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My Weight Loss Journal and Motivation Page


In the beginning of 1993 I weight 250 lbs. At 6'1" that is considered obese. During a 5 month period, a lost 25 lbs. down to 225 lbs. I maintained this weight for about 6 months. Following 1993, I have regained the weight I previously lost and gained even more. As of 2000, I have weighed anywhere between 275 -305 lbs. Today, January, 2003, I currently weigh in at 285 lbs. In a period of 10 years I have steadily increased in weight and have balanced at about 290 lbs.

Lifestyle: Seditary, little exercise. I joined a health club and exercised regularly (using treadmill) for 2 months and lost 20 lbs. Since then, I have stopped working out and the weight returned.

Eating habits: Light breakfast (sometimes skip), medium to heavy lunch (eat too much), and supper is heavy. My main problem is filling my plate and returning for seconds and even thirds. I love the taste of food, or feel happy when I eat. I am never still hungry, I am just eating to eat. I overeat on sweets and eat excessively at nighttime.

Goals: My goal is to get down to a typical weight for my size and height of 190 lbs. Daily exercise of treadmill (once purchased) or morning jogging or morning Tae Bo. Eat 5 small meals per day. Less sugar and fats, and more fruits and vegetables.


                   January 22, 2003 @ 285 lbs.                                                January 22, 2003 @ 285 lbs.