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Database of Michael & Candie Witherspoon
Disclaimer: Data in this database is a collection of compiled family names. Please email us for more information and sources.

Family Tree Names

Thrower, Christopher (ABT. 1759-)
Thurman, Howard L.
Thurman, John Thomas
Thurman, Lola
Thurman, Lucinda (12 DEC 1806-9 MAY 1887)
Thurman, Una
Tilson, Lewis
Timberlake, Francis
Tinker, Lewis Edward
Tinnin, Alexander (ABT. 1758-AUG 1806)
Tinnin, Edwina R. (ABT. 1848-)
Tinnin, Eliza Madeline (7 MAY 1826-17 AUG 1923)
Tinnin, Elizabeth B. (28 JUN 1793-17 JUN 1839)
Tinnin, Emma F. (1853-)
Tinnin, Female (ABT. 1756-)
Tinnin, Huge (23 MAY 1758-ABT. 1844)
Tinnin, James (24 AUG 1744-14 JUN 1828)
Tinnin, James
Tinnin, James Alexander (ABT. 1802-14 SEP 1874)
Tinnin, James Doak (ABT. 1837-)
Tinnin, Jane (ABT. 1792-)
Tinnin, John (ABT. 1694-)
Tinnin, John (ABT. 1720-1804)
Tinnin, John A. (ABT. 1833-)
Tinnin, Margaret (ABT. 1840-)
Tinnin, Mary (ABT. 1784-BEF. 1836)
Tinnin, Mary E. (ABT. 1836-)
Tinnin, P. A. (1850-)
Tinnin, Pernancy A. (1856-)
Tinnin, Robert (ABT. 1752-)
Tinnin, Sarah C. (ABT. 1846-)
Tinnin, Susan J. (ABT. 1835-)
Tinnin, Susan T. (ABT. 1795-1852)
Tinnin, William (BEF. 1750-)
Tinnin, William Armstrong (28 JUN 1795-ABT. 1860)
Tinseth, Kenneth Howard (Private-)
Tinseth, Mark Lee (Private-)
Tinseth, Vance Howard
Tinsley, Margaret
Tipton, Angelia Nicole (Private-)
Tipton, II, Clayton James (Private-)
Tipton, James Clayton (Private-)
Todd, (-Deceased)
Todd, Leah
Todd, Louise (UNKNOWN-)
Todd, Pauline (UNKNOWN-)
Tolbert, Elizabeth
Tolson, Anna May (1925-)
Tolson, Clyde W. (1887-)
Toma, Oto
Tomlinson, Benjamin (1752-1838)
Tomlinson, Drusilla Williams (17 APR 1777-22 FEB 1854)
Tomlinson, Eliza
Tomlinson, Elizabeth Ann (18 JUN 1810-)
Tomlinson, Elizabeth Harkness (20 OCT 1790-1817)
Tomlinson, Gladys
Tomlinson, Isaac
Tomlinson, James (ABT. 1740-AFT. 1813)
Tomlinson, Jameson (1740-)
Tomlinson, Jesse (2 NOV 1742-)
Tomlinson, Jessey
Tomlinson, John
Tomlinson, I, Joseph (10 OCT 1712-1 DEC 1797)
Tomlinson, II, Joseph (12 OCT 1745-30 MAY 1825)
Tomlinson, III, Joseph (1781-29 APR 1857)
Tomlinson, Joseph
Tomlinson, Lucy (1744-4 MAY 1798)
Tomlinson, Lucy
Tomlinson, Mary
Tomlinson, Nathaniel (15 OCT 1747-BET. 2 DEC 1813 - 1814)
Tomlinson, Nathaniel
Tomlinson, Rebecca (14 FEB 1750-1825)
Tomlinson, Robert
Tomlinson, Samuel (ABT. 1749-BET. 18 - 27 SEP 1777)
Tomlinson, Samuel
Tomlinson, Susannah (BET. 1720 - 1722-AFT. 1799)
Tompkins, Elizabeth (23 DEC 1815-3 MAR 1853)
Tompkins, Mary Elizabeth
Toney, B.
Toney, Kathryn Lee
Torvi, Alexander
Torvi, Alexander Wiiliam II (Private-)
Torvi, Alexander William III (Private-)
Torvi, Megan (Private-)
Torvi, Melanie (Private-)
Torvi, Stacy John (Private-)
Townsend, Amanda Lynn (Private-)
Townsend, Caleb D. (1876-1878)
Townsend, Cary Lewis (Private-)
Townsend, Cary William (1879-1974)
Townsend, Claude (4 MAR 1914-14 SEP 1985)
Townsend, Corene (Private-)
Townsend, Elizabeth (1814-)
Townsend, Ella Rae (1887-1938)
Townsend, Fanny L. (1869-1871)
Townsend, Jr., Gregory (Private-)
Townsend, Gregory (Private-)
Townsend, James Pinckney
Townsend, Jerri Lee (Private-)
Townsend, Jessie M. (1902-1926)
Townsend, Jessie R. (1881-1968)
Townsend, John
Townsend, John Cary (1915-1979)
Townsend, John Cary Jr. (Private-)
Townsend, John Eugene (1873-1915)
Townsend, Jonathan Issac (Private-)
Townsend, Lois Rae (1898-1980)
Townsend, Loretto Diane (Private-)
Townsend, Mary Louise (-1917)
Townsend, Ora May (1884-1936)
Townsend, Paul Eugene (1908-1986)
Townsend, Paula (Private-)
Townsend, Ruth
Townsend, Thomas M. (1868-1966)
Townsend, Virginia Elaine (Private-)
Townsend, William Erastus (1843-1927)
Trait, Debora Denise (DeeDee)
Travathon, (ABT. 1820-ABT. 1848)
Traxell, Stafford
Traylor, Elizabeth
Treaque, Chris
Treaque, Kayla Elaine
Trent, Nancy Lou (Private-)
Trevanthan, Sarah Jane
Trevanthan, Thomas Leander
Tribble, Gaston L.
