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Database of Michael & Candie Witherspoon
Disclaimer: Data in this database is a collection of compiled family names. Please email us for more information and sources.

Family Tree Names

Newsome, Ester
Newsome, Sarah Elizabeth (27 JUL 1833-1890)
Newton, Lois
Newton, Omer
Newton, Sallie Elizabeth (9 JUN 1871-21 SEP 1925)
Nichols, C. E. Kip
Nicholson, Charles Occonor
Nicholson, Steven Occonor
Nicholson, Susan
Nickelson, Carol Sue
Nickens, Anna
Nicol, Katherine
Nicole, Tonja
Nimitz, Charles H.
Nippert, Carolyn
Niu, Ann Honghua
Noble, Donna Mae (Private-)
Noble, Nancy
Noble, Sharon Jane (Private-)
Nobles, Sandra
Nolen, David Lewis (1812-AFT. 1880)
Nolen, Eddie
Nolen, Kurt (1 JUN-)
Nolen, Nancy Jane (OCT 1855-BET. 1920 - 1921)
Nolte, Barbara (Private-)
Nolte, Becky Sue (Private-)
Nolte, Richard (Private-)
Norield, John (BET. 1587 - 1631-BET. 1600 - 1712)
Noring, George
Norman, David Uriah
Norman, Matilda
Norman, William
Norsworthy, Archie Odell (Private-)
Norsworthy, Gary (9 FEB 1947-29 NOV 1994)
Norsworthy, Ginny Sue (Private-)
Norsworthy, Jackie Neil (Private-)
Norsworthy, Mary Josephine
Norsworthy, Randy Albert (Private-)
Norsworthy, Roy (Private-)
Norsworthy, Tommy (Private-)
Norsworthy, Zoradell (Private-)
North, Helen F. (30 JUN 1881-)
Norton, Andrew
Norton, Rebecca Jane (1863-25 DEC 1916)
Norwood, George Washington
Norwood, Kesiah
Norwood, Loretto Howard (1917-1991)
Nuckles, John
Nuggent, Bobbie Ann (Private-)
Nuggent, Joann (Private-)
Nuggent, John L. (14 JUL 1883-)
Nuggent, Lela Vilee (15 APR 1912-)
Nuggent, Mavis Ruth (2 APR 1930-11 DEC 1986)
Nuggent, Peggie Sue (Private-)
Nuggent, William Floyd (Private-)
Nunley, Catherine
Nutt, Abbie
Nutt, Minnie Mae
Nuttall, Olive (1566-)
O'Banion, Eddie Jo (Private-)
O'Banion, Edmond Hodges (19 AUG 1889-24 OCT 1966)
O'Banion, Ella Belle (Private-)
O'Banion, Heather Marie (Private-)
O'Banion, James Hamilton (Private-)
O'Banion, Joshuah Sean (Private-)
O'Banion, Kelly Shawn (Private-)
O'Conner, Therese Ethel
O'Donnell, Eugene Edwin
O'Donnell, Kathleen (Private-)
O'Donnell, Suzanne (Private-)
O'Neal, Darlene
O'Niel, Bud
O'Rear, J. Harrison (1880-1966)
O.Taylor, George (-JAN 1915)
Oakley, Jeanett K.
Oakley, Shirley Jean
Oatis, Anita (Private-)
Oatis, Castor
Oatis, Duethel (1 FEB 1915-1984)
Oatis, Estes
Oatis, Jabus (Private-)
Oatis, Lafayette
Oatis, Mary
Oatis, Minerva
Oatis, Ransome
Oatis, Wiley J. (Private-)
Odem, Michael
Odgen, W. E.
Odom, Annie Charlotte
Odom, Elizabeth (1775-24 MAR 1860)
Odom, Elizabeth (28 SEP 1810-24 MAR 1860)
Odom, James Edward
Odom, Martha Altazera (20 NOV 1849-3 FEB 1925)
Odom, Omer Alton (Private-)
Odom, Velma Estelleen
Odom, William Travis (3 FEB 1846-5 APR 1893)
Oliver, Leon Milton
Oliver, Mattie Lois
Oliver, Zebulon
Olson, Billy Jo (Private-)
Olson, Dirk (Private-)
Olson, Dorothy Lee (Private-)
Olson, Florence Ann (Private-)
Olson, Margaret Jean (Private-)
Olson, William L. (Private-)
Oltremarie, Henry
Omie, (1886-1961)
Orr, Margaret
Orr, Simon
Orren, Amanda E. (1830-AFT. 1860)
Orren, James Robert (1828-)
Orren, Romulus or Romaley (1824-)
Orren, William (1832-)
Orren, William or Boss (ABT. 1790-AFT. 1850)
Orton, Robert
Osborne, Betty Jane
Ostebee, Erna
Ostebee, Lucile Ida (Private-)
Oswald, Carol Elizabeth
Oswald, Duane Rockne
Oswald, Stephan Duane
Oswald, Tommy James
Otilia, (Private-)
Ott, Anderson D (ABT. 1811-)
Ottaway, Celia Mary
Otto, Sandra Kay (Private-)
Oupht, Selina (ABT. 1824-)
Overby, Ann Celestia
Owen, Anne
Owens, Celia
Owens, Hastings E. (ABT. 1849-)
Owens, Margaret Ann (1874-1938)
Owens, Martha
Owens, Martha Ann Lucinda (ABT. 1813-AFT. 1846)
Owens, Mary (20 FEB 1832-18 APR 1884)
Owens, Whitman Hill
Owens, William
Ozment, Mr.
