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Database of Michael & Candie Witherspoon
Disclaimer: Data in this database is a collection of compiled family names. Please email us for more information and sources.

Family Tree Names

Woodbeck, Susan
Woodfill, Daniel
Woods, "Dock" Calaway (1840-)
Woods, Ada
Woods, Alexander Miller (1825-)
Woods, Allen
Woods, II, Allen
Woods, Allen
Woods, Allie
Woods, Alta Flora
Woods, Amanda
Woods, Amanda
Woods, Andrew D.
Woods, Ann
Woods, Ard C.
Woods, Arminda
Woods, Aurona Rilla
Woods, B. Alvah "Alvie"
Woods, Basil
Woods, Blanche
Woods, Bryant "B"
Woods, Bryant Crawford
Woods, Buster
Woods, Calvin Herbert
Woods, Carl
Woods, Carrie
Woods, Cavie O.
Woods, Charles Amzi
Woods, Charlotte
Woods, Cleamellic Rosella (26 JAN 1866-11 JUN 1938)
Woods, Clifton
Woods, Codie Machell
Woods, Columbus "Lum"
Woods, Columbus "Lum"
Woods, Columbus E.
Woods, Craig
Woods, Craig J
Woods, Dave
Woods, Dave (1 MAY 1885-8 AUG 1945)
Woods, David L. (1780-1841)
Woods, David Walker (1822-1900)
Woods, Dean
Woods, Dee
Woods, Della
Woods, Derek (Private-)
Woods, Dosia
Woods, Easter Jane
Woods, Edith
Woods, Effie Alma
Woods, Elizabeth
Woods, Elizabeth "Lizzie"
Woods, Ellis
Woods, Eloise
Woods, Elvin
Woods, Elzy
Woods, Emma
Woods, Esther
Woods, Eula
Woods, Eva
Woods, Everett P.
Woods, Evrie
Woods, Fay
Woods, Flora L. (5 APR 1870-28 JAN 1955)
Woods, Francis
Woods, Francis Marion
Woods, Frank
Woods, Frank Rufus
Woods, Gee Dee
Woods, George Elliot
Woods, George Washington "Wash"
Woods, Georgia Ann
Woods, Hallie
Woods, Hampton Oliphant
Woods, Hattie D. (1909-1922)
Woods, Henry
Woods, Herbert S.
Woods, Hiram (1832-1919)
Woods, Hiram Prentice
Woods, Hoy A.
Woods, Ida Velma
Woods, Irene
Woods, Isaac
Woods, Isaac (17 FEB 1817-16 FEB 1882)
Woods, J. Floyd (10 MAY 1912-23 DEC 1981)
Woods, Jack
Woods, Jr., Jack
Woods, Jack "Shorty"
Woods, James
Woods, James Hamilton
Woods, James Madison "Mad" (ABT. 1851-)
Woods, James Sterrett (1793-1862)
Woods, Jr., James Sterrett (1824-1846)
Woods, Jane
Woods, Jarrett
Woods, Jeff
Woods, Jennifer Ashleigh (Private-)
Woods, John
Woods, John
Woods, John
Woods, John B.
Woods, John Hampton (1866-)
Woods, John W.
Woods, Joseph (22 AUG 1745-16 JAN 1835)
Woods, Joseph L.
Woods, Joseph M.
Woods, Josie Ida
Woods, Joy
Woods, Kate
Woods, Katie
Woods, Katie
Woods, Jr., Kenneth Ray (Private-)
Woods, Kent Arlis
Woods, Laura
Woods, Lela
Woods, Lester Charles
Woods, Lewis A.
Woods, Lewis Jackson
Woods, Lillie
Woods, Littleton A.
Woods, Logan Halsey (Private-)
Woods, Lora Alma
Woods, Louisa
Woods, Louisa "Sis"
Woods, Lucille
Woods, M. Day
Woods, Macon E.
Woods, Margaret
Woods, Margaret
Woods, Margaret
Woods, Margaret
Woods, Margaret A.
