
Douglas, Polly
Douglass, Lorenzo D.
Douglass, Nancy Jane
Dowden, Sue (-BEF. 1900)
Downard, Andrew Joseph (Private-)
Downard, Michael Paul (Private-)
Downey, Caroline (AFT. 1850-)
Downey, Caroline (AFT. 1822-)
Downey, Edgar (AFT. 1858-)
Downey, Eliza E. (1848-)
Downey, George L. (1859-)
Downey, George W. (AFT. 1818-1911)
Downey, Isaac (AFT. 1830-1836)
Downey, James (1793-18 OCT 1863)
Downey, James M. (ABT. 1820-1884)
Downey, James N. (1858-)
Downey, Louisa (AFT. 1816-)
Downey, Margaret (AFT. 1824-)
Downey, Margaret J. (1850-)
Downey, Nancy A. (1852-)
Downey, Newton (AFT. 1826-)
Downey, Permelia (AFT. 1828-1834)
Downey, Permelia (1854-)
Downey, Sarah (AFT. 1817-)
Downey, Sarah
Downey, Sarah Ellen (22 MAR 1844-20 JAN 1917)
Downey, William F. (1846-)
Downs, Bronson Howell (1898-1899)
Downs, Eska C. (26 OCT 1899-12 JUL 1913)
Downs, Gladys Zuleika (21 APR 1892-3 DEC 1968)
Downs, Henry C.
Downs, J. Cicero (9 DEC 1869-)
Downs, John Cicero (12 APR 1891-12 FEB 1931)
Downs, John Lawrence
Downs, Nina Mae
Downs, Winona (1904-1905)
Dozier, Catherine (ABT. 1834-)
Dozier, Mary Florrie
Drake, Elizabeth Allison (Private-)
Drake, Roxanna Garrett (Private-)
Drake, Jr., Royce Allison
Drake, Simuel Lee
Drayton, Judith
Drennan, Jennie Irene
Drewery, Herman Ira
Driskell, Drucilla
Droddy, Francis Emeline
Droddy, Melissa Ellen
Droddy, Savannah
Droddy, W. A.
Droll, Mary Agnes
Dromgoole, Rebecca
Drummond, C.
Drysdale, Mary Ann (1822-)
Drzal, Martin
DuBose, Aught
DuBose, Elias John
DuBose, Erma Eilnor
DuMont, Elizabeth (AFT. 1669-)
DuMont, Elizabeth (AFT. 1639-)
DuMont, Jean (ABT. 1611-)
DuMont, Margaret (1633-)
DuMont, Margarett (ABT. 1639-)
DuMont, Pieternella (ABT. 1643-)
DuMont, Wallerant (1637-3 SEP 1713)
Dubose, Annie Jane
Dubose, Autt (13 MAY 1914-29 APR 1987)
Dubose, Clyde
Dubose, Clydette
Dubose, Elbert Jesse (Private-)
Dubose, Jacqueline
Dubose, James Decker
Dubose, James Henry (8 MAY 1903-1987)
Dubose, James L. (1865-)
Dubose, Joseph Decker (15 OCT 1906-14 DEC 1986)
Dubose, Julie Ann
Dubose, Luther
Dubose, Marvin
Dubose, Mary
Dubose, Merle Jean
Dubose, Pearl
Dubose, Pete T. (1880-)
Dubose, Robert (1897-)
Dubose, William Curtis (5 MAY 1901-1985)
Dudley, Quinton
Duff, Sr., Calvin
Duff, Elizabeth Joy
Duff, Iva (-1902)
Duff, Lan
Duff, Sam Adams
Duke, Robert Clesson
Dukes, James Carol (Private-)
Dukes, Jr., James Carrol (Private-)
Dukes, Ralph Lennel (Private-)
Dukes, Rastus
Dukes, Sandra Kay (Private-)
Dukes, Sherri Rene (Private-)
Dula, Elizabeth (12 JUL 1781-)
Duncan, Sr., Abel
Duncan, Jr., Abel (29 SEP 1798-)
Duncan, Cathrine (ABT. 1825-)
Duncan, Charles W. (1868-1916)
Duncan, David
Duncan, Dorothy
Duncan, Edith
Duncan, Frances
Duncan, Gladys
Duncan, J. M.