Ozment, Susan
P., Francis (NOV 1855-)
P., Prudence
Pace, Francis
Pack, Ruth E. (-1980)
Paden, Emma \ Emily \ Emeline
Paden, Rebecka
Padgett, Dorothy
Pagano, Patricia (Penny)
Page, Lucinda M (13 OCT 1803-)
Paine, Mary (ABT. 1627-1678)
Paisley, William D.
Palmer, Barbara Ann (Private-)
Palmer, Cora
Palmer, Emily
Palmer, Halsey Leigh (4 JUL 1894-29 MAR 1956)
Palmer, Halsey Sumner
Palmer, Hasley Leigh
Palmer, James (1893-)
Palmer, John Reynolds (20 OCT 1892-)
Palmer, Mattie Firoud (7 JUL 1897-)
Palmer, Maud Elizabeth (2 FEB 1895-)
Palmer, Patty (1899-)
Palmer, Samuel
Palmer, Samuel A.
Palmer, Samuel Augustus (2 JAN 1896-)
Palmer, William Gasoway (7 JUN 1861-1961)
Palmyer, Mary
Pamers, Dora
Pankey, Nancy
Pannakucha, Yost
Par, Hannah (5 MAR 1724-1 MAY 1813)
Parcus, Mae Oedella (ABT. 1911-UNKNOWN)
Parham, (1887-1887)
Parham, Corrine (22 FEB 1885-18 AUG 1952)
Parham, Gertrude (19 MAY 1883-21 MAR 1917)
Parham, Huldah (8 AUG 1880-25 AUG 1962)
Parham, Junius Greenway (1853-1937)
Parham, Rebecca Josie (ABT. 1784-AFT. 1817)
Park, Farmer Albert
Park, Isabella (21 MAR 1816-28 MAY 1873)
Park, James Witherspoon (3 JUL 1818-4 AUG 1820)
Park, John (1785-31 JUL 1841)
Park, Jr., John (22 MAR 1813-11 DEC 1885)
Park, Justin Roger
Park, Margaret E. (14 SEP 1822-1892)
Park, Margaret Kay
Park, Marilyn Grace
Park, Sarah Elizabeth
Park, Warren Roger (Roger)
Park, Warren Russell (28 AUG 1910-5 MAY 1993)
Parker, Carol Ann
Parker, Cheryl Kay
Parker, Elizabeth
Parker, Fannie
Parker, Gerald Keith (Private-)
Parker, Hattie
Parker, John Jay
Parker, Joseph
Parker, Jr., Joseph (Private-)
Parker, June
Parker, Kenneth Ozro (Private-)
Parker, Kimberly Kay (Private-)
Parker, Lamar Augustus (Private-)
Parker, Lela Janice (Private-)
Parker, Margaret Ann (Private-)
Parker, Marvin Perry (1942-1994)
Parker, Mary
Parker, Ozro (1913-1998)
Parker, Prudence Jane
Parker, Rens
Parker, Roy
Parker, Thadie (Private-)
Parks, Josephine Lucille (Private-)
Parks, Julia Lynn (Private-)
Parnell, Jr., Ewing Ross
Parrish, Amanda Nadean (Private-)
Parrish, Amie Lou (1875-1975)
Parrish, Evelyn (1853-1915)
Parrish, Forrest (Private-)
Parrish, George
Parrish, Krystal Brooke (Private-)
Parrish, M. C.
Parrish, Marsha Darlene (Private-)
Parrish, Michael Curtis (Private-)
Parrish, Michael Shawn (21 APR 1984-5 FEB 1999)
Parrish, Misty Dawn (Private-)
Parrish, Monica Dinene (Private-)
Parrish, Pinkie (1886-1956)
Parry, Samuel
Parry, Samuel
Parry, Symes
Parshall, Rachel
Parsley, Virginia
Parsons, Betsy Ross
Parsons, Jean
Parsons, Judy
Parsons, Jr., Lawrence Ross
Parsons, Lawrence Ross (13 AUG 1886-22 DEC 1962)
Parsons, Leila Stuart (12 OCT 1887-21 MAY 1953)
Parsons, Margaret
Parsons, Ray Burch (17 OCT 1882-10 APR 1938)
Parsons, Raymond Burch
Parsons, Samuel Zenas
Parsons, Thomas Lucian (1881-1913)
Partie, Avis (Private-)
Partington, Bernice
Partington, Frank McDonald (10 JUL 1871-8 JAN 1938)
Partington, Lysle (17 NOV 1902-26 MAY 1916)
Passe, Elaine
Passow, Ben
Passow, Ralph
Passow, Ralph
Pate, Elisha
Pate, Virgil
Paterson, Margaret
Patricia, Miss
Patrick, Glenda Lynn
Patrick, Marjorie
Patterson, Anne (BEF. 1561-)
Patterson, David Clark
Patterson, Dolly
Patterson, Harry
Patterson, Patricia
Patterson, Tolbert
Patterson, William
Pattillo, Elizabeth
Pattillo, Harvey
Patton, Annar (1868-1941)
Patton, Elizabeth (22 MAY 1788-31 JAN 1860)
Patton, Lelar (1878-)
Paul, Elizabeth Jane (ABT. OCT 1763-2 DEC 1823)
Paul, Erna
Paul, Friedrich
Paul, Mary
Paulsen, Donald (Private-)
Paulsen, Robert Dean (Private-)
Pavlic, Julia
Paxton, Henry
Payne, Jasper
Payne, John
Payne, John M.