Tribble, Mamie Mae
Trible, Ezekiel
Trible, Franklin
Trible, Mary
Trible, Newton
Trible, Oliver
Trible, Paul
Trible, Ruth
Trice, Camillus Edward (30 OCT 1862-)
Trice, Charles Edward (12 MAY 1896-)
Trice, James (30 DEC 1787-)
Trice, Mary Lou (Private-)
Trice, William Lewis (5 OCT 1825-)
Trimbath, Warren
Trinker, Antione
Trotti, Adra (20 DEC 1861-9 JAN 1870)
Trotti, Amos (Private-)
Trotti, Arthur Benjamin (AFT. 1873-)
Trotti, Blanchett (DEC 1869-)
Trotti, Caroline Elizabeth (ABT. 1826-)
Trotti, Castilla (12 FEB 1873-14 JAN 1888)
Trotti, Clara (8 FEB 1879-22 FEB 1911)
Trotti, Clinton M. (8 JUN 1866-17 DEC 1901)
Trotti, Columbus C. (ABT. 1861-)
Trotti, Dora (ABT. 1866-)
Trotti, Ed
Trotti, Edmond H.
Trotti, Edna (ABT. 1896-)
Trotti, Emma D. (MAR 1869-1948)
Trotti, Epsy Adele (ABT. 1868-)
Trotti, Ethel (Private-)
Trotti, Fannie (Private-)
Trotti, GirlONE
Trotti, GirlTWO
Trotti, Gurvest (24 JUN 1898-)
Trotti, Hampton (8 JUN 1864-13 JAN 1889)
Trotti, Harriet Ann (24 FEB 1828-)
Trotti, Harriett Ellen (ABT. 1849-25 JUN 1947)
Trotti, Helen Belle (25 FEB 1876-15 DEC 1934)
Trotti, Henry Edward Edwin (21 FEB 1871-22 DEC 1927)
Trotti, Henry Lee (NOV 1869-)
Trotti, James Francis (1795-AFT. 9 AUG 1870)
Trotti, James H. (ABT. 1831-17 NOV 1881)
Trotti, James Madison (22 DEC 1881-30 AUG 1943)
Trotti, Jane E. (ABT. 1830-)
Trotti, Jewell (ABT. 1899-)
Trotti, Jim
Trotti, John Lawrence (1822-1894)
Trotti, Josephine (ABT. 1854-)
Trotti, Joshua Alexander (3 SEP 1872-18 MAR 1936)
Trotti, Joshua F. (ABT. 1835-)
Trotti, Joshua Sanford (ABT. 1858-)
Trotti, Julia A. (ABT. 1833-)
Trotti, Junie B. (Private-)
Trotti, Laura (Private-)
Trotti, Laura Francis (11 APR 1853-7 FEB 1935)
Trotti, Lawrence Isaiah (AUG 1862-1953)
Trotti, Lenora Ann (3 JUN 1855-16 JUN 1921)
Trotti, Maetta (ABT. 1873-)
Trotti, Mary (ABT. 1859-)
Trotti, Nancy California (11 MAY 1859-22 OCT 1929)
Trotti, Ollie C. (ABT. 1897-)
Trotti, Orville Clyde (16 JUL 1906-9 AUG 1962)
Trotti, Rebecca Evelyn (7 FEB 1857-4 APR 1937)
Trotti, Samuel (Private-)
Trotti, Susan (ABT. 1875-)
Trotti, Thomas C. (JAN 1871-)
Trotti, Thomas James (21 JUN 1850-31 MAR 1934)
Trotti, Wiley W. (ABT. 1855-)
Trotti, Willamay (Private-)
Trotti, William E. (MAR 1867-)
Trotti, William F. (NOV 1866-)
Trotti, William Torpely (1860-1861)
Trotti, Zelma (Private-)
Troutman, Ella M. (Private-)
Truelove, Annie (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Truett, Bee
Tuberville, Martha Patsey (AFT. 1785-UNKNOWN)
Tuberville, Miles J. (1795-1866)
Tuberville, Wilkes Spenser (UNKNOWN-27 MAR 1836)
Tuberville, William J. (ABT. 1805-UNKNOWN)
Tuck, Alford
Tucker, Sr., Daniel
Tucker, Jeremiah (ABT. 1774-BEF. 6 DEC 1843)
Tucker, Julia Francis
Tucker, Onnie
Tunstall, Mary (BEF. 1675-)
Tunstall, Richard
Turberville, Charles (ABT. 1720-)
Turberville, Elizabeth (ABT. 1703-)
Turberville, Francis (ABT. 1697-)
Turberville, George
Turberville, Isaac
Turberville, James
Turberville, John (ABT. 1673-)
Turberville, John (ABT. 1695-23 JUL 1763)
Turberville, John (1649-BEF. 1685)
Turberville, Judith
Turberville, Mary (ABT. 1671-)
Turberville, Mary
Turberville, Richard (1669-DEC 1725)
Turberville, Solomon
Turberville, Walter (ABT. 1701-1764)
Turberville, William
Turberville, William (ABT. 1699-)
Turbeville, Jemina
Turbeville, John (ABT. 1725-1783)
Turbeville, Lucy (ABT. 1722-)
Turbeville, Martha Patsey (AFT. 1785-)
Turbeville, Miles J. (BET. 1795 - 1800-1866)
Turbeville, Wilkes Spenser (BET. 1801 - 1804-27 MAR 1836)
Turbeville, Jr., William J. (ABT. 1805-AFT. 1850)
Turbyfill, Elizabeth
Turbyfill, John
Turbyfill, John (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Turbyfill, John (BET. 1778 - 1781-BEF. DEC 1807)
Turbyfill, Mary
Turbyfill, Rebecca
Turbyfill, Sylva (ABT. 1774-5 MAR 1871)
Turbyfill, William J. (20 SEP 1750-BEF. 30 MAR 1836)
Turman, Agnes Ellen (Private-)
Turman, Claude Kenneth (14 DEC 1895-)
Turman, Ira Lee (-6 SEP 1923)
Turman, William Edward (Private-)
Turnbull, John Robert
Turner, Ella
Turner, Ella Isabelle
Turner, Martha
Turner, Mary (1861-1952)
Turner, Parthena
Turner, Susan
Turner, Will
Turngeaugh, Kenneth
Turpin, Cora
Tutt, Julia E.
