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Database of Michael & Candie Witherspoon
Disclaimer: Data in this database is a collection of compiled family names. Please email us for more information and sources.

Family Tree Names

Meeks, Eddie
Meetch, Agnes
Megee, Margaret (18 NOV 1757-10 NOV 1836)
Megee, Robert (AFT. 1731-1789)
Meign, Adeline
Meiur, Theresia
Melton, Alan Dewight (Private-)
Melton, Alice Ruth (12 AUG 1916-4 DEC 1988)
Melton, Amy Elizabeth (Private-)
Melton, Angelia Starr (Private-)
Melton, Arvil Gauvan (26 APR 1921-)
Melton, Jr., Arvil Gauvin (Private-)
Melton, Barbara Jean (Private-)
Melton, Bathseba
Melton, Bill H. (1902-15 OCT 1964)
Melton, Brenda Joyce (Private-)
Melton, Calvin (1843-3 JUN 1918)
Melton, Calvin (1843-3 JUN 1918)
Melton, Candace Malyn (Private-)
Melton, Carl Glen (14 JAN 1932-UNKNOWN)
Melton, Carla Marie (Private-)
Melton, Carolyn Jo (Private-)
Melton, Catherine (ABT. 1822-)
Melton, Charles Glen (Private-)
Melton, Charles Ken (Private-)
Melton, Chillie B. (1873-UNKNOWN)
Melton, Christon A. (MAY 1870-UNKNOWN)
Melton, Clemeny (NOV 1878-UNKNOWN)
Melton, Cooper
Melton, David (ABT. 1765-29 JAN 1815)
Melton, David (7 MAR 1813-4 JUN 1886)
Melton, Deborah Leigh (Private-)
Melton, Dyke
Melton, Edith V. (1868-UNKNOWN)
Melton, Elizabeth
Melton, Elizabeth C. (1850-UNKNOWN)
Melton, Elizabeth C. (1848-UNKNOWN)
Melton, Elizabeth Kay (Private-)
Melton, Ellen Elizabeth (28 APR 1860-24 AUG 1917)
Melton, Ethel Evelyn (Private-)
Melton, Frances Dee (Private-)
Melton, Francis Belmont (25 DEC 1917-24 NOV 1954)
Melton, George J. (1 JUN 1877-22 DEC 1928)
Melton, George W. (1870-UNKNOWN)
Melton, Georgia Lee (1904-1974)
Melton, Harvey Wayne (Private-)
Melton, Hassie (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Melton, Henry B. (1861-26 SEP 1929)
Melton, Holley Marie (Private-)
Melton, James (1849-UNKNOWN)
Melton, James (ABT. 1845-)
Melton, James Fowler (1824-19 MAY 1863)
Melton, Jr., James Fowler (15 OCT 1862-15 MAY 1887)
Melton, James Jessie (12 NOV 1879-11 NOV 1911)
Melton, James Stellis (2 FEB 1909-19 SEP 1960)
Melton, James T. (1863-UNKNOWN)
Melton, James T. (2 SEP 1850-)
Melton, James Wendel (Private-)
Melton, Jason Eric (Private-)
Melton, Jeffery Lamar (Private-)
Melton, Jefifer Lynn (Private-)
Melton, Jennifer (Private-)
Melton, Jerry Madison (Private-)
Melton, Jerry Ryan (Private-)
Melton, Jimmy Ray (Private-)
Melton, John
Melton, John (ABT. 1795-MAY 1860)
Melton, John (ABT. 1742-)
Melton, John C. (1847-UNKNOWN)
Melton, John Craig (Private-)
Melton, John H. (1847-UNKNOWN)
Melton, Jr., John Thomas (25 AUG 1959-4 FEB 1961)
Melton, John Thomas (3 JAN 1937-)
Melton, John Toby (Private-)
Melton, John W. (1807-1866)
Melton, Jr., John William (24 APR 1914-2 MAR 1994)
Melton, John William (20 MAY 1873-2 MAY 1950)
Melton, Joseph
Melton, Josiah
Melton, Judy (Private-)
Melton, Katelyn Dawn (Private-)
Melton, Kathleen Elizabeth (30 JUL 1914-)
Melton, Kenny Brock (Private-)
Melton, Kenny Ray (Private-)
Melton, Kittie Baker (10 MAY 1882-25 FEB 1905)
Melton, Leander M. (1830-UNKNOWN)
Melton, Lennie Frances (Private-)
Melton, Leola (20 JUN 1907-29 APR 1972)
Melton, Lonnie Thomas (24 MAR 1886-5 APR 1955)
Melton, Lora Belle (Private-)