Woods, Marinda "Rindy" (1838-)
Woods, Marinda Abby
Woods, Martha Ann (20 JUN 1852-28 JAN 1935)
Woods, Mary
Woods, Mary
Woods, Mary
Woods, Mary (19 JUN 1863-28 JUN 1949)
Woods, Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie"
Woods, Mary Frances (1857-1925)
Woods, Mary Jane
Woods, Melisia
Woods, Minerva "Minnie"
Woods, Miranda
Woods, Morgan
Woods, Myrtie Alma
Woods, Myrtis
Woods, Nancy
Woods, Nancy (BEF. 1853-1863)
Woods, Nancy Lena
Woods, Nannie
Woods, Nora
Woods, Ola
Woods, Patrick
Woods, Paul
Woods, Raford "Rafe" (1844-)
Woods, Raleigh
Woods, Ramsey
Woods, Ransom "Rant" (1846-)
Woods, Ransom "Rant"
Woods, Renie "Irene"
Woods, Roby
Woods, Ronald C. (Private-)
Woods, Roy I.
Woods, Sallie
Woods, Sally
Woods, Samuel Hamilton
Woods, Sarah Amy "Sally"
Woods, Sarah C. "Sallie" (7 MAY 1871-1 SEP 1953)
Woods, Sarah Francis
Woods, Savannah
Woods, Seborn (1809-)
Woods, Sidney Vivian
Woods, Sue
Woods, Susan (ABT. 1860-1863)
Woods, Susan "Bun"
Woods, Susan Serena "Rena" (1856-1896)
Woods, Terra
Woods, Thomas Alexander"Alex"
Woods, Thomas Jefferson "Jeff"
Woods, Tim D.
Woods, Tolly T. R.
Woods, Vallie
Woods, Vaudie
Woods, Virgie
Woods, Walton (1842-)
Woods, William
Woods, William Daniel
Woods, Jr., William Daniel (Private-)
Woods, William F.
Woods, William Lawrence
Woods, William P. (1778-1845)
Woods, Willie
Woods, Willis W.
Woods, Wilson
Woods, Zemma "Zelma"
Woodward, Claude Barnard (1885-1885)
Woodward, Claudine
Woodward, Jr., Clyde Joseph
Woodward, Clyde Joseph
Woodward, Lenore Beth
Woodward, McKenzie or Mack W. (1 AUG 1828-24 DEC 1900)
Woodward, Mr.
Woodward, Seabrook Wilson
Woodward, Sydna Elizabeth
Woodward, Walter Kelso
Woolly, Dicy
Woosley, Ruby
Word, Caroline Mary (4 OCT 1875-1 JAN 1919)
Word, James Alexander (1 APR 1854-28 NOV 1940)
Word, John Collins (1823-)
Word, Sara Frances (1827-1909)
Work, Charlie
Worrell, Daniel Webster (1852-)
Worrell, Edward
Worrell, Wesley J. (ABT. 1811-)
Worsham, Henry
Worthy, Alan
Wray, Jamima
Wray, Lula Ann
Wren, Billie Lester (18 SEP 1926-14 APR 1933)
Wren, Eleanor Jewell (Private-)
Wren, Thomas Fred (1901-1960)
Wren, Thomas Jewell (Private-)
Wrenn, Albert Joseph (18 MAR 1863-4 JUN 1932)
Wrenn, Albert Joseph
Wrenn, III, Albert Joseph (Private-)
Wrenn, Albert Joseph Smith (15 MAR 1899-4 JUN 1932)
Wrenn, Albert Mallary (Private-)
Wrenn, Alvey Teen (Private-)
Wrenn, Angela (Private-)
Wrenn, Ann
Wrenn, Annie Bell (Private-)
Wrenn, Arthur Joe
Wrenn, Baby Letsy (Private-)
Wrenn, Barbara
Wrenn, Barbara Ann
Wrenn, Betty
Wrenn, Beverly
Wrenn, Bobby Jane (Private-)
Wrenn, Charles Edward (16 OCT 1891-)
Wrenn, Daniel Franklin (8 MAR 1904-Dead)
Wrenn, Danny
Wrenn, Edward J. (25 OCT 1845-30 JUL 1864)
Wrenn, Elizabeth Jane (13 JAN 1840-16 AUG 1902)
Wrenn, Ella May (7 AUG 1893-Deceased)