Tuttle, Gilpin S. (1882-1949)
Twiggs, Jim
Twiggs, Lumas (Private-)
Twiggs, Murlin (Private-)
Twiggs, Shila (Private-)
Tyre, Eddy W.
Umphres, Barbara
Umphres, Billy Warren
Umphres, Jerry
Umphres, John D.
Underwood, Andy Joe (Private-)
Underwood, Brett Lesko (Private-)
Underwood, Dana Nicole
Underwood, Donna (Private-)
Underwood, Edward Wade (Private-)
Underwood, Elaine (Private-)
Underwood, Evelyn Alberta (1917-1988)
Underwood, Helen (1926-1927)
Underwood, James R.
Underwood, James Shearwin
Underwood, Jean (Private-)
Underwood, Joe Morris (Private-)
Underwood, John Douglas (1915-1974)
Underwood, John Henry (Private-)
Underwood, John Keith (Private-)
Underwood, Kimberly Ann (Private-)
Underwood, Marla (Private-)
Underwood, Mattie Kate (1905-1973)
Underwood, Michael Alan (Private-)
Underwood, Morgan Elizabeth (Private-)
Underwood, Morris
Underwood, Morris (Private-)
Underwood, Mr.
Underwood, Jr., Ralph Lamar (1920-1928)
Underwood, Ralph Lamar (1891-1960)
Underwood, Richmond Lamar (Private-)
Underwood, Sandra (Private-)
Underwood, Sibyl Elizabeth (Private-)
Underwood, Tracey Harshaw (Private-)
Unity, Junicy or (ABT. 1775-1830)
Unknown, (AFT. 1734-)
Unknown, (1588-)
Unknown, (ABT. 1603-)
Unknown, (1895-1972)
Unknown, (AFT. 1737-)
Unterkircher, Kathrina Jean (Private-)
Unterkircher, Rachel Ann (Private-)
Upton, Josie
Ussery, Ashley Rebecca (Private-)
Usury, Alice
Utley, Irene (Private-)
Vacavik, Amy Niclole (Private-)
Vacavik, Christopher Douglas (Private-)
Vacavik, Justin Michael (Private-)
Vacavik, Michael Anthony
Vaden, Oakley Lynn (Private-)
Vaden, Jr., Otis Lynn (Private-)
Vaden, Otis Lynn
Valentine, Annie
Van Dyck, Freeman
Van Dyck, Henry
Van Nada, Josephine
Van, Pearl
VanBebber, Karen
VanBebber, Ramona Clementine (-25 AUG 1926)
VanBebber, Ray (-15 MAY 1951)
VanBebber, Wynona
Vance, Edward Foy
Vance, Mary
Vance, Norma Jean
Vanderburgh, Mary E.
Vandever, Samuel E.
Vanndy, Mary Ann (14 MAY 1829-30 MAR 1896)
Vardaman, John B.
Vaughan, Elizabeth
Vaughn, Eddie (Private-)
Vaughn, Eddie
Vaughn, Joey (Private-)
Vaughn, Kimberly Jo (Private-)
Vaughn, Robert J William
Vaughn, Robert J. William
Vautrot, Frank J.