Melton, Louis Ray (8 SEP 1911-23 OCT 1992)
Melton, Louisa (1873-UNKNOWN)
Melton, Lula T. (1877-UNKNOWN)
Melton, M. M. (31 AUG 1870-8 AUG 1871)
Melton, Margaret (1914-UNKNOWN)
Melton, Margaret A. (14 SEP 1848-31 DEC 1928)
Melton, Martha Elizabeth (ABT. 1884-)
Melton, Mary (1821-)
Melton, Mary
Melton, Mary E. (1879-UNKNOWN)
Melton, Mary Jane (ABT. 1858-)
Melton, Mary Magdeline (26 JUL 1913-UNKNOWN)
Melton, Mary R. (1871-)
Melton, Mary Sue (3 SEP 1891-10 MAR 1920)
Melton, Matthew
Melton, Mattie Allen (4 JAN 1874-23 JUN 1936)
Melton, Millia S. (1868-UNKNOWN)
Melton, Nancy Ann (Private-)
Melton, Nancy Ann (1841-UNKNOWN)
Melton, Nancy Jane (1865-)
Melton, Nancy Jane (26 MAY 1829-3 FEB 1888)
Melton, Nancy Jane (2 NOV 1852-Infant)
Melton, Nannie Hayden (14 AUG 1872-27 MAR 1927)
Melton, Nellie Albany (21 APR 1885-20 NOV 1891)
Melton, Orphrey
Melton, Oval Opal (Private-)
Melton, Paul Wayne (Private-)
Melton, Pharaby\Phebe
Melton, Prisicilla
Melton, Jr., Robert Fowler (1915-UNKNOWN)
Melton, Robert Fowler (9 APR 1884-10 MAY 1947)
Melton, Robert Isiah (1 AUG 1846-28 JAN 1896)
Melton, Robert T. (1823-UNKNOWN)
Melton, Robert Wilburn (5 DEC 1882-25 SEP 1947)
Melton, Jr., Robert Wilburn (Private-)
Melton, Jr., Rodger Dale (Private-)
Melton, Roger Dale (Private-)
Melton, Sabrina Tabitha (Private-)
Melton, Samuel R. (1879-UNKNOWN)
Melton, Sarah Albany (21 SEP 1857-24 AUG 1916)
Melton, Sarah Elizabeth (ABT. 1849-)
Melton, Sarah Jane (4 MAY 1875-14 NOV 1943)
Melton, Sherri Gae (Private-)
Melton, Shirley Faye (Private-)
Melton, Tammy Diania (Private-)
Melton, Tammy Jo (Private-)
Melton, Temperance (ABT. 1835-)
Melton, Terrisie L. (1874-UNKNOWN)
Melton, Thomas
Melton, Thomas Duggan (30 DEC 1854-31 MAY 1925)
Melton, Thomas Medius (ABT. 1886-)
Melton, Thomas O. (1856-UNKNOWN)
Melton, Thomas Vernon (Private-)
Melton, Uriah Cooper (29 SEP 1844-12 MAR 1917)
Melton, Uriah William (1876-UNKNOWN)
Melton, Vivian (1913-UNKNOWN)
Melton, Wendel Elmer (Dub) (Private-)
Melton, William (ABT. 1843-UNKNOWN)
Melton, William (1843-)
Melton, William
Melton, William Josef (Private-)
Melton, William Raymond (14 MAY 1917-UNKNOWN)
Melton, William Wayne (UNKNOWN-15 OCT 1964)
Melton, Zachariah (ABT. 1720-)
Mercer, Jackie Ray (Private-)
Merrill, Joyce
Merrill, Kenneth
Merrill, Merrilee
Merrill, Warren
Merrill, William Kenneth (Private-)
Mertins, Gertrude (Private-)
Messer, Pearl (Private-)
Metcalf, Morris
Metcalf, Syles Jones (1828-)
Meurer, Fredrick Anthony Richardson (Private-)
Meurer, Robert Thomas (1932-1986)
Mever, Forest
Mikesell, William F.
Milbourn, III, Robert
Mildmay, John (1542-ABT. 28 JUN 1580)
Mildmay, John (BEF. 1555-)
Mildmay, Mary (1585-26 JUL 1634)
Mildmay, Thomas (1564-)
Mildmay, Tomasine (-1613)
Miles, Eva
Miles, Margaret E. (26 NOV 1891-1979)
Millaway, D. L. (ABT. 1866-UNKNOWN)
Miller, Abraham Jacob "Jake" (25 APR 1868-25 FEB 1940)
Miller, Addie (OCT 1898-)
Miller, Addie Lela (15 DEC 1910-8 FEB 1931)
Miller, Andrew Jackson (17 AUG 1831-4 MAR 1878)
Miller, Andrew Jackson (15 NOV 1878-23 JUN 1944)
Miller, Angela
Miller, Annie (MAR 1890-)
Miller, Ardis (ABT. 1898-)
Miller, Arthur (OCT 1890-)
Miller, Arthur
Miller, I, Arthur A. (3 JAN 1889-28 APR 1919)
Miller, II, Arthur A.