Payne, Kenneth Gordon
Payne, Kevin David (Private-)
Payne, Leon Joe (Private-)
Payne, Tanya Cherie (Private-)
Payton, Grace
Peacock, Francis
Peacock, Harfer Anderson
Peacock, Marian Joyce
Peacock, Martha Ellen
Pearson, James
Pearson, James M.
Pearson, Kate
Pearson, Lidia (ABT. 1830-)
Pearson, Mabel
Pearson, Sadie
Peay, Martha (ABT. 1840-)
Peay, Martha Hattie White (30 SEP 1839-8 JUN 1898)
Peay, Nance E (ABT. 1843-)
Peay, Thomas T. (ABT. 1821-)
Peden, Clyde
Pederson, Marion Elizabeth (Private-)
Peebles, Andrew Wiley
Peebles, David
Peebles, David
Peebles, Jehu
Peebles, Molly
Peebles, William
Pegues, James
Pemberton, Carrie (1889-1892)
Pemberton, Charles W. (Private-)
Pemberton, Clyde (12 JAN 1886-1970)
Pemberton, Elma (18 JUN 1888-1953)
Pemberton, Erie (1 AUG 1880-1946)
Pemberton, Ermil C. (Private-)
Pemberton, Ernest H. (Private-)
Pemberton, Eugene (Private-)
Pemberton, Flossie (Private-)
Pemberton, Freda V. (Private-)
Pemberton, George (Private-)
Pemberton, Hazel M. (13 SEP 1898-)
Pemberton, Howard (Private-)
Pemberton, Ivy M. (1887-1892)
Pemberton, James F. (4 NOV 1869-5 AUG 1896)
Pemberton, Mary (22 MAR 1855-8 OCT 1880)
Pemberton, Mary (Private-)
Pemberton, Maude (3 JUL 1885-)
Pemberton, Myrtlene (Private-)
Pemberton, Nera C. (Private-)
Pemberton, Omera (15 FEB 1878-MAY 1940)
Pemberton, Rosella F. (12 OCT 1870-2 SEP 1891)
Pemberton, Roy (Private-)
Pemberton, Teddy (3 FEB 1883-14 DEC 1964)
Pemberton, William E. (1847-1919)
Pemberton, Woodrow (Private-)
Pender, Terri Lynn (Private-)
Pender, Timothy (Private-)
Pender, Tracy (Private-)
Pendleton, Henderson
Pendleton, Mary Alice (Private-)
Penn, Nancy Ann
Penney, Murl Edsel
Pennington, Hellen (Private-)
Pennington, Ila
Penrod, Ned
Pense, Evie
Perdue, Lizzie Mae (1910-1997)
Perez, Rita
Periam, Mary (-ABT. 1600)
Periam, William or Justice
Perkins, Adeline Elizabeth (27 JUL 1836-15 FEB 1910)
Perkins, Jr., Bernance Lamar
Perkins, Bernance Lamar
Perkins, Caleb (8 DEC 1808-5 MAR 1876)
Perkins, Caleb (ABT. 1780-1814)
Perkins, Caleb Elijah (24 FEB 1850-13 MAY 1931)
Perkins, Caleb O. (6 JAN 1876-)
Perkins, Charles (22 MAY 1783-30 JUN 1834)
Perkins, Charles (ABT. 1825-18 MAR 1865)
Perkins, Charles (ABT. 1806-BEF. 1856)
Perkins, Charles Harlan (25 JAN 1880-)
Perkins, Clara Shaifer Gibson (10 APR 1852-7 MAY 1942)
Perkins, Cordelia Whitaker (27 JAN 1846-3 FEB 1887)
Perkins, Cynthia (ABT. 1830-)
Perkins, Cyrinthia Jeanette (19 JAN 1848-1929)
Perkins, Darla
Perkins, David
Perkins, David V. (10 AUG 1839-4 DEC 1844)
Perkins, Demetrius O. (22 OCT 1841-24 SEP 1895)
Perkins, Dorenda (ABT. 1834-BEF. 1870)
Perkins, Edith Ida (1826-)
Perkins, Elihu (ABT. 1810-AFT. 1867)
Perkins, Elizabeth (ABT. 1875-AFT. 1925)
Perkins, Elizabeth (ABT. 1830-)
Perkins, Elizabeth (1770-AFT. 1830)
Perkins, Elizabeth "Betsy" (BET. 1786 - 1804-)
Perkins, Emma (MAY 1877-ABT. 1902)
Perkins, Ethel
Perkins, Ezekiel (ABT. 1771-1817)
Perkins, Henry C.