Veasey, Nancy
Veon, Edna
Vernon, John (-JAN 1698/99)
Vessells, Dorothy Ellen (21 APR 1923-27 JUL 1992)
Vester, Margaret
Viator, Percy
Vickers, John
Victry, Rose Ellen
Victry, Thomas
Viera, Maria
Villereal, Jacob Damon (Private-)
Vincent, John
Vincent, Virgil
Vinson, Ida
Von Teel, Toddrick (Private-)
Vreeland, Russel B. (1892-1967)
W, Jr Chandler, Richard (DEC 1866-)
WOLFHARDT, Agnes (30 MAR 1561-)
WOLFHARDT, Barbara (31 JAN 1562/63-)
WOLFHARDT, Elias (AFT. 1520-)
WOLFHARDT, Johan Castolus (28 MAR 1564-)
WOLFHARDT, Johannes (31 AUG 1558-)
WOLFHARDT, Josua (AFT. 1520-)
WOLFHARDT, Leonhardt (ABT. 1520-)
WOLFHARDT, Michael (1523-1586)
WOLFHARDT, Solomon (AFT. 1520-)
WOLFHART, Thomas (1493-1560)
Wad, Lonie
Waddington, Clara
Wade, Alexander (6 NOV 1825-15 APR 1912)
Wade, Ann D. (10 JAN 1796-3 DEC 1854)
Wade, Caroline (BET. 1833 - 1834-)
Wade, Eliza
Wade, Elizabeth C. (11 MAY 1831-2 MAR 1900)
Wade, Frances (1825-1853)
Wade, Grandville
Wade, Iva
Wade, James T. (-1850)
Wade, Mary Ann
Wade, Walter (1795-28 NOV 1849)
Wade, Wilson
Wagner, William P.
Wainhouse, Dorothy (1695-1775)
Waldeck, Karen Jean (Private-)
Waldeck, Virgil (Private-)
Waldeck, William Earl
Walden, Anna (1868-)
Walden, Bill
Walden, Georgia
Walden, John W. (1858-)
Walden, Reason (ABT. 1835-)
Walden, Shila (1863-1882)
Walden, Susan (1864-)
Walden, Wesley
Walker, Addie
Walker, Allie
Walker, Ann (11 JUL 1696-11 NOV 1787)
Walker, Anne "Anny"
Walker, Archibald (-AFT. 1738)
Walker, Jr., Bedford Cawley (Private-)
Walker, Billie J.
Walker, Brenda K.
Walker, Brenda Sue (Private-)
Walker, Catherine Elizabeth (Private-)
Walker, Daily D. (25 AUG 1896-31 OCT 1962)
Walker, David
Walker, David (JAN 1629/30-)
Walker, Jr., David (1665-ABT. 1780)
Walker, Eddie
Walker, Elizabeth or Lizzie
Walker, Fannie Kate (Private-)
Walker, Florence (DEC 1912-JUN 1991)
Walker, Henry Arthur (Private-)
Walker, John Flournay (Private-)
Walker, John Milton (Private-)
Walker, Josias (JAN 1694/95-)
Walker, Kyle
Walker, Mary Anne (Private-)
Walker, Nancy
Walker, Neomia Jane
Walker, Patricia Ann (Private-)
Walker, Robyn Michelle (Private-)
Walker, Sallie (Private-)
Walker, Saphronia (ABT. 1838-BEF. 1910)
Walker, Thomas (-AFT. 1732)
Walker, Vance (1902-1984)
Walker, Zadie
Walker, Zanie
Wall, Elizabeth (BET. 1755 - 1778-)
Wall, Ida Geneva
Wall, J. C.
Wall, Mary
Wallace, Arlie Grant (13 NOV 1898-)
Wallace, Arnold David (Private-)
Wallace, Bass
Wallace, Bruce
Wallace, Jr., Bruce C. (Private-)
Wallace, Bruce C. (1869-)
Wallace, Charles Franklin (5 NOV 1807-1887)
Wallace, Claude Carson (5 JUL 1892-)
Wallace, Cora Carson (27 MAR 1864-)
Wallace, David H. (23 JUL 1840-)
Wallace, Dorothy E. (Private-)
Wallace, Elizabeth (12 SEP 1812-1876)
Wallace, Elvira (13 SEP 1826-20 APR 1898)
Wallace, Eunice Caroline (Private-)
Wallace, Flora Harper
Wallace, Frances Jane (24 OCT 1824-19 MAR 1906)
Wallace, Francis (ABT. 1844-)
Wallace, Fred Elmer (7 MAR 1890-)
Wallace, George P. (1830-)
Wallace, Georgia A. (1862-)
Wallace, H. Franklin
Wallace, Helen Gertrude (Private-)
Wallace, Henry L. (4 FEB 1819-5 FEB 1856)
Wallace, Herman Walter (Private-)
Wallace, Ida Elizabeth (Private-)
Wallace, James Henry (25 NOV 1838-4 JUL 1916)
Wallace, James Robert (Private-)
Wallace, James Sampson (1 SEP 1822-1863)
Wallace, John (1782-4 OCT 1855)
Wallace, John Carson (14 MAR 1840-24 FEB 1869)
Wallace, John Clark (17 JAN 1843-21 SEP 1855)
Wallace, John T. (ABT. 1815-12 APR 1880)
Wallace, Joseph Alexander Smith
Wallace, Julia
Wallace, Laura B. (1856-)
Wallace, Lemuel (1 FEB 1849-15 MAY 1849)
Wallace, Lina Laura (Private-)
Wallace, Lorena E. (1859-)
Wallace, Lula (ABT. 1869-)
Wallace, Margaret Elizabeth (15 OCT 1896-)
Wallace, Martha (3 JAN 1845-)
Wallace, Martha J. (1857-)
Wallace, Minerva Mae (23 MAY 1868-5 SEP 1936)
Wallace, Nancy (8 FEB 1809-13 APR 1876)
Wallace, Nancy Ellen (19 FEB 1847-5 MAR 1881)
Wallace, Neal
Wallace, Nora Maude (ABT. 1862-)
Wallace, Norman Ray (Private-)
Wallace, Parille E. (1863-)
Wallace, Patterson Witherspoon (12 NOV 1837-2 OCT 1893)
Wallace, Phyllis Sue (Private-)
Wallace, Priscilla Mae (Private-)
Wallace, Ralph Oliver (Private-)
Wallace, Robert (7 DEC 1813-3 MAR 1857)
Wallace, Robert Jones (12 DEC 1853-)
Wallace, Ross Emery (Private-)
Wallace, Sabra Ann
Wallace, Sam (Private-)
Wallace, Sam (-28 SEP 1845)
Wallace, Valerie B. (1867-)
Wallace, Violet Ann (5 OCT 1820-22 DEC 1861)
Wallace, W. J.