Duncan, Sam
Duncomb, Francis
Dungan, Deborah (13 NOV 1826-1852)
Dungan, Elizabeth Jane (10 APR 1831-1862)
Dungan, George W. (21 DEC 1838-)
Dungan, Harriet N. (26 AUG 1823-1873)
Dungan, John Mitchell (29 MAY 1841-)
Dungan, Mary (27 MAY 1821-1908)
Dungan, Quinton Albert (8 JAN 1844-)
Dungan, Robert Howard (23 MAR 1833-)
Dungan, Stephen (1826-1850)
Dungan, Thomas (6 DEC 1798-10 JUL 1873)
Dungan, Thomas Edwin (1850-1852)
Dungan, William T (13 OCT 1867-2 JAN 1947)
Dungan, William Witherspoon (1836-1922)
Dunlap, Jane Witherspoon (17 SEP 1826-29 NOV 1861)
Dunlap, Mary Amelia (17 SEP 1831-3 AUG 1833)
Dunlap, Robert Crawford (6 MAY 1829-1 OCT 1830)
Dunlap, Samuel F. (28 DEC 1799-17 AUG 1834)
Dunmore, John
Dunn, Catherine Ann
Dunn, Curtis
Dunn, Henry
Dunn, James
Dunn, Jemima
Dunn, Jincey Jane
Dunn, Lyda
Dunn, Nehemiah
Dunn, Sarah E (ABT. 1826-)
Durain, Miriam Frances
Durnan, Mary (5 MAR 1845-10 AUG 1911)
Dycus, Margaret Malinda Kathleen (ABT. 1861-1947)
Dyer, Laverle Allie
Dyer, Martha
Dyneley, Anne (BEF. 1537-)
E., Lena (1872-1955)
E., Margaret (MAY 1860-)
E., Maryan (JUL 1834-)
E., Nannie
Eaker, Jay Allen
Eaker, Jillian Amanda
Earnest, Daughter
Earnest, Daughter
Earnest, Son
Earnest, William
Earnhardt, Cornelia
Easley, Lessie May (9 MAY 1903-25 JAN 1921)
Eason, Jeffery E.
Eason, Justin E. (Private-)
Eason, Keri E. (Private-)
Eason, Thomas L. (Private-)
Easter, Mary (ABT. 1731-ABT. 1768)
Easterwood, Deliah Dilly (28 APR 1826-1 DEC 1895)
Easthman, Rebecca Elizabeth
Eaton, James
Eaton, John (1790-AFT. 1871)
Eaton, John High
Eaton, Mary Elizabeth Jane
Eaton, Nancy Frances
Eaton, Sarah Ann (1830-12 AUG 1852)
Eaton, Susan F.
Eaton, William H.
Ebert, Michael
Eddy, Julia Elizabeth
Edgar, E. C.
Edwards, Ron
Eggers, Christine Kay (Private-)
Eggers, William
Eggleston, Kristyne E.
Ehlig, Holly Dorothea (Private-)
Ehrhardt, Maria Elisabetha
Ekin, Ellen
Elda, (1883-)
Elder, Addie R. (21 MAR 1882-28 AUG 1907)
Elder, Katherine
Elender, Jane (1830-)
Eliza, (ABT. 1830-AFT. 1852)
Elizabeth, (BET. 1709 - 1747-)
Elizabeth, (ABT. 1824-)
Elizabeth, (ABT. 1630-Dead)
Elizabeth, (ABT. 1828-)
Elizabeth, (1828-AFT. 1880)
Elizabeth, Margaret (30 OCT 1849-30 APR 1909)
Elizabeth, Mary
Elkins, Lou
Ellen, (1870-)
Elliot, Annette
Elliot, Bertha
Elliot, Harry G.
Elliot, J. G.
Elliot, John
Elliot, Ola May (Private-)
Elliot, Pamela Sue Johns
Elliot, Shaun
Elliott, Mae
Elliott, Mary (ABT. 1756-25 NOV 1833)
Elliott, Rebecca
Elliott, Thomas
Elliott, William P.
Ellis, Julia Martha
Ellis, Lydia Eaton
Elmer, William (1898-1967)
Elmore, D
Elmore, Gloria
Elmore, J. D. (Private-)
Elmore, Sr., James
Elmore, Jr., James
Elmore, John (-ABT. 1825)
Elmore, Josette
Elmore, Kay Elaine
Elmore, Robert
Elmore, Susie
Elmore, Suzette
Elrod, Adam (1831-)
Elvin, Milton T
Ely, Ethyl Mae (-1915)
Ely, Joseph N.
Emerson, Grace
Emerson, Henry
Emerson, Jesse
Emerson, John
Emily, (ABT. 1861-)
Enerson, Mildred Katherine
Enloe, Benjamin
Enloe, Lillian
Enloe, Mary Jane (4 AUG 1825-8 MAR 1908)
Ennals, Henrietta (1821-)
Ennis, David
Ennis, Zelma
Epler, Barbara Elizabeth (ABT. 1863-)
Epperson, Alice
Epperson, Betty Lee
Epperson, Charles (Private-)
Epperson, Clarence
Epperson, Ellis K. (9 MAY 1865-19 AUG 1934)
Epperson, Etta
Epperson, Henry N. (28 MAR 1893-)
Epperson, Hiram N. (21 DEC 1862-)
Epperson, James
Epperson, Lois (Private-)
Epperson, Lurrah (Private-)
Epperson, Lurrah Frances (8 JAN 1896-)
Epperson, Mary F. (18 NOV 1899-30 AUG 1914)
Epperson, Melvin (Private-)
Epperson, Patrick
Epperson, Robert
Epperson, Sarah
Epperson, Zula (14 AUG 1889-)
Epps, Mathew
Erickson, Charles E
Ericson, Sally
Ernest, Celia Avery (3 NOV 1876-)
Erskine, Donald
Erskine, Isabella
Ervin, Elizabeth
Ervin, Mary Kathryn (Private-)
Ervin, Rebecca
Erwin, Grace
Erwin, Jim
Erwin, Miss
Erwin, Sallie
Erwin, Sudie
Esch, Abraham
Esch, Anna Catharina
Etter, Catherine Kay (Private-)
Eubanks, Sarah
Eunice, Una (1726-)
Evans, Allise
Evans, Connie Ann
Evans, David (ABT. 1826-AFT. 1852)
Evans, James K. Pope
Evans, Mahala
Evans, Noralin
Evans, Pearle
Evans, Rosa (1797-1863)
Evans, Sardi Ann (21 FEB 1852-5 FEB 1939)
Evans, William Amit
Evans, William Duwayne
Evans, Rev., William E.