Perkins, Irene Wickliff (3 DEC 1854-30 SEP 1856)
Perkins, Isaac (ABT. 1838-AFT. 1867)
Perkins, Isaac (ABT. 1790-1843)
Perkins, J. Lee (ABT. 1868-ABT. 1900)
Perkins, Joel (ABT. 1804-BET. 1880 - 1885)
Perkins, Joel (ABT. 1785-1819)
Perkins, Joel Joseph (ABT. 1849-ABT. 1930)
Perkins, John B. F. (1827-26 MAR 1849)
Perkins, John W. (28 SEP 1831-SEP 1835)
Perkins, Joseph (ABT. 1821-1829)
Perkins, Joseph (-BEF. 12 DEC 1817)
Perkins, Joseph (BEF. 1813-AFT. 1823)
Perkins, Joshua (BEF. 1813-BEF. 1823)
Perkins, Katheryn Adair
Perkins, Laura B. (ABT. 1842-)
Perkins, Lilian Elmore (6 JAN 1878-)
Perkins, Lou Ernest
Perkins, Louis Demetrius (3 JUL 1872-)
Perkins, Maria (ABT. 1800-BET. 1830 - 1834)
Perkins, Marshall Whitaker (28 SEP 1883-)
Perkins, Martha (ABT. 1832-AFT. 9 SEP 1872)
Perkins, Mary (ABT. 1790-)
Perkins, Mary (1817-AFT. 9 SEP 1872)
Perkins, Melvin M. (ABT. 1844-)
Perkins, Minerva
Perkins, Normand D. (ABT. 1847-)
Perkins, Patricia Anne
Perkins, Pinkard M. (ABT. 1836-1887)
Perkins, Priscilla (ABT. 1775-BEF. 1813)
Perkins, Rebecca (ABT. 1836-AFT. 1885)
Perkins, Ruth S. (BET. 1810 - 1814-1854)
Perkins, Sara Belzora (20 JAN 1844-1904)
Perkins, Sarah (ABT. 1785-ABT. 1838)
Perkins, Sarah Belle (ABT. 1840-)
Perkins, Sarah Belle (1815-AFT. SEP 1872)
Perkins, Sarah Elizabeth (1830-1879)
Perkins, Theodore Monroe (22 AUG 1834-)
Perkins, William W. (31 JUL 1833-OCT 1833)
Perrin, (AFT. 1735-)
Perronette, Antoine Desaussure (10 JUL 1648-)
Perry, Allen Seaborn
Perry, George Cooper (1882-)
Perry, Ira (1884-)
Perry, James R. (1886-)
Perry, Marilyn Leslie (Private-)
Perry, Ora Perry (1884-)
Person, Emily (-10 AUG 1836)
Person, Joseph
Person, Joseph
Peters, Betty Jean (Private-)
Peters, Charles Arthur (Private-)
Peters, Judy Ann (Private-)
Peters, Julius Earl (-ABT. 1959)
Peters, Kevin (Private-)
Peters, Marvin Laurence (Private-)
Peters, Mary Elizabeth (Private-)
Peters, William Louis (18 FEB 1944-8 JUN 1963)
Peterson, Allan Frederic (Private-)
Peterson, Andrew Philip (Private-)
Peterson, Anne Elizabeth (Private-)
Peterson, Cassandra Jo (Private-)
Peterson, Cherie Dawn (Private-)
Peterson, Christopher Robin (Private-)
Peterson, Eric Allan (Private-)
Peterson, Gail Evonda (Private-)
Peterson, Gary Elliott (Private-)
Peterson, H. Fred
Peterson, Hali Rae-Jennings (Private-)
Peterson, Hannah (Private-)
Peterson, Henry Edgar
Peterson, Jeremy Roger (Private-)
Peterson, Joel Dean (Private-)
Peterson, Lloyd Elliott (Private-)
Peterson, Melissa Karen (Private-)
Peterson, Philip Lloyd (Private-)
Peterson, Rachel (Private-)
Peterson, Spencer Carroll (Private-)
Peterson, Taylor Cheyenne (Private-)
Peterson, Twila Colleen (Private-)
Peterson, Uriah Dean (Private-)
Peterson, Zackary Austin (Private-)
Petrick, Richard
Pettigrew, Ebeneezer
Pettigrew, James Johnson
Pettigrew, Martha (Polly) (1740-10 APR 1810)
Petty, Johney Leo
Petty, Mary
Pettypool, Edward
Pevehouse, Mary Jane
Peyton, Kevin Scott (Private-)
Peyton, Nicole Marie (Private-)
Peyton, Raygene (Private-)
Peyton, Robert Gary (Private-)
Peyton, Robert Gene (1930-1997)
Peyton, Thomas Lee (Private-)
Pharis, Ellen L. (MAY 1857-)
Pharis, Jane (1854-)
Pharis, Riley (1864-)
Phelps, James Riley (25 SEP 1849-)
Phelps, Lorenza James Austin "Jim" (14 MAR 1842-11 JUL 1932)
Phelps, Miss
Phelps, Ruby
Philips, Colby
Philips, James Jones
Philips, Scott Lawton
Philips, Steve
Phillips, Bonnie Faye (-9 FEB 1999)
Phillips, Charles Morris
Phillips, Elizabeth
Phillips, Emery
Phillips, Henry
Phillips, Lige
Phillips, Marie (Private-)
Phillips, Mary
Phillips, Nadine (Private-)
Phillips, Normadyne
Phillips, Robert
Phillips, Roxie D. (5 SEP 1903-5 SEP 1982)
Phillips, Roy
Phillips, Syphronia
Phillips, William
Philpot, Debbie Sue (Private-)
Philpot, Sr., George Thomas (Private-)
Philpot, Linda Kay (Private-)
Philpot, Mynor Dan (1907-1982)
Philpot, Mynor Dan (1943-1990)
Philpot, Nancy Lee (Private-)
Philpot, Sr., Robert Joseph (Private-)
Philpot, Sharon Ann (Private-)
Phipps, Pearl Sloan
Phoebe, (ABT. 1805-)
Pickering, Lucas Wade (Private-)
Pickering, Rodney Wade (Private-)
Pickering, Shelby LeeAnn (Private-)
Pickle, Polly
Pierce, Esther J.