Miller, Averilla Elizabeth "Bett" (22 OCT 1860-22 DEC 1945)
Miller, Bee. (Private-)
Miller, Bertha Ethel (3 DEC 1895-17 SEP 1918)
Miller, Bertie E. (SEP 1895-)
Miller, Bessie (ABT. 1897-)
Miller, Beulah (Private-)
Miller, Booker (Private-)
Miller, Brandon
Miller, Burrell J. (5 MAY 1856-9 JUN 1927)
Miller, Byron
Miller, Carl (AUG 1885-)
Miller, Carl
Miller, Caroline (1849-)
Miller, Carrie E. (FEB 1892-)
Miller, Carrol (ABT. 1891-)
Miller, Cathy Vanell
Miller, Cecil
Miller, Charles Edwin
Miller, Charles Newton (28 JUL 1922-5 AUG 1994)
Miller, Charlie Andrew (1 JUN 1898-6 FEB 1979)
Miller, Christa Ellen
Miller, Christi Lynn
Miller, Christianne
Miller, Clinton Everette
Miller, Jr., Clinton Everette
Miller, Cloey E. (12 JAN 1858-27 SEP 1934)
Miller, Columbus (2 APR 1847-27 JUN 1918)
Miller, Cora (ABT. 1896-)
Miller, Dallas
Miller, Daugther (Private-)
Miller, Dewey (Private-)
Miller, Dorothy (19 AUG 1920-22 DEC 1987)
Miller, Dorsie (Private-)
Miller, Earle (ABT. 1891-)
Miller, Eddie Coy (28 APR 1900-25 NOV 1901)
Miller, Edith Winifred
Miller, Edward L. (SEP 1879-)
Miller, Eland H. (Private-)
Miller, Eliza (1860-)
Miller, Elizabeth (1842-)
Miller, Ella (Private-)
Miller, Ellie (Private-)
Miller, Elma S. (MAR 1890-)
Miller, Emma
Miller, Este (FEB 1888-)
Miller, Ether (JUL 1888-)
Miller, Florence (-8 JUL 1969)
Miller, Florence
Miller, Floura
Miller, Floy (Private-)
Miller, Franklin (1842-)
Miller, G. (1852-)
Miller, Garret Lee (Private-)
Miller, George A. (13 JUL 1825-18 SEP 1876)
Miller, George A. (1870-)
Miller, George W.
Miller, George W. (JUN 1891-)
Miller, George Washington S. (14 DEC 1862-29 APR 1955)
Miller, Gladis (Private-)
Miller, Hamilton Marcus (14 MAR 1866-27 JUL 1948)
Miller, Hamp
Miller, Harrison H. (8 DEC 1888-24 JAN 1968)
Miller, Helen (1908-1987)
Miller, Henry
Miller, Henry Clay (3 OCT 1864-25 MAR 1940)
Miller, Henry Jack
Miller, Herschel D. (Private-)
Miller, Homer (Private-)
Miller, Hoy Woods
Miller, Huey Russell (27 FEB 1916-1 JUL 1987)
Miller, Inez (JUN 1899-)
Miller, Inor (Private-)
Miller, Isobel
Miller, James (1826-)
Miller, James (1796-1844)
Miller, James (MAR 1892-)
Miller, James B. (1839-)
Miller, James Cason "Jim" (12 JAN 1849-8 JAN 1890)
Miller, James Curtis (Private-)
Miller, James Everette (ABT. 1897-)
Miller, Jr., James Everette
Miller, III, James Everette
Miller, James H. (OCT 1884-)
Miller, James I. (FEB 1890-)
Miller, James Isaac (7 MAR 1858-6 MAR 1934)
Miller, James Jefferson (7 NOV 1883-31 JAN 1961)
Miller, Jeff
Miller, Jennifer Nicole
Miller, Jessie (ABT. 1897-)
Miller, Joanna
Miller, John B. (JUN 1887-)
Miller, John David (MAR 1886-)
Miller, Joseph Andrew"Joe" (14 APR 1859-21 DEC 1943)
Miller, Joseph R. (MAR 1889-)
Miller, Judy
Miller, Julie Annette
Miller, Karl Edward (Private-)
Miller, Kenneth Lloyd (1959-1997)
Miller, Kenneth Wayne
Miller, Kevin
Miller, Laurence Lee
Miller, Lee (ABT. 1895-)
Miller, Lela (FEB 1892-)
Miller, Lena (SEP 1896-)
Miller, Lera (Private-)
Miller, Levee (ABT. 1899-)
Miller, Leviah Jefferson "Levi" (1 JUN 1872-18 SEP 1940)
Miller, Lillie Lee
Miller, Lydia Ann
Miller, Lydia Nora (14 SEP 1902-23 JUN 1961)
Miller, Marion (1840-)
Miller, Mark Ebbin
Miller, Mark Edwin
Miller, Mary E. (APR 1900-)
Miller, Mary Jane (26 APR 1850-4 MAR 1934)
Miller, Mary Jane (1860-)
Miller, Mary Susan (1854-)
Miller, Maureen L. (1905-)
Miller, Melba Ruth
Miller, Michael Andrew
Miller, Mitchell Kevin
Miller, Murray (Private-)
Miller, Myrtie (ABT. 1898-)
Miller, Nancy A. (1869-)
Miller, Natalie
Miller, Nellie (Private-)
Miller, Neva (JAN 1895-)
Miller, Oda Octavene
Miller, Odie O. (MAR 1893-)
Miller, Oleta
Miller, Ora (ABT. 1895-)
Miller, Orlean (Private-)
Miller, Jr., Paul David
Miller, Paul David
Miller, Paula
Miller, Penny (1860-)
Miller, Perry (ABT. 1899-)
Miller, Prentice Ann
Miller, Rachel E. (1853-)
Miller, Rachel L. (1852-)
Miller, Ray Milton
Miller, Rebecca Lynn
Miller, Rhonda Sue
Miller, Richard
Miller, Richard
Miller, Jr., Richard Homer
Miller, Richard Homer (19 OCT 1906-23 JAN 1987)
Miller, Richard Marcus (22 SEP 1866-20 FEB 1937)
Miller, Robbie Evelyn
Miller, Robert Emanuel (ABT. 1891-)
Miller, Jr., Robert Emanuel
Miller, III, Robert Emanuel
Miller, Robert Marcus (26 NOV 1872-17 OCT 1949)
Miller, Robert Marcus "Mark" (15 AUG 1822-25 FEB 1872)
Miller, Robert Martin "Bob" (1 JAN 1857-16 NOV 1935)
Miller, Roi
Miller, Rosa E. (OCT 1893-)
Miller, Roxie
Miller, Ruben
Miller, Ruby E. (Private-)
Miller, Rufus (Private-)
Miller, Ruth Ann (5 NOV 1923-10 MAR 1993)
Miller, Rutha Orlee (26 JUL 1881-4 DEC 1947)
Miller, Sammie (ABT. 1919-ABT. 1993)
Miller, Samuel Wallace (Barney) (1850-11 APR 1926)
Miller, Sarah (1843-)
Miller, Sarah E.