Wallace, Walter Grant (4 MAY 1866-)
Wallace, William (20 JAN 1817-1886)
Wallace, William Dudley (11 AUG 1845-18 AUG 1863)
Waller, Matilda
Wallis, Mazie
Walrond, Edward
Walter, Allan P.
Walter, Helen Ann
Walton, Doris
Walton, Elizabeth (BET. 1705 - 1733-ABT. 1764)
Walton, Joseph T.
Walton, Martha (ABT. 1709-ABT. 1772)
Walton, Mary
Ward, A. Jane (ABT. 1891-Dead)
Ward, Ada
Ward, Albert Turner (21 JUN 1877-)
Ward, Alfretta Cavanaugh (Private-)
Ward, Alice (1878-)
Ward, Alice Marie (Private-)
Ward, Allen Adam
Ward, Alma (Private-)
Ward, Alvis (Private-)
Ward, Amanda (APR 1887-)
Ward, Amanda Mariah (14 SEP 1842-)
Ward, Amelia Jessimine (21 APR 1892-)
Ward, Ann Elizabeth (Private-)
Ward, Anna or Una (1820-)
Ward, Annalea (Private-)
Ward, Annie E. (3 MAR 1893-)
Ward, Ava M. (Private-)
Ward, Baby (5 JUL 1923-5 JUL 1923)
Ward, Beatrice (Private-)
Ward, Becky C. (Private-)
Ward, Benita Jurutha
Ward, Benjamin Chase (Private-)
Ward, Bethany E. (11 JAN 1867-)
Ward, Billie Joe (Private-)
Ward, Billie Lois (Private-)
Ward, Billie Ray (Private-)
Ward, Bobby Wayne (Private-)
Ward, Brooke Alyssa (Private-)
Ward, Bruce Patrick (Private-)
Ward, Jr., Brutus Charles (Private-)
Ward, Sr., Brutus Charles (27 MAY 1914-1955)
Ward, Burl (Private-)
Ward, Carl Franklin (Private-)
Ward, Caroline Elizabeth (15 SEP 1908-1996)
Ward, Carrie
Ward, Charles Quitman (5 MAR 1877-31 OCT 1919)
Ward, Cherry or Clucy (1832-)
Ward, Child
Ward, Jr., Clenard
Ward, Clenard (Private-)
Ward, Cleo (Private-)
Ward, Colleen Elizabeth (Private-)
Ward, Cora (1893-1918)
Ward, Curtis Hebron (25 SEP 1912-12 JUN 1929)
Ward, Daisy Bertie (13 JUN 1908-DEC 1982)
Ward, Danita Marie
Ward, Darlene (8 JUL 1949-1981)
Ward, Darlis Bobby (Private-)
Ward, David (25 JAN 1902-2 JUN 1978)
Ward, David (20 SEP 1876-1902)
Ward, David C. (1810-AFT. 1860)
Ward, Deborah Jean (Private-)
Ward, Delaney (1840-)
Ward, Delaney (11 DEC 1896-)
Ward, Delia (Private-)
Ward, Dominique B. (Private-)
Ward, Don E. (25 FEB 1911-9 AUG 1933)
Ward, Doris (-1989)
Ward, Earl
Ward, Earl (16 OCT 1928-NOV 1928)
Ward, Eli (14 NOV 1882-1963)
Ward, Elijah L. (17 SEP 1880-4 FEB 1971)
Ward, Elisha (1885-)
Ward, Elisha Jair (Private-)
Ward, Elizabeth (4 NOV 1888-)
Ward, Elizabeth (1826-)
Ward, Elizabeth (1818-BEF. 1870)
Ward, Elizabeth F. or Becky (10 SEP 1838-22 FEB 1880)
Ward, Ella (3 NOV 1898-23 DEC 1988)
Ward, Elsia Aurelia (Private-)
Ward, Elton P. (1 AUG 1923-21 FEB 1945)
Ward, Emma (ABT. 1896-)
Ward, Emma Josephine (Private-)
Ward, Sr., Enoch Thomas (Private-)
Ward, Jr., Enoch Thomas (Private-)
Ward, III, Enoch Thomas (Private-)
Ward, Ernest (16 APR 1891-1989)
Ward, Ethel (3 NOV 1895-1897)
Ward, Ethel (4 MAY 1906-9 JAN 1980)
Ward, Eva M. (Private-)
Ward, Everett Hampton (1894-1905)
Ward, Fayesha Deshaun (Private-)
Ward, Fillmore (Private-)
Ward, Floyd (20 DEC 1889-)
Ward, Frances (1796-)
Ward, Frances (1838-)
Ward, Francis Elvina (19 MAY 1893-3 AUG 1910)
Ward, Frank (Private-)
Ward, Franklin (15 OCT 1872-1874)
Ward, Frederick (1794-22 SEP 1875)
Ward, Frederick (1759-)
Ward, George
Ward, George
Ward, George (14 OCT 1878-1957)
Ward, George Caswell (20 JUL 1895-26 JUL 1969)
Ward, Gertrude
Ward, Gladys (Private-)
Ward, Gladys Inez (Private-)
Ward, Glennie Lee (Private-)
Ward, Gwendolyn (Private-)
Ward, Harold (Private-)
Ward, Harriet (1899-13 APR 1904)