Pierce, J. J.
Pierce, Jacob M. (13 FEB 1833-25 NOV 1898)
Piety, Austin
Piety, Sarah (-1840)
Piety, Thomas
Pilcher, Lewis
Pilkington, Margalee (Private-)
Pillows, Winnie Fae
Pinkney, Evalina Clarrisa (1795-UNKNOWN)
Pinkston, Dorothy Marie
Pinkston, Virgil Leaven (25 JAN 1895-11 DEC 1985)
Pinkston, Virginia Gail
Pitman, Hannah
Pittman, Clarissa Graham
Pittman, Mr.
Plaine, John (ABT. 1644-)
Plaine, Robert
Plassey, Mallisa J.
Platt, Jr., Lester C.
Platt, Lester Carroll (18 APR 1906-31 MAR 1985)
Pleasants, Emeline
Ploudin, Tomora Elizabeth
Plowman, Mr.
Poague, Arabella
Poe, Gary Allen (Private-)
Poe, George W.
Poe, Roy Allen
Poe, Rusty
Poe, Sandra Jo (Private-)
Poell, Absolom
Poindexter, Allen Craig (Private-)
Poindexter, Allen Moore (Private-)
Poindexter, Andrew J.
Poindexter, Ann (Private-)
Poindexter, Artemus Berry (13 SEP 1869-)
Poindexter, Blanche Ross (Private-)
Poindexter, Cary Allen (7 JUN 1897-)
Poindexter, Charles Manning (1893-1893)
Poindexter, Craig (Private-)
Poindexter, Cynthia
Poindexter, John Reams (13 NOV 1867-19 JUN 1956)
Poindexter, Margaret Patricia (Private-)
Poindexter, Margaret Walker (5 JUN 1899-)
Poindexter, Mark Calhoun
Poindexter, Mary Evadna (26 JAN 1874-)
Poindexter, Mary Gladys (Private-)
Poindexter, Matilda Lou (29 JAN 1881-)
Poindexter, Michael Gray (Private-)
Poindexter, Minnie D. (14 FEB 1888-1949)
Poindexter, Myrtie Gladys (10 JUN 1895-29 OCT 1977)
Poindexter, Powell Emerson (Private-)
Poindexter, Priscilla Louise (Private-)
Poindexter, Rex Dudley (Private-)
Poindexter, Robert Downs (Private-)
Poindexter, Robert John (Private-)
Poindexter, Robert Lynn (24 AUG 1846-6 DEC 1925)
Poindexter, Robert Newton (19 DEC 1885-AUG 1941)
Poindexter, Ruby Glenwood (26 MAR 1894-)
Poindexter, Samuel D. (14 OCT 1883-)
Poindexter, Stafford Robert (24 MAY 1876-)
Poindexter, Susan Ann (Private-)
Poindexter, Thomas Cleary (Private-)
Poindexter, Thomas Lafayette (29 JAN 1878-28 DEC 1944)
Poindexter, Tom Cleary (Private-)
Poindexter, William S.
Poindexter, William Walter (21 DEC 1871-)
Poist, Virginia Louise (Private-)
Pole, Anne (1 NOV 1589-)
Pole, Arthur (4 DEC 1593-)
Pole, Bethesda
Pole, Carolus (-2 JUN 1731)
Pole, Courtney
Pole, Dorothy
Pole, Eleanor (22 MAY 1597-)
Pole, Elizabeth
Pole, Elizabeth (25 AUG 1588-21 MAY 1654)
Pole, Francis (4 DEC 1593-1627)
Pole, Jane
Pole, John (-15 MAY 1708)
Pole, John
Pole, John
Pole, John
Pole, John
Pole, John (1639-1711)
Pole, Katharine (20 AUG 1587-)
Pole, Mary (26 JUN 1586-)
Pole, Mary
Pole, Mary
Pole, Nathaniel (BEF. 1654-AFT. 1655)
Pole, Nathaniel
Pole, Periam (16 AUG 1592-)
Pole, Jr., Periam
Pole, Reginald (ABT. 1711-)
Pole, Theodor
Pole, Theophilus (27 MAY 1660-)
Pole, Timothy (-1667)
Pole, Trevelian
Pole, William (27 AUG 1561-9 FEB 1635/36)
Pole, William (-19 AUG 1586)
Pole, William (-18 MAY 1742)
Pole, William (1658-21 APR 1687)
Pole, William (4 DEC 1593-25 FEB 1673/74)
Polk, Alexis Anne (Private-)
Polk, Carolyn Sue (Private-)
Polk, Diane (Private-)
Polk, Larry D (Private-)
Polk, Laura Jean (Private-)
Polk, Lawrence (-1994)
Polk, Sarah
Pollard, Max
Polson, Elizabeth Shiloh (22 NOV 1798-20 SEP 1851)
Ponder, Ephriam
Ponder, Nancy
Poole, Lodie
Poole, Mary Rebecca Sara Jane (1852-1937)
Poole, William (-2 AUG 1587)
Pope, William Madison
Popham, John
Popham, Katharine (-9 NOV 1588)
Poplin, S. E. (ABT. 1865-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Alyce Evelyn (Private-)
Porter, Charles Robert (Private-)
Porter, Chas F.