Miller, Sarah Elizabeth (3 APR 1870-11 OCT 1919)
Miller, Sarah Nancy (1857-)
Miller, Sarah Susan (8 JAN 1870-1877)
Miller, Seborn (ABT. 1889-)
Miller, Selma (ABT. 1897-)
Miller, Sharon
Miller, Silas Andrew (29 JAN 1851-4 OCT 1917)
Miller, Jr., Stephen Marion (ABT. 1898-)
Miller, Stephen Marion (9 OCT 1854-3 DEC 1934)
Miller, Tamera Michelle
Miller, Tana Renee
Miller, Tera (MAY 1894-)
Miller, Terri Jane
Miller, Thelma
Miller, Thomas Alvin (13 JUL 1886-1 DEC 1960)
Miller, Tommy Ray
Miller, Travis Milton
Miller, Troy Emanuel
Miller, Vadie (APR 1897-)
Miller, Vessie Mae (22 SEP 1904-9 JUN 1971)
Miller, Virdie (Private-)
Miller, Wadie E. (8 SEP 1908-JUN 1936)
Miller, Wady Fred
Miller, Walter
Miller, Walter I. (OCT 1889-)
Miller, Will B.
Miller, William
Miller, William (ABT. 1818-)
Miller, William
Miller, William Bell (28 JAN 1864-20 DEC 1934)
Miller, William Cason (31 MAY 1876-28 SEP 1946)
Miller, William Eugene (Private-)
Miller, William Fuller (1864-)
Miller, William M. (JUL 1884-)
Miller, Willis M. (14 MAR 1914-2 FEB 1918)
Miller, Zimmon (5 APR 1870-24 JUN 1934)
Miller?, Maggie R. (1899-)
Milling, Lizzie
Mills, Annette
Mills, Celeste (Private-)
Mills, Deidra (Private-)
Mills, George
Mills, Kelly (Private-)
Mills, Thad
Mills, Timothy (Private-)
Millsapp, Rutha (5 AUG 1766-5 DEC 1843)
Milner, Elijah Franklin
Milner, George F.
Minder, Geneva Arvella
Mingle, Charles Russell
Minich, Mamie
Minnick, Bruce
Minnick, Elizabeth Ann (Private-)
Minnick, Robert Bruce
Minnick, Robert James (Private-)
Minyard, Mary "Mittie" E.
Minyard, Mary Jane (9 APR 1858-BEF. 1920)
Mitchell, Ada
Mitchell, Carolyn Joann (Private-)
Mitchell, Deborah Renee
Mitchell, James Lee (Private-)
Mitchell, Jane (14 FEB 1778-20 FEB 1868)
Mitchell, Jessie Rufus (1912-1992)
Mitchell, Kneely
Mitchell, Leo
Mitchell, Marie
Mitchell, Mary
Mitchell, Mary
Mitchell, Sarah
Mitchell, Sarah Smith
Mitchell, T. A.
Mitchell, William
Mitchell, William Dean (Private-)
Mitchum, A.
Mitchum, Mr.
Mize, F. C.
Mobley, Thomas
Moegenhardt, Anna Euphrosine (1509-1 MAR 1585/86)
Mofat, Kelly Suzanne (Private-)
Mofat, Lauren Elizabeth (Private-)
Mofat, Randolph Guy
Moline, Valentine Gladys (Private-)
Mollie, (ABT. 1884-)
Molt, Charles John
Molt, Dale Franklin
Molt, Melvin Franklin
Molt, Molly Jo
Monsalvo, Adrianna (Private-)
Monsalvo, Alejandra (Private-)
Monsalvo, Bernabe
Monsalvo, Marcela (Private-)
Montgomery, Ada
Montgomery, Andrew W. (1842-)
Montgomery, Artemisia (ABT. 1811-ABT. 1865)
Montgomery, Asberry
Montgomery, Bert
Montgomery, Bray
Montgomery, Casey
Montgomery, Charles
Montgomery, Chester
Montgomery, Cleo
Montgomery, Daniel
Montgomery, David (1818-)
Montgomery, Dora
Montgomery, Dorcus (27 OCT 1820-13 APR 1903)
Montgomery, Edmund
Montgomery, Effie
Montgomery, Elizabeth (1721-1 NOV 1789)
Montgomery, Ella
Montgomery, Enos P.
Montgomery, Ernest
Montgomery, Estella
Montgomery, Eva
Montgomery, Evans
Montgomery, Francis M.
Montgomery, Frank (1846-JAN 1928)
Montgomery, Hiram (ABT. 1824-)
Montgomery, Inez
Montgomery, Iona
Montgomery, Ira
Montgomery, Isaac (1815-1856)
Montgomery, James
Montgomery, James H.