Everard, Dorothy (ABT. 1652-30 APR 1706)
Everard, Thomas (ABT. 1626-Dead)
Everett, Leslie
Everett, Robert
Everett, Tommy
Everley, Irene Emma
Ewing, Fanny
Ewing, John
Ezell, Laban
Ezell, Nancy
Fair, Ed
Fair, Randall Owen (11 JUN 1911-12 MAR 1945)
Fair, Thelma Jean (Private-)
Fairchild, Edna
Fargason, Daughter
Fargason, Daughter2
Fargason, Jim
Fargason, Peter
Fargen, Eileen Paula (Private-)
Fariss, Bruce (Private-)
Fariss, Bruce
Fariss, Malissa (Private-)
Fariss, Margaret Blackman (Private-)
Fariss, Susan Thayer (Private-)
Farmer, Amanda (6 SEP 1847-22 JAN 1855)
Farmer, Collins
Farmer, Eliza M. (1854-22 OCT 1891)
Farmer, Elizabeth (7 APR 1841-)
Farmer, Embree C.
Farmer, James H. (3 APR 1834-)
Farmer, John L. (13 JUL 1836-)
Farmer, Joseph W. (30 MAR 1857-25 JAN 1931)
Farmer, Manerva (21 AUG 1849-)
Farmer, Martha A. J. (13 AUG 1843-JUL 1920)
Farmer, Mary C. (24 NOV 1854-)
Farmer, Nancy S. (5 MAY 1863-)
Farmer, Oma Lou
Farmer, Robert A. (17 MAY 1807-16 OCT 1889)
Farmer, Samuel A. (15 AUG 1845-19 JUL 1904)
Farmer, Thomas S. (17 JUN 1860-)
Farmer, William B. (3 JUN 1840-)
Farnandis, Thelma Cooper (Private-)
Farr, Pearl
Faucett, Anna
Faucett, Jane
Faucett, Mary
Faucett, Nancy Allen
Faucett, II, Richard (1790-)
Faucett, I, Richard
Faucett, Samuel
Faucett, William
Faught, Daniel Craig (1945-1997)
Faught, Floyd Franklin (1920-1993)
Faught, Jessica Ann (Private-)
Faught, Philip Floyd (1953-1971)
Faught, Sara Marie (Private-)
Faulk, Sarah
Faulkenberry, Floyd
Favors, Matthew
Favors, Nancy J. (5 APR 1862-6 JUN 1887)
Fawcett, Elizabeth (ABT. 1761-1810)
Feagin, Laura D. (12 OCT 1876-AUG 1934)
Felder, Rachel
Fendley, W. C.
Fergenson, Glenda Fay
Fergerson, Nellie B.
Fergerson, William
Ferguson, Anna Cleona (1843-)
Ferguson, Cleona (DEC 1869-)
Ferguson, Elijah Anderson (9 JUN 1847-)
Ferguson, Malkijah Anderson (28 DEC 1848-17 JUL 1862)
Ferguson, Mildred (Private-)
Ferguson, Mrs. (-BEF. 1850)
Ferguson, Susan Elizabeth (Private-)
Ferguson, Wilbert
Ferguson, William (ABT. 1779-AFT. 1850)
Ferguson, William Anderson (1817-)
Ferguson, William Foster (17 JUL 1850-4 DEC 1878)
Ferrell, Bertie
Ferrell, Carey L.
Ferrell, Daniella (Private-)
Ferrell, Danny
Ferrell, Joseph (Private-)
Fetcher, Basil
Fetcher, Stephen
Feutral, May B. (1861-1921)
Field, Carlie (1877-1878)
Field, Clarence Henry (1876-1960)
Field, Female (1879-1879)
Field, Ida P. (1885-1960)
Field, James W. (1879-1885)
Field, Maggie E. (1883-1967)
Field, Mattie E. (1883-1883)
Field, Paul
Field, Reuben (1850-1898)
Field, Ruth (1886-1972)
Fields, Alice Elizabeth
Fields, Isaiah L.
Fields, Redland
Fiero, Tino
Figuley, Donald
Figuley, Fred
Figuley, Karen


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