Wrenn, Francis George (1810-28 DEC 1862)
Wrenn, Frank (1864-)
Wrenn, George
Wrenn, Georgia Irene (19 OCT 1918-20 SEP 1919)
Wrenn, Hazel Beatrice (27 SEP 1916-1 SEP 1964)
Wrenn, Hiram Wallace (28 JAN 1909-14 JUL 1968)
Wrenn, James (1777-2 JUL 1858)
Wrenn, James Franklin
Wrenn, James Henry (17 MAY 1889-)
Wrenn, James Thomas (25 FEB 1842-19 APR 1886)
Wrenn, Jennifer (Private-)
Wrenn, John (ABT. 1765-)
Wrenn, John A. (19 FEB 1838-)
Wrenn, John Edward (Private-)
Wrenn, John K. (6 MAY 1823-10 JAN 1897)
Wrenn, John Taylor (8 MAR 1902-Dead)
Wrenn, Johnny
Wrenn, Joyce Madeline (Private-)
Wrenn, Linda Fay (Private-)
Wrenn, Luticia
Wrenn, Marjorie (1866-)
Wrenn, Martha (1817-)
Wrenn, Martha Indiana (10 APR 1848-22 JAN 1852)
Wrenn, Mary
Wrenn, Mary Ann (24 APR 1833-1 APR 1901)
Wrenn, May Maydalene (21 APR 1895-)
Wrenn, Minnie Lee (12 MAR 1897-Deceased)
Wrenn, Myrtle Mae (11 MAR 1905-13 MAR 1905)
Wrenn, Ollie Mae Evelyn (Private-)
Wrenn, Polly Marie (Private-)
Wrenn, Robert Lee (Private-)
Wrenn, Jr., Robert Lee (Private-)
Wrenn, Sabrina Lynn (Private-)
Wrenn, Sarah (1780-)
Wrenn, Sarah Bell (7 JUL 1930-3 MAR 2000)
Wrenn, Sarah Jo (Private-)
Wrenn, Sharon
Wrenn, Sherry Rebecca (23 JUL 1958-28 MAR 2000)
Wrenn, Stanley N.
Wrenn, Susanna
Wrenn, Thomas (BET. 1784 - 1794-)
Wrenn, William (1750-14 JUL 1814)
Wrenn, William
Wrenn, William
Wrenn, Jr., William (BET. 1765 - 1780-)
Wrenn, William James (1821-19 OCT 1857)
Wrenn, William Lapsley (18 JUN 1886-Deceased)
Wrenn, William Lapsley (16 DEC 1835-Deceased)
Wrenn, William Walter (7 SEP 1887-)
Wrenn, Jr., Willie Alexander (21 NOV 1932-2 JUN 1995)
Wrenn, Willie Alexander (2 JUL 1909-24 DEC 1967)
Wright, Angela
Wright, Jr., Ashley Edgar (Private-)
Wright, Ashley Edgar (Private-)
Wright, Benjamin David (Private-)
Wright, Carrie Nichole (Private-)
Wright, Christina Joval (Private-)
Wright, Dan Field (1912-1967)
Wright, David Paul (Private-)
Wright, David Paul (Private-)
Wright, Edgar Lee (1938-1991)
Wright, Harold Vernon (1914-1969)
Wright, Holly Morgan (Private-)
Wright, Jay
Wright, Jennifer Lauren (Private-)
Wright, Jincy Harriet (1835-1908)
Wright, Joel
Wright, Johanna Neal (Private-)
Wright, John Bernard
Wright, Judy A. (Private-)
Wright, Larry
Wright, LeLoy Clarisse (Private-)
Wright, Liesl Lanell (Private-)
Wright, Lindsay
Wright, Lorilee Lanell (Private-)
Wright, Lydia Marie (Private-)
Wright, Michael (Private-)
Wright, Jr., Orpha Edgar (1910-1958)
Wright, Orpha Edgar (1882-1929)
Wright, Pauline (Private-)
Wright, Phillip
Wright, Robert Daniel (Private-)
Wright, Robert Paul
Wright, Ruth Ellen (Private-)
Wright, Steven Craig (Private-)
Wright, Thomas
Wright, Vivian Ione (1907-1992)
Wright, Wayne
Wright, Zandalee Springs (Private-)
Wright, Zelda
Wyche, William (-APR 1756)