Montgomery, Jane
Montgomery, Jean Marie (Private-)
Montgomery, Jesse
Montgomery, John (ABT. 1870-)
Montgomery, John (1828-)
Montgomery, John (1790-ABT. 1830)
Montgomery, John B. (ABT. 1845-)
Montgomery, Lela
Montgomery, Lillian
Montgomery, Louis
Montgomery, Mae
Montgomery, Margaret (1826-)
Montgomery, Margaret
Montgomery, Mary
Montgomery, Miss
Montgomery, Nancy (1850-)
Montgomery, Nathan (1812-)
Montgomery, Nathan (ABT. 1850-)
Montgomery, Robert
Montgomery, Robert
Montgomery, Robert M. (1846-)
Montgomery, Rosa
Montgomery, Roscoe
Montgomery, Samuel (1830-)
Montgomery, Samuel
Montgomery, Samuel Brack (1860-)
Montgomery, Sarah
Montgomery, Sarah
Montgomery, Sarah P. (1816-)
Montgomery, Temperance J. (1840-30 JAN 1920)
Montgomery, Thomas (1848-)
Montgomery, Tom (1822-)
Montgomery, Virginia
Montgomery, Walter C. (1842-1869)
Montgomery, Wilbur
Montgomery, Wiliam
Montgomery, William (1844-)
Montgomery, William R. (1820-)
Montgomey, Elizabeth Mae (Private-)
Moody, Almena
Moody, Martha (ABT. 1800-7 JUL 1854)
Mooney, Terry Ladean
Mooneyham, Sharon Lynn (Private-)
Moor, James
Moor, James
Moor, Linda Joyce
Moor, Vivian Jean
Moore, Bettie
Moore, Buster
Moore, Clifford Lee (Private-)
Moore, Dovie
Moore, Eleanor I.
Moore, Elizabeth (NOV 1822-10 MAY 1910)
Moore, Eva Nell
Moore, Glenn (ABT. 1883-1983)
Moore, Gregory Glenn (Private-)
Moore, James Nathan (Private-)
Moore, Jerry Don
Moore, John (1790-)
Moore, Juanita
Moore, Karen Ruthe (Private-)
Moore, Kayla Marie (Private-)
Moore, Kelli Leigh (Private-)
Moore, Margaret
Moore, Mary
Moore, Minnie L
Moore, Neva Jean
Moore, Nita Fae
Moore, Otis
Moore, Robert
Moore, Robert O.
Moore, Sidney
Moore, Tommy Glen
Moore, Vanetia
Morales, Gloria Ann
Moran, Bernard Austin
Morehead, Gibson
Morehead, Jessie (ABT. 1862-ABT. 1862)
Morehead, Joyce (Private-)
Morehead, Mary Clementine (5 FEB 1846-5 JUN 1901)
Morehead, Romana (ABT. 1864-ABT. 1864)
Morehead, Romana Jane (Minnie) (1844-1867)
Morehead, Washington Worth (Wash) (19 NOV 1848-29 MAY 1910)
Morgan, Alferd Wilmer (Private-)
Morgan, Allen Edwin
Morgan, Charlie
Morgan, Cleo (Private-)
Morgan, Clifford (Private-)
Morgan, Columbus Clarence (30 NOV 1905-17 JUN 1969)
Morgan, Columbus Malichi Monroe or Lum (8 OCT 1869-17 DEC 1956)
Morgan, Derek (Private-)
Morgan, Edith Laverne (Private-)
Morgan, Elton John (3 SEP 1915-16 DEC 1964)
Morgan, Evelyn Claire
Morgan, Fred Thomas (Private-)
Morgan, Freda
Morgan, Hardy Webster
Morgan, Herman Keith
Morgan, Idene
Morgan, Jason (Private-)
Morgan, Jimmie Ronald (Private-)
Morgan, Laura (13 DEC 1888-)
Morgan, Leonard Ernest
Morgan, Linda Deana
Morgan, Lisa Dianne
Morgan, Loretta
Morgan, Lucy May
Morgan, Mal
Morgan, Martha (-ABT. 1867)
Morgan, Mary Alice
Morgan, Millard Harrison (29 DEC 1881-31 JAN 1970)
Morgan, Myra (23 AUG 1903-31 JAN 1982)
Morgan, Ralph (Private-)
Morgan, Sarah Florrie (Private-)
Morgan, Talbert Earl (Private-)
Morgan, Tasha
Morgan, Ted Frances
Morgan, Vicky
Morgan, William
Morgan, William K. (21 JAN 1899-1 FEB 1966)
Morgan, William Roy
Morgan, Wilmer
Morgan, Winton Malachi (Private-)
Morgan, Wynan (Private-)
Morgan, Zora Bertha (2 SEP 1898-DEC 1986)
Morris, Anna Mae
Morris, Arsana Irene (26 APR 1876-26 MAR 1926)
Morris, Barbara Nell
Morris, Bessie Maye
Morris, Betty Ann
Morris, Billy Joe
Morris, Bobbie Beatrice
Morris, Chesley Fountain (1840-1882)
Morris, Debbie Joe
Morris, Delaney (14 DEC 1877-1882)
Morris, Drew Michael (Private-)
Morris, Elsie Lorene
Morris, Franky Don
Morris, Franky Pierce (18 FEB 1913-1965)
Morris, George
Morris, IV, Guy "Buddy" Hooker (Private-)
Morris, III, Guy Hooker (13 JUL 1917-14 FEB 1993)
Morris, V, Guy Hooker (Private-)
Morris, II, Guy Hooker (3 OCT 1891-3 NOV 1917)
Morris, Janice Marie
Morris, Karen Fay (Private-)
Morris, Kenneth Cleland (8 MAY 1907-AFT. 1970)
Morris, Kirk Joseph (Private-)
Morris, Laurence (1868-1960)
Morris, Lowzana (1871-1919)
Morris, Margie Maudine
Morris, Martha Marie
Morris, Miranda (1874-1908)
Morris, Muriel Lafount
Morris, Ruby Muriel
Morris, Sarah "Sallie" Ann (Private-)
Morris, Susanna
Morris, Wendell Dwayne
Morris, Z. B.