Porter, Cheryl
Porter, Kathryn Isabelle (Private-)
Porter, Mark (Private-)
Porter, Martin Willis (Private-)
Porter, Mary
Porter, Matilda
Potter, Andrew Thane
Potter, Daphne Leigh
Potter, Evelyn Grace
Potter, Harold Henry (13 FEB 1915-21 AUG 1976)
Potter, Henry Ray (Ray) (7 AUG 1892-13 AUG 1953)
Potter, Philip Henry
Potter, Ruth Anne
Potter, William Luther
Potts, Lucy
Potts, Ola Elizabeth
Powell, Baby (29 JUL 1922-29 JUL 1922)
Powell, Chester
Powell, Cornellius
Powell, Dexter (Private-)
Powell, Dreaden P. (3 APR 1895-27 FEB 1961)
Powell, Elizabeth Anna (1819-BEF. OCT 1888)
Powell, Frank
Powell, Harmon
Powell, I. D.
Powell, Infant (Infant-)
Powell, Issac
Powell, J. C.
Powell, James Monroe
Powell, James T. (6 NOV 1852-1928)
Powell, John Thes
Powell, John Wesley
Powell, Larissa Ann (6 SEP 1868-1948)
Powell, Lazarus
Powell, Lucille (3 MAY 1906-19 DEC 1975)
Powell, Marion
Powell, Mildred
Powell, Nellie
Powell, Odie Lee
Powell, Susan
Powell, Vida
Powell, Wilmoth
Powers, Gladys D. (8 JUN 1903-18 NOV 1986)
Powers, Lennie (1890-1917)
Prather, Sarah Ann (23 MAY 1815-)
Prather, Sarah Emily
Prather, Stephen
Pratt, Aubery
Pratt, Susannah (ABT. 1771-8 SEP 1793)
Preitte, Cathy
Prentice, Mabel
Prentice, Ruby (-1922)
Presley, Ann (1705-1772)
Preston, Mary
Preston, Nancy Elaine (Private-)
Preston, II, Richard E.
Preston, Trey
Prewitt, Jimmie Lee (Private-)
Price, Caroline Joyce (Private-)
Price, Cathy (Private-)
Price, James Austin (Private-)
Price, Karen (Private-)
Price, Leslie (-28 FEB 1907)
Price, Marilyn Jill (Private-)
Price, Mary Ann (Private-)
Price, Rupert Maurice (Private-)
Priddy, Susannah
Prince, Diane
Pritchett, Abslom (20 NOV 1825-)
Pritchett, Alfred (14 JUL 1841-9 AUG 1921)
Pritchett, Charles (2 SEP 1835-)
Pritchett, Elisha (16 APR 1799-)
Pritchett, Eliza Ann (15 MAR 1840-)
Pritchett, Elizabeth (9 FEB 1844-2 AUG 1922)
Pritchett, Elvira
Pritchett, Estella
Pritchett, Estella
Pritchett, Florence
Pritchett, George
Pritchett, James Johnson (15 APR 1829-)
Pritchett, John (1 AUG 1824-)
Pritchett, Louisa Catherine (1852-1927)
Pritchett, Lydia (ABT. 1811-)
Pritchett, Martha
Pritchett, Mary
Pritchett, Mary Jane (27 SEP 1837-)
Pritchett, Perry
Pritchett, Presley (27 MAR 1831-)
Pritchett, Sarah E. (17 SEP 1845-)
Pritchett, Serelda (14 MAR 1834-)
Pritchett, William Henderson (6 SEP 1827-12 SEP 1911)
Pritchett, Willis
Private, Gaylord
Private, Lorie Ann Perez
Private, Perez
Proctor, Greene
Proctor, J. P.
Proctor, Remer Brannen
Proctor, Jr., Remer Brannen (Private-)
Prosser, Bertie Mae (Private-)
Province, Lois
Pruitt, Emma L.
Pruitt, Louisa Jane (21 MAY 1832-18 JAN 1881)
Pruitt, M. William
Pruitt, Mathias
Pryor, Allen (Private-)
Pryor, Christina (Private-)
Pryor, Ezra Coy
Pryor, Jeanette May
Pryor, Michelle (Private-)
Pryor, Robert (Private-)
Pryor, Russell Alan (Private-)
Pryor, Jr., Russell Alen (Private-)
Puckett, Virginia C.
Pudsey, (BET. 1587 - 1631-BET. 1600 - 1712)
Pullen, Jasper J.
Pullen, Montgomery Leigh (Private-)
Pullen, Sarah
Pullen, Tommey Rusk (Private-)
Pullen, Tommey Rusk (Private-)
Pullen, Virginia Kathleen (Private-)
Purdue, Alice
Purdy, John
Purdy, Thomas (ABT. 1848-UNKNOWN)
Pyles, John C. (Private-)
Quade, Jr., John Webb (Private-)
Qualls, Hester (Private-)
Qualls, Jr., Jessie (Private-)
Qualls, Jessie (16 FEB 1907-30 DEC 1979)
Qualls, Jimmy (Private-)
Qualls, John W.