Ward, Hattie (Private-)
Ward, Hazel Roberta (2 APR 1921-11 APR 1921)
Ward, Herman (Private-)
Ward, Herman Eugene (Private-)
Ward, Hettie (Private-)
Ward, Hillari Taylor (Private-)
Ward, Hollie
Ward, Homer Ray (Private-)
Ward, Ida (ABT. 1881-)
Ward, Ida (10 AUG 1900-29 JUL 1922)
Ward, Jr., Irving Milton (Private-)
Ward, III, Irving Milton (Private-)
Ward, Sr., Irving Milton (Private-)
Ward, Isham or Isom (1858-)
Ward, Isiah (ABT. 1875-)
Ward, Iva
Ward, Izcar Richard (10 OCT 1910-17 AUG 1984)
Ward, J. C. (Private-)
Ward, Jr., Jack
Ward, Jack Gail (Private-)
Ward, Jack Homer
Ward, Jacob McCoy (Private-)
Ward, James A. (NOV 1898-)
Ward, James C. (Private-)
Ward, James C. (JUL 1866-1940)
Ward, James J. or Jim (23 FEB 1876-1 DEC 1936)
Ward, James M. (1850-)
Ward, James Morley (6 APR 1868-3 JUL 1901)
Ward, Jeanette (Private-)
Ward, Jeffery Lynn (Private-)
Ward, Jeremy Lee (Private-)
Ward, Jess (23 OCT 1893-1971)
Ward, Jesse (Private-)
Ward, Jesse (4 JUN 1830-22 JAN 1912)
Ward, Sr., Jesse Jackson (1811-24 FEB 1887)
Ward, Jesse Jackson or Jack (22 SEP 1862-1908)
Ward, Jessie
Ward, Joan
Ward, Jocie Belle (9 DEC 1883-1983)
Ward, Joe S. (9 DEC 1879-16 JUN 1950)
Ward, Joe W. (1 JUN 1913-21 AUG 1975)
Ward, John (23 OCT 1893-1953)
Ward, John (1878-)
Ward, John David (MAY 1846-BET. 1921 - 1925)
Ward, Jr., John David (APR 1888-14 FEB 1908)
Ward, John Franklin Davidson (2 APR 1889-1988)
Ward, John Frederick (1834-)
Ward, Jr., John Henry (Private-)
Ward, John Henry (13 SEP 1905-21 MAR 1936)
Ward, John Newton (27 JAN 1847-18 JUN 1923)
Ward, John William (5 SEP 1889-4 JUL 1977)
Ward, Jonathan Carl (Private-)
Ward, Joseph (1880-)
Ward, Joseph W. (NOV 1889-)
Ward, Joy Lynn (Private-)
Ward, Joyce Diane (Private-)
Ward, Jules
Ward, Julia (JUN 1891-)
Ward, Julia E. P. (ABT. 1853-BET. 1870 - 1880)
Ward, Karen Elizabeth (Private-)
Ward, Karen M. (Private-)
Ward, Kellard (23 SEP 1891-)
Ward, Kenneth A. (Private-)
Ward, Kevin Wayne (Private-)
Ward, Laura Delaney (30 AUG 1891-14 JUN 1974)
Ward, Laureen Adele or Laurie (Private-)
Ward, Lavinia (16 MAY 1849-25 DEC 1921)
Ward, Lemuel McCoy
Ward, Lenard
Ward, Lenora (Private-)
Ward, Leonard Jerome (22 DEC 1916-1968)
Ward, Leonard L. (7 OCT 1873-16 JUL 1893)
Ward, Lewis (1848-)
Ward, Lewis (Private-)
Ward, Lillian (27 NOV 1897-15 AUG 1914)
Ward, Lillian Francis (Private-)
Ward, Lillie Fay (Private-)
Ward, Lillie Mae (Private-)
Ward, Little Guy Arrington (2 SEP 1889-1889)
Ward, Lloyd
Ward, Lois
Ward, Lori Ann (Private-)
Ward, Lorinda Mae (Private-)
Ward, Lottie (Private-)
Ward, Lucious (24 FEB 1896-)
Ward, Lucious T. (7 SEP 1853-)
Ward, Lula Mae (23 JAN 1880-20 MAR 1952)
Ward, Luther (10 FEB 1885-)
Ward, Lydia Eugenia (29 JAN 1912-1984)
Ward, Mamie
Ward, Marion (11 APR 1937-1966)
Ward, Marion Emanuel W. (1849-AFT. 1892)
Ward, Marion Manuel (1892-27 MAY 1940)
Ward, Marion Seburn (Private-)
Ward, Martha (21 JUL 1900-)
Ward, Martha Amanda "Mattie" (28 MAY 1895-24 JUN 1938)
Ward, Martha Ann
Ward, Martha E. (7 JUN 1851-3 APR 1892)
Ward, Martha Elizabeth (1 JUN 1852-28 MAY 1917)
Ward, Mary
Ward, Mary A. (1839-)
Ward, Mary Dollie (29 FEB 1904-25 NOV 1987)
Ward, Mary E. (NOV 1877-)
Ward, Mary Elizabeth (8 JUN 1889-1 AUG 1957)
Ward, Mary Margurett (7 JAN 1913-1935)
Ward, Matilda
Ward, Matthew Eli (Private-)
Ward, Melissa (1841-)