Morris, Zebadee (11 JUN 1879-ABT. 1971)
Morris, Zelma Pearl
Morrison, Lou (1849-)
Morrison, Nancy
Morse, Jane Elizabeth (22 FEB 1877-11 DEC 1949)
Morse, Newell
Morton, Donald Eugene
Morton, Lynda Marie
Morton, Rosemond
Moseley, Eliz
Moses, John
Mosley, Beulah F
Mosley, W. Henry (27 JUL 1895-25 APR 1985)
Moss, Barney
Moss, Judy Gaylene
Motherall, Frances
Mott, Absolom (30 JAN 1829-)
Mott, Amanda (1836-)
Mott, Amanda M. (12 AUG 1820-)
Mott, Amarintha (1818-)
Mott, Andrew Jackson (1842-)
Mott, Asa
Mott, Beaulah Frances "Fannie" (1 FEB 1858-8 JUN 1949)
Mott, Benjamin Franklin (21 SEP 1815-16 SEP 1861)
Mott, Caroline M. (20 SEP 1813-15 MAY 1861)
Mott, David C. (1853-)
Mott, Eleanor
Mott, Elizabeth (18 MAY 1852-)
Mott, Elizabeth
Mott, Emma Josephine (3 MAY 1855-)
Mott, Fanny E.
Mott, Feaby
Mott, Francis (1833-)
Mott, Franklin Gerald (4 JAN 1860-6 JUL 1950)
Mott, George Washington (22 JUN 1840-)
Mott, Georgia Alice (29 SEP 1859-)
Mott, Harriet (1820-)
Mott, Helen (1841-)
Mott, Helen (22 FEB 1818-5 DEC 1893)
Mott, Hiram (ABT. 1797-)
Mott, Isaac Newton (29 APR 1835-)
Mott, James
Mott, James Columbus (1843-)
Mott, James Madison (31 OCT 1837-)
Mott, Jean Thomas
Mott, Jesse (ABT. 1780-)
Mott, Jesse (1825-)
Mott, John (1794-)
Mott, John (1833-)
Mott, John (1793-)
Mott, John Calhoun
Mott, John Dekalb (1 APR 1869-)
Mott, Jonah (ABT. 1778-)
Mott, II, Joseph (ABT. 1745-)
Mott, Joseph (1828-)
Mott, III, Joseph (11 MAR 1774-15 DEC 1849)
Mott, I, Joseph (1715-)
Mott, Joseph B. (1850-)
Mott, Joseph E. (12 JUN 1803-)
Mott, Joseph George Washington (16 MAR 1806-18 MAR 1846)
Mott, Joseph H. (1805-)
Mott, Joseph Lafayette (19 FEB 1857-)
Mott, Joseph Monroe (13 FEB 1851-)
Mott, Kiziah Pennella (23 APR 1842-)
Mott, Lenora (1823-)
Mott, Linson (1810-)
Mott, Lovelace H. (1798-20 OCT 1848)
Mott, Loveless (ABT. 1777-6 JAN 1842)
Mott, Marcus F.
Mott, Marian (29 APR 1795-)
Mott, Marion Dekalb (15 APR 1815-)
Mott, Martha Ann (6 FEB 1861-)
Mott, Martha Rebecca (16 FEB 1816-28 JAN 1888)
Mott, Mary A. (1848-)
Mott, Mary Ann (25 SEP 1848-)
Mott, Matilda (1829-)
Mott, Moses (1827-)
Mott, Nancy (1812-)
Mott, Nancy (1827-)
Mott, Nancy Jane (15 APR 1850-)
Mott, Nancy O. E.
Mott, Nathan (1814-)
Mott, Jr., Nathan (ABT. 1796-)
Mott, Nathan Jackson (29 NOV 1835-)
Mott, Nathaniel (ABT. 1760-)
Mott, Neecy
Mott, Ocie Ear
Mott, Oliver P. (27 JUL 1823-9 APR 1854)
Mott, Palhrena (1802-14 SEP)
Mott, Pamelia Mary (9 DEC 1811-24 JAN 1843)
Mott, Parthena (18 AUG 1797-6 NOV 1861)
Mott, Penelope (12 AUG 1846-)
Mott, Penelope (1846-)
Mott, Robert H. (1821-)
Mott, Robert Marion (29 JUL 1854-)
Mott, Samantha Virginia (1847-)
Mott, Samuel G.
Mott, Sara Jane (1845-)
Mott, Sarah (26 JUN 1831-)
Mott, Sarah
Mott, Sarah
Mott, Sarah (1806-)
Mott, Sarah C.