Qualls, Oma Ruth (20 AUG 1936-Deceased)
Qualls, Tommy L. (Private-)
Qualls, Wesley (24 APR 1908-9 NOV 1976)
Quattebaum, Maria
Quick, Matthew (Private-)
Quick, Paul Tyson (Private-)
Quick, Thomas Randall (Private-)
Quick, Tom Cecil (Private-)
Quininies, Candrs Rechelle (Private-)
Quininies, Danny
Quiver, Sharon (Private-)
RENZ, Barbara (1545-12 NOV 1606)
RENZ, Christina (13 APR 1562-14 OCT 1635)
RENZ, Christine (ABT. 1530-)
RENZ, Christoph (1556-1 JUL 1621)
RENZ, Dorothea (ABT. 1551-)
RENZ, Ernst (1565-27 FEB 1639/40)
RENZ, Euphrosine (ABT. 1547-)
RENZ, Euphrosine (ABT. 1573-)
RENZ, Georg (1535-)
RENZ, Heinrich (ABT. 1571-)
RENZ, Jakob (ABT. 1549-)
RENZ, Ludwig (ABT. 1574-)
RENZ, Maria Salome (7 OCT 1567-)
RENZ, Otto Johann (ABT. 1580-16 AUG 1599)
RENZ, Otto Johann (ABT. 1576-16 AUG 1599)
RENZ, Peter (1541-1611)
RENZ, Regina Appollonia (ABT. 1534-)
RENZ, Sophie (21 JUN 1563-15 NOV 1609)
RENZ, Ulrich (1532-)
RENZ, Vollmar (18 OCT 1539-15 JUL 1617)
Rachel, (ABT. 1800-AFT. 1870)
Radcliff, J. I.
Radtke, Kristen Louise (Private-)
Radtke, Richard L.
Raffield, Thelma
Ragland, Elizabeth Ann
Ragland, Elizabeth Ann
Raines, Freda L. (Private-)
Raley, Fannie Eugenia (1875-1933)
Ramos, Isabel Marie
Rampy, Sarah Margaret (31 AUG 1868-11 DEC 1936)
Ramsay, Elizabeth (8 MAR 1754-30 JUL 1830)
Ramsay, Robert
Ramsay, Ruth Eleanor (11 AUG 1910-27 MAR 1997)
Ramsey, David (1749-1815)
Ramsey, David (ABT. 1827-)
Ramsey, David (ABT. 1841-)
Ramsey, David
Ramsey, Emiline (Emily) (ABT. 1823-30 AUG 1907)
Ramsey, George (ABT. 1843-)
Ramsey, John (ABT. 1835-)
Ramsey, John Witherspoon (9 DEC 1784-1813)
Ramsey, Maria (ABT. 1834-)
Randermann, Brett Aaron (Private-)
Randermann, Justin Rothe (Private-)
Randermann, Lindsey Ann (Private-)
Randermann, Traci Leigh (Private-)
Randle, William (BET. 1755 - 1778-)
Randolph, William
Rangel, Deborah (Private-)
Rangel, Jennifer (Private-)
Rangel, Sergio Luis
Rangel, Sharon (Private-)
Rangel, Steven (Private-)
Rankin, David
Ranspot, John T.
Rapp, Lauren Elizabeth (Private-)
Rapp, Robert Lee (Private-)
Rapp, William Randall (Private-)
Ratcliff, Edward D. B. (15 FEB 1834-)
Ratcliff, James
Ratcliff, Mary Olivia (6 DEC 1838-6 APR 1935)
Ratcliff, Sr., William Richard (24 MAR 1803-1 NOV 1878)
Ratcliff, Jr., William Richard (17 MAR 1832-23 MAR 1918)
Ratliff, Thomas
Rawls, Lois
Rawls, Sarah Alice (1882-1960)
Ray, Anderson
Ray, Elizabeth Kiff
Ray, James
Ray, Mary Eviline (Eva)
Rayborn, Alisa Donnell (Private-)
Rayborn, Lewis Elmer
Raynor, Kelly Jean (Private-)
Raynor, Stacy L.
Raynor, Thomas Stacy (Private-)
Rea, Tom
Reavis, Joseph Logan (MAY 1807-AUG 1860)
Reavis, Julia (OCT 1854-MAR 1929)
Reavis, William (1786-1855)
Rebecca, (1 APR 1771-12 AUG 1858)
Redden, Louise
Redden, Phillip
Redman, Absalom
Redman, Arthur
Redman, Clarence
Redman, Dell
Redman, Gradde
Redman, Jim
Redman, Mary Jane
Redman, Mira
Redman, Rice
Redman, Samantha
Redman, William
Reed, Ann T. (1811-1886)
Reed, Arthur Orville
Reed, Carrie Opal
Reed, Clarence W.
Reed, Hazel
Reed, Irene
Reed, John
Reed, Josephine
Reed, Leroy
Reed, Lula
Reed, Martha
Reed, Mary Jane
Reed, Mitzi
Reed, Robert
Reed, Samuel
Reed, William J.
Reed, William L.