Ward, Melvin (26 FEB 1948-1991)
Ward, Michael (14 FEB 1877-2 OCT 1938)
Ward, Michael (Private-)
Ward, Michael Brandon (Private-)
Ward, Michael R. (ABT. 1859-BET. 1860 - 1870)
Ward, Michael S. (Private-)
Ward, Milton Jerome (Private-)
Ward, Minnie
Ward, Minnie Mae (Private-)
Ward, Missouri Josephine (15 AUG 1856-)
Ward, Monica (Private-)
Ward, Moses (2 JAN 1913-1990)
Ward, Mrs. (-BET. 1886 - 1887)
Ward, Nathan Roan (24 APR 1884-25 DEC 1952)
Ward, Nathan Shane (Private-)
Ward, Sr., Newit (ABT. 1720-)
Ward, Jr., Newit (1765-NOV 1861)
Ward, Newit Hobbs (1814-)
Ward, Jr., Newit Luther or Jake (2 FEB 1910-1933)
Ward, Sr., Newit Luther or Newell (25 OCT 1857-6 DEC 1943)
Ward, Nina (MAR 1895-)
Ward, Norma Jean (Private-)
Ward, Patricia Ann (Private-)
Ward, Patricia Diane (Private-)
Ward, Paul Brandon (Private-)
Ward, Paulie or Parilee
Ward, Pearl
Ward, Pleasant William (3 SEP 1857-2 SEP 1902)
Ward, Ransome (ABT. 1869-)
Ward, Rayford Leon D. (13 FEB 1870-29 OCT 1946)
Ward, Rebecca Diane (Private-)
Ward, Rhoda (15 APR 1880-1962)
Ward, Robert (Private-)
Ward, Jr., Robert (Private-)
Ward, Robert Earl (Private-)
Ward, Robert M. (1845-1905)
Ward, Robert McCoy (Private-)
Ward, Robichaux Anderson (Private-)
Ward, Robin Lynette (Private-)
Ward, Roetta (Private-)
Ward, Ronald (Private-)
Ward, Ronald Justyn (Private-)
Ward, Roscoe Alexander (Private-)
Ward, Rosella Eliza (SEP 1883-)
Ward, Roxana (ABT. 1864-BET. 1870 - 1880)
Ward, Ruby Dell (Private-)
Ward, Ruby Dell
Ward, Ruhany (1828-)
Ward, Sallie (1899-)
Ward, Samantha Cinthia (ABT. 1856-BET. 1870 - 1880)
Ward, Sammy Cleveland
Ward, Sampson (15 MAY 1889-)
Ward, Sarah (1867-BET. 1870 - 1880)
Ward, Sarah Sally A. (1855-)
Ward, Scott Boyd (Private-)
Ward, Sherry (Private-)
Ward, Shirley Beth (Private-)
Ward, Shirley Faye (Private-)
Ward, Silas
Ward, Simon (JUL 1875-1919)
Ward, Sonya (Private-)
Ward, Stanley Eli (Private-)
Ward, Stella
Ward, Steven Paul (31 JUL 1959-19 SEP 1986)
Ward, Steven Zachary (Private-)
Ward, Susan Elaine (Private-)
Ward, Susie (16 FEB 1906-1980)
Ward, Sybil (17 DEC 1907-ABT. 1997)
Ward, Tanya R. (Private-)
Ward, Theresa (16 JAN 1916-1922)
Ward, Thomas B. (2 OCT 1840-)
Ward, Thomas H. (19 OCT 1869-1955)
Ward, Thomas Jefferson (NOV 1886-)
Ward, Thomas Lee (Private-)
Ward, Thomas Prentes (22 AUG 1919-1979)
Ward, Tincey (1843-)
Ward, Torrie (Private-)
Ward, Trina Mae (Private-)
Ward, Turcey Caroline (16 OCT 1844-)
Ward, Velma (4 FEB 1911-26 AUG 1957)
Ward, Vernon Dewey (Private-)
Ward, Vernon Ray (Private-)
Ward, Viola (1856-)
Ward, Walter Malone (25 JAN 1890-18 JUL 1961)
Ward, Walter Smith (1854-)
Ward, Wanda (Private-)
Ward, Jr., Webb (Private-)
Ward, Sr., Webb (5 MAR 1906-1961)
Ward, Wilburn (9 DEC 1907-1980)
Ward, Wilburn (Private-)
Ward, Jr., Wilburn (Private-)
Ward, Jr., Wilburn
Ward, Wiley (15 APR 1850-1917)
Ward, Willard William (16 JUN 1910-Dead)
Ward, William
Ward, William
Ward, William A. (NOV 1875-)
Ward, William B. (1844-)
Ward, William Brittion (Private-)
Ward, William John (1874-)
Ward, William Joseph (24 AUG 1850-23 JUL 1923)
Ward, Sr., William Wright or Wyatt
Ward, Jr., William Wright or Wyatt (1823-BET. 1870 - 1880)
Ward, Willie Earlton (Private-)
Ward, Willie Mae (UNKNOWN-)
Ward, Willis M. (18 MAR 1849-20 SEP 1884)
Ward, Winton J. (Private-)
Ward, Yvonne (Private-)
Wardlow, Clarke (12 APR 1841-9 NOV 1888)