Mott, Silas Jackson
Mott, Silas M.
Mott, Susanna (ABT. 1804-)
Mott, Susanna (13 MAR 1874-)
Mott, Susannah
Mott, Theodosia (25 JUL 1857-)
Mott, Thomas (1828-)
Mott, Thomas A.
Mott, Thomas Jefferson (8 DEC 1863-)
Mott, Thomas Leonard (12 DEC 1800-21 FEB 1878)
Mott, Uranna L. (29 MAR 1864-)
Mott, Uriah (ABT. 1741-)
Mott, William (1827-)
Mott, William (ABT. 1765-)
Mott, William (ABT. 1743-)
Mott, William H.
Mott, William Pinkney (1845-)
Mott, William Scott (1802-)
Mott, Zachariah (ABT. 1794-)
Mott, Zachariah (1830-)
Mott, Zachariah (1829-)
Mott, Zephaniah
Mounts, Bertha
Mounts, Dorothy (Private-)
Mounts, Esther (Private-)
Mounts, Helen Louis (Private-)
Mounts, Hugh Alvin (Private-)
Mounts, John
Mounts, Lawrence
Mounts, Manace J. (1869-1929)
Mounts, Matt
Mounts, Sarabel (Private-)
Mounts, Thomas A.
Mounts, Wayne (Private-)
Mounts, Wesley
Mounts, Zella
Moye, Annie
Moye, Aubrey
Moye, Flora
Moye, Fronie
Moye, Lilly
Moye, Nathan
Moye, Ruby
Moye, Sidney
Moye, Thornton
Moye, William
Moye, Zachariah
Mrs. Lusk, Unknown
Mrs. Lusk, Unknown
Mrs. Lusk, Unknown
Mrs. Witherspoon, Edith
Mrs. Witherspoon, Jean
Mrs. Witherspoon, Martha
Mrs. Witherspoon, Millie
Mrs. Witherspoon, Unknown
Mrs. Witherspoon, Unknown
Mrs. Witherspoon, Unknown
Mrs. Witherspoon, Unknown
Mrs. Witherspoon, Unknown
Muck, Elizabeth
Muncie, Beth Ann (Private-)
Muncie, Darrin (Private-)
Muncie, Roger
Munger, Rachel (1778-AFT. 1808)
Munnerlyn, Rachel
Munsil, Carolyn Joyce (Private-)
Munsil, James Allen (Private-)
Munsil, Karen Janette (Private-)
Munsil, Russell Kenton (Private-)
Munsil, Wiletta Jean (Private-)
Munsil, Willett Clare
Murchison, John
Murdock, Derek Christopher (Private-)
Mure, Elizabeth Of
Murfree, Linda
Murphy, Ada
Murphy, Andrew Jackson (1857-)
Murphy, Arabella (1864-)
Murphy, Arbelia (1902-)
Murphy, Arbelia (20 SEP 1882-AUG 1970)
Murphy, Armethia Elizabeth (26 JAN 1900-24 JUN 1992)
Murphy, Armethia Elizabeth "Lizzie"
Murphy, Barto H. (12 DEC 1895-13 JUL 1903)
Murphy, Bertha
Murphy, Bessie Mae (8 OCT 1902-23 DEC 1904)
Murphy, Charley (MAR 1897-)
Murphy, Chyde or Clyde (Private-)
Murphy, Damaras (8 OCT 1901-)
Murphy, David Crockett "Dave" (12 NOV 1877-10 FEB 1908)
Murphy, Doris (12 JUL 1920-1964)
Murphy, Edna
Murphy, Ellen or Ella (AUG 1898-)
Murphy, Ema (1867-)
Murphy, Emma (29 APR 1889-)
Murphy, Enneth
Murphy, Essie
Murphy, Eual (Private-)
Murphy, Eugene
Murphy, Eva (Private-)
Murphy, General Houston (11 MAR 1887-2 DEC 1964)
Murphy, George Oscar "Burt" (1 FEB 1874-6 APR 1928)
Murphy, Gordie
Murphy, Irene
Murphy, J. W.
Murphy, James William "Jim" (FEB 1879-1956)
Murphy, Jasper James or Jessie (FEB 1885-)
Murphy, Jessie James (16 MAY 1906-2 FEB 1988)
Murphy, Jessie Mae (10 APR 1891-11 MAR 1987)
Murphy, Jett (29 AUG 1893-1978)
Murphy, Jimmie (23 DEC 1904-14 NOV 1905)
Murphy, Jimmy Sam or Jim (27 OCT 1915-18 NOV 1980)
Murphy, Joe Bailey (1 MAY 1907-10 OCT 1920)
Murphy, John M. (1850-)
Murphy, II, John Thomas
Murphy, John Thomas (14 MAR 1871-1891)
Murphy, Johnnie (12 MAY 1900-1949)
Murphy, Jonnie Mae (Private-)
Murphy, Julie
Murphy, Kenneth
Murphy, Larkin Cylvester (15 JAN 1877-12 MAR 1959)
Murphy, Larkin M. (20 JUN 1849-20 JAN 1912)
Murphy, Laura (1879-BEF. 1910)
Murphy, Linnie
Murphy, Lumpkin (1904-30 JUN 1969)
Murphy, Mary Jackie
Murphy, Mary Jane (1876-1971)
Murphy, Mary Jane (1854-)
Murphy, Minerva (Private-)
Murphy, Moses
Murphy, Mrs.