Reese, Benjamin (Private-)
Reese, Benjamin F. (Private-)
Reese, Benosha M. (Private-)
Reese, Cady (UNKNOWN-)
Reese, Ellington Cody (1849-1909)
Reese, Geneva (Private-)
Reese, Gregory Winfrey (Private-)
Reese, Lucy (-ABT. 1840)
Reese, Vly (UNKNOWN-)
Reese, W. C. (1897-1948)
Reeves, Louise
Reeves, Patsy Marie
Reggams, Herman (Private-)
Rehkopf, Chris
Rehkopf, Mary Belle
Rehkopf, Robert
Rehkopf, Robert
Reid, Arthur Lee (Private-)
Reid, Charlie
Reid, Delena Ann
Reid, Elmer
Reid, Frances Louise
Reid, Jimmy L.
Reid, John W.
Reid, Mary Ann
Reinhardt, Eva Bertha (1884-1969)
Renea, Tracey
Renfroe, Lola May
Reno, Carol Ray (Private-)
Reno, Esta Ray (1900-1980)
Reno, Esther Ione (Private-)
Reno, Terry Ellen (Private-)
Renoud, Verda (15 JUN 1893-1 OCT 1973)
Renz, Barbara (ABT. 1558-)
Renz, David (1537-18 SEP 1638)
Renz, Eleanore (1557-7 DEC 1637)
Renz, Heinrich (10 AUG 1529-2 SEP 1601)
Renz, Helene (3 NOV 1560-1637)
Renz, Ulrich (1506-19 SEP 1585)
Repp, Robert
Repp, Robin Marie
Reusch, John
Rexroat, Suzanne
Reyes, Daniela Nicole (Private-)
Reyes, Fernando
Reyes, Gabriela Ann (Private-)
Reynolds, Alton (Private-)
Reynolds, Curtis
Reynolds, Joan Ruth (Private-)
Reynolds, Terry
Rhame, Otha Ray
Rhea, Charlie
Rhoden, George Oscar
Rhodes, Barbara
Rhodes, Charles
Rhodes, Charles E.
Rhodes, Charles Harmony (26 AUG 1880-12 DEC 1946)
Rhodes, Frederick Harrison (14 JUL 1878-30 NOV 1942)
Rhodes, Mitilda
Rhodes, Paul
Rhodes, Peter
Rhodes, Sarah (1805-)
Rhodes, Virginia
Rice, Abagail W. (21 OCT 1809-8 DEC 1881)
Rice, Ada Belle (5 DEC 1877-)
Rice, Albert L. (BET. 1852 - 1853-)
Rice, Albert M. (1878-)
Rice, Aline (1899-)
Rice, Almon (25 OCT 1816-25 OCT 1896)
Rice, Amos (1870-)
Rice, Arminda Elizabeth (12 OCT 1853-19 APR 1884)
Rice, Arthur C. (9 JAN 1899-)
Rice, Axley (18 JUN 1811-22 JUN 1895)
Rice, Camella F. (1875-)
Rice, Charles A. (ABT. 1875-1955)
Rice, Clara (1893-)
Rice, Clarence (1893-)
Rice, Clarissa A. (ABT. 1849-1928)
Rice, Daughter (ABT. JUN 1897-)
Rice, Earl (10 OCT 1891-13 SEP 1971)
Rice, Edward F. (ABT. 1867-)
Rice, Eli (ABT. 1837-)
Rice, Ella or Mariah (10 APR 1872-)
Rice, Emma R. (10 APR 1872-24 DEC 1945)
Rice, Ernest Wesley (25 MAR 1890-11 MAR 1967)
Rice, Eugene
Rice, Frances L. (ABT. 1845-1913)
Rice, Franklin L. (1874-)
Rice, Franklin Luther (1854-)
Rice, Hannah (1889-)
Rice, Hazel M. (23 JAN 1898-13 OCT 1987)
Rice, Henry A. (1868-)
Rice, Isabelle (1879-)
Rice, Ivan Leland (15 JUN 1895-1986)
Rice, Joseph (12 FEB 1790-16 MAR 1845)
Rice, Joseph Union (1 FEB 1856-2 MAY 1933)
Rice, Lorena (ABT. 1865-)
Rice, Lula (ABT. 1878-)
Rice, Madah G. (Private-)
Rice, Marjorie (11 AUG 1901-6 NOV 1968)
Rice, Mary (9 DEC 1694-ABT. 1751)
Rice, Mary Frances (ABT. OCT 1849-)
Rice, Matilda Jane (ABT. 1842-)
Rice, Maude (1883-)
Rice, Mildred (Private-)
Rice, Miles (18 SEP 1812-AFT. 1885)
Rice, Miles Melville (1859-)
Rice, Monte (1887-)
Rice, Norman (1885-)
Rice, Rye
Rice, Samuel Adolphus (1844-1928)
Rice, Sarah Ann (ABT. 1847-)
Rice, Sarah Ann (APR 1852-ABT. 1892)
Rice, Stella (1877-)
Rice, Susan S. (ABT. 1864-)
Rice, Thomas
Rice, Tillman L. (1861-)
Rice, Union (1896-)
Rice, Warrick Granville (10 SEP 1861-3 JUN 1933)
Rice, William Blake (2 FEB 1901-5 APR 1970)
Rice, William M. (15 OCT 1839-20 NOV 1912)
Rice, William Wesley (23 NOV 1864-29 DEC 1922)


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