Wardlow, Frances Elizabeth (26 FEB 1856-)
Wardlow, Helen Margaret (15 AUG 1863-)
Wardlow, James Witherspoon (10 JAN 1840-6 JUL 1860)
Wardlow, Jean Donnom (2 AUG 1853-8 NOV 1905)
Wardlow, Joseph George (4 APR 1859-1935)
Wardlow, Joseph James (29 OCT 1814-2 JUL 1873)
Wardlow, Lewis Alfred (4 JAN 1844-6 JUL 1863)
Wardlow, Mary Witherspoon (24 AUG 1846-2 AUG 1888)
Wardlow, Nancy Thornwell (9 NOV 1850-)
Wardlow, Thornwell (4 JUN 1842-13 JUL 1843)
Ware, David
Ware, LaDonna Nell (Private-)
Warner, Linda Darlene (Private-)
Warner, Mary
Warner, William
Warren, Kate
Warry, Elizabeth
Warwick, Ida
Washburn, Anna Marie (-1972)
Washington, Elizabeth
Washington, Elizabeth (ABT. 1755-)
Washington, John
Washington, Richard
Washington, Robert Mortimer
Wasson, Elizabeth
Waterhouse, Mary (-BET. 1845 - 1850)
Waters, Norma Jean
Waters, Sarah Walters or
Watford, Joseph
Watkins, Benjamin
Watkins, Dottie
Watkins, Mary Matilda
Watkins, Samuel B.
Watkins, Samuel S.
Watkins, Samuel T.
Watkins, William (1805-)
Watkins, William Douglas
Watson, Charlotte
Watson, Doc
Watson, Frank
Watson, Ida Mae
Watson, John R. (ABT. 1859-)
Watson, II, Julius (ABT. 1833-)
Watson, Julius
Watson, Mary A. "Polly" (ABT. 1743-23 SEP 1808)
Watson, Mary E. (ABT. 1850-)
Watson, Mary Ellen
Watson, Minerva J. (ABT. 1854-)
Watson, Missouri
Watson, Nancy
Watson, Nancy M. (ABT. 1852-)
Watson, Nell
Watson, Reddick
Watson, Richard
Watson, William H.
Watson, William H. (ABT. 1856-)
Watson, Zemmer Jane (18 JUL 1897-15 DEC 1990)
Watt, Bess
Watt, Child
Watt, Ellen
Watt, George
Watt, Jane
Watt, John
Watt, Margaret
Watt, Sarah
Watt, Woods
Watts, Amanda Jane (1845-1937)
Watts, Benjamin Franklin (1848-)
Watts, Caroline
Watts, Greenberry
Watts, Permelia
Watts, Jr., Thomas (-ABT. 1858)
Watts, Sr., Thomas
Watts, Vida Elizabeth
Waymen, Claude H.
Weatherford, Brock
Weaver, Burl
Webb, Spurgeon E. (1904-1952)
Weber, Christine
Wedderspone, Elizabeth (1537-)
Wedderspone, Griselda (1535-)
Wedderspone, Henry (1545-)
Wedderspone, John (1540-1604)
Wedderspone, Susanna (1550-)
Wedderspoyn, Andro (1495-1542)
Weed, Elizabeth
Weeden, Elim
Weedman, Hope
Weems, Carole Elaine
Welch, Ann
Welch, Annie Mae (Private-)
Welch, Eppie A.
Welch, Helen (BEF. 1644-)
Welch, James
Welch, James (1733-)
Welch, John (1612-1681)
Welch, John
Welch, John (1569-1622)
Welch, John (BEF. 1543-1568)
Welch, Josias (1590-1634)
Welch, Lucy (20 MAY 1613-AFT. 1650)
Welch, Mary
Welch, Mildred
Welch, Minnie
Welch, Richard (1762-)
Welch, Robert
Welch, Robert Earl (12 FEB 1916-11 OCT 1989)
Welch, Thomas
Welch, Thomas (1645-)
Welch, Walter (1698-1754)
Wells, Alice (Private-)
Wells, Cliffie Gene (Private-)
Wells, Dorothy Jeanette (Private-)
Wells, Henrietta
Wells, Hiram
Wells, Lemuel McMachen (1807-1883)
Wells, Rolla
Wells, William (-6 MAR 1836)
Welsh, Mary Annette
Welty, Catherine
Welty, Daughter (MAY 1879-)
Welty, Elizabeth M.
Welty, James L.
Werts, Barbara
Werts, John
Wesberry, Clorinda
Wessic, Sadie
West, Betty
West, Brandon Lee
West, Charity Lee
West, Doss
West, Elza
West, Gregory Lee
West, Hampson
West, James
West, Jeff
West, Larah Ruth (Private-)
West, Mary Polly
West, Nancy
West, Polly
West, Sarah Adeline (11 MAY 1866-31 AUG 1945)
West, Sodora Octavene (5 APR 1876-9 MAR 1963)
West, William


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