Murphy, Murl Dean
Murphy, Myrtle (Private-)
Murphy, Nancy Elizabeth (20 DEC 1872-22 APR 1966)
Murphy, Nancy L. (1845-)
Murphy, Nettie (24 MAY 1898-)
Murphy, Ola (APR 1900-)
Murphy, Preston Vardaman (2 APR 1881-3 JAN 1962)
Murphy, R. B. (Private-)
Murphy, Richard Larkin Valentine "Dick" (19 OCT 1869-24 AUG 1961)
Murphy, Richard W. (1820-BET. 1870 - 1880)
Murphy, S. (1844-)
Murphy, Sallie Lowe (21 MAY 1874-1 FEB 1966)
Murphy, Samuel Jackson (11 MAR 1887-4 JUL 1972)
Murphy, Samuel W. "Sam" (1852-2 SEP 1915)
Murphy, Tommie C. (16 MAY 1906-1 OCT 1983)
Murphy, Vesta
Murphy, Walter Willis (4 MAR 1892-14 AUG 1973)
Murphy, Wayne
Murphy, Winnie
Murray, Charles
Murray, Jack Charles
Murray, Jackie
Murray, Levi
Murrell, Zilpha
Murry, Christine Jeanette (Private-)
Murry, Esther (BEF. 1742-)
Murry, Helen
Murry, Jonathan Adam (Private-)
Murry, Mary (ABT. 1723-)
Murry, Michael Joseph
Murry, Raymond Watson (Private-)
Muse, Elizabeth (28 OCT 1812-15 FEB 1887)
Mushrush, Jack
Musick, Jesse (-1811)
Musick, T. J.
Myers, Amelia Ann (Private-)
Myers, Armethia (1857-1894)
Myers, George
Myers, Linda Carol (27 DEC 1959-9 DEC 1965)
Myers, Mary (1863-1891)
Myers, Morgan
Myers, Morgan M.
Nachreiner, (Private-)
Nachreiner, Joshua Daniel (8 JUL 1995-)
Nachreiner, Mary
Nance, Vayden (Private-)
Nancy, (1790-)
Nash, Bobby Jack
Nash, Cecil (-ABT. 1960)
Nash, Delilah (1833-AFT. 1880)
Nash, Erin (Private-)
Nash, Female
Nash, Mary Whiting Jones (1 FEB 1754-1799)
Nash, Rhonda
Nash, Ricky
Nash, Ronald
Nash, Roy Joe
Nash, Wayne
Nash, Willie Fisher
Nations, Sarah Ann (20 OCT 1822-5 FEB 1866)
Neale, Margaret
Neely, John G.
Neff, Charles
Neff, Lola (8 APR 1907-AFT. 1970)
Negron, Roger (Private-)
Neil, William
Neill, Mary Ellen
Nell, Jennie
Nelson, Brian or O.J.
Nelson, Christopher (Private-)
Nelson, Duane (Private-)
Nelson, Duane Derrick (Private-)
Nelson, Eleanor "Nina"
Nelson, George Franklin
Nelson, Keith
Nelson, M. S.
Nelson, Rick
Nettelton, Goldia Alice Wheeler (Private-)
Newberry, Vicie Ann (11 APR 1857-14 DEC 1920)
Newbill, Md, C. F.
Newbill, Joe D.
Newby, Loneal
Newby, Sue
Newell, Janice
Newman, Alfred H. (Private-)
Newman, Alfred Johnson (1855-1922)
Newman, Alonzo Thomas (1857-)
Newman, Andrew Johnson (1895-1951)
Newman, Annette "Nettie" (1883-)
Newman, Jr., Benjamin Knapp (1827-1876)
Newman, Sr., Benjamin Knapp (1779-1827)
Newman, Elbert (Private-)
Newman, Ernest Karl (Private-)
Newman, Estel (Private-)
Newman, Ethel (1888-)
Newman, Gene (Private-)
Newman, Geraldine (Private-)
Newman, Greer Benjamin (1859-1928)
Newman, Greer Johnson (1816-)
Newman, Griffin Wright (1869-1947)
Newman, Hollis (Private-)
Newman, James Alston (1818-)
Newman, Jesse
Newman, Jincy (1875-1935)
Newman, Joe (1892-1943)
Newman, Joe Roy (Private-)
Newman, John
Newman, Kate (1881-1952)
Newman, Lee Onidas (1873-1948)
Newman, Leona Eloise (1916-1919)
Newman, Martha Amanda (1867-)
Newman, Martha Elizabeth (1825-)
Newman, Mary
Newman, Mary (24 JUN 1901-12 OCT 1951)
Newman, Mary Edings (1825-)
Newman, Mary Elmer (1854-1892)
Newman, Mary Lucile (Private-)
Newman, Myrtle (Private-)
Newman, Nancy Greer (1808-)
Newman, Noel (Private-)
Newman, Norman B. (16 OCT 1899-)
Newman, R. Carroll (1890-)
Newman, Robert (Private-)
Newman, Robert Arthur (1921-1944)
Newman, Sarah Melissa (1861-1940)
Newman, Susan (1870-1909)
Newman, Susan Knapp (1813-)
Newman, Thomas (1886-1959)
Newman, Velma Rae (Private-)
Newman, William Mitchell (1868-1945)
Newman, William Sobieski (1820-)
Newman, Willie (1897-)


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