Wydderspoon, Archibald (1475-)
Wydderspoon, James (1435-1491)
Wydderspoon, John (1473-1559)
Wydderspoon, Margaret (1468-)
Wydderspun, Alexander (1515-1569)
Wydderspun, John (1522-1564)
Wydderspun, John (1503-1545)
Wydderspun, Robert (1520-1581)
Wylie, Sarah
Wynn, Clyde Thomas (ABT. 1873-1921)
Yancy, Carolina Lawson (-24 DEC 1843)
Yancy, Mary C. (-22 FEB 1905)
Yarbrough, Littleton
Yardley, Martha Jane (15 JUN 1824-22 FEB 1894)
Yarnell, Hallelujah
Yawn, Emma
Yeager, Beaulah Frances (10 NOV 1881-)
Yeager, Benjamin (AFT. 1875-)
Yeager, Caroline Elizabeth "Betty" (28 MAY 1876-15 OCT 1948)
Yeager, Edward Wiley (31 AUG 1889-5 OCT 1969)
Yeager, Effie Pearl (26 SEP 1896-)
Yeager, Elijah
Yeager, Elijah Franklin (3 MAY 1887-)
Yeager, Fannie
Yeager, George W. (24 NOV 1891-20 APR 1892)
Yeager, John Emmett (19 MAY 1887-1971)
Yeager, Minnie Jane (14 JAN 1878-20 JUL 1921)
Yeager, Myrtle Emma (11 OCT 1893-)
Yeager, William Henry
Yeager, William Madison
Yeates, Cecil (Private-)
Yeates, Charles Harvey (1918-1994)
Yeates, Geraldine "Jerri" (Private-)
Yeates, James "Jim" (1896-1975)
Yeates, James Vernon (1922-1971)
Yeates, Robert Eugine (Private-)
York, Katherine
Young, Abram
Young, Claiborn Valentine (9 JAN 1866-6 SEP 1929)
Young, Clara Pearl (6 JUL 1883-11 NOV 1955)
Young, Daughter
Young, Daughter
Young, Dorothy
Young, Drew (Private-)
Young, Harold Kenneth (Private-)
Young, Jr., Harold Kenneth (Private-)
Young, Hoyett (25 OCT 1880-5 MAY 1956)
Young, Infant (1962-1962)
Young, Jessie
Young, Joe
Young, John
Young, John
Young, John
Young, Margie
Young, Mary Lena
Young, Nan Leona (13 JAN 1898-13 OCT 1974)
Young, Nancy Elizabeth (15 APR 1874-12 FEB 1941)
Young, Rebecca (1740-1810)
Young, Reginald
Young, Sarah Rebecca (18 JUL 1847-20 MAR 1933)
Young, Sidney (Private-)
Young, Son
Young, Sue Ellen (Private-)
Young, William
Youngblood, Daniel Henry (1822-)
Youngblood, Ella
Youngblood, Ira
Youngblood, James Benjamin (28 APR 1939-21 DEC 1979)
Youngblood, Jr., James Benjamin
Youngblood, Janie Lynn
Youngblood, John Ira
Youngblood, Josh
Youngblood, Justin Bailey
Youngblood, Mary Ann Elizabeth
Youngblood, Nancy M.
Youngblood, Sim
Youngblood, Simeon S.
Youngblood, Stephen Joshua (ABT. 1849-)
Yvette, Winnifrerd (Private-)
ZIMMERMAN, Margaretha (1611-27 MAR 1695)
Zahn, Leola
Zazel, Melita
Zduncyzk, Frank
Zduncyzk, Raymond (Private-)
Zduncyzk, Renee (Private-)
Zduncyzk, Robbie (Private-)
Zeigler, Barbara
Zieglar, Charlotte Ann
Zlotnik, Albert
Zlotnik, Alexander William (Private-)
Zlotnik, Michael Abraham (Private-)
Zlotnik, Sara Maria (Private-)
Zrout, Janine Marie
Zumstang, Bertha
de Brittnay,
de Brusse, Robert
de Crocketagne, Gabriel Gustave
de Jarnette, Sr, Jack E (1870-)


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