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Database of Michael & Candie Witherspoon
Disclaimer: Data in this database is a collection of compiled family names. Please email us for more information and sources.

Family Tree Names

Filer, John
Files, Kenneth
Fincannon, Christopher (Private-)
Fincannon, Laura Leigh (Private-)
Fincannon, Pat (Private-)
Finch, William
Finfrock, Lina Ethel (-24 DEC 1915)
Finlay, Mary Polly (4 JAN 1788-11 JUN 1815)
Finlay, William (11 APR 1765-)
Finney, Benjamin
Fischer, Debra Kay
Fisher, Bobbie
Fisher, Dennis Alan (Private-)
Fisher, Elmer (Private-)
Fisher, Kathleen (Private-)
Fisher, Kay (Private-)
Fisher, Lawrence (Private-)
Fisher, Lynna Janette (Private-)
Fitch, J. C.
Fitzberald, Anna Lillian (20 FEB 1875-2 JAN 1877)
Fitzberald, David Bruce (17 MAY 1862-ABT. 1932)
Fitzberald, Ida May (13 AUG 1866-20 AUG 1893)
Fitzberald, James D. (20 OCT 1831-17 NOV 1906)
Fitzberald, James Edgar (31 JUL 1864-ABT. 1930)
Fitzberald, Lucetta Witherspoon (9 DEC 1868-)
Fitzberald, Mary Helen (2 JAN 1873-ABT. 1925)
Fitzgerald, Elizabeth A.
Fitzgerald, Florence
Fleener, Andrea Michelle
Fleener, Kevin Arthur
Fleener, Mark Wayne
Fleener, Megan Christine
Fleener, Michael Craig
Fleener, Nicole Suzanna
Fleener, Philip Eugene
Fleener, Thomas Kent
Fleener, Zachary Thomas
Fleming, Martha
Fleming, Rosanna
Flemming, Elizabeth (1720-)
Flemming, Isabella (1716-)
Flemming, Jr., James
Flemming, James (1722-1750)
Flemming, Jane Bennett (BET. 1790 - 1801-)
Flemming, Janet (1726-)
Flemming, John (1696-1750)
Flemming, Jr., John (1718-)
Flemming, John (-1816)
Flemming, Jr., John
Flemming, Joseph (1724-)
Flemming, Penelope (1728-)
Flemming, William (1730-1750)
Fletcher, Ernest
Fletcher, Mae
Fletcher, Mildred
Fletcher, Mr.
Fletcher, Napoleon (-1938)
Fletcher, Ruby
Fletcher, Sereptha
Flores, Paulo
Flowers, Avie D. (NOV 1919-22 SEP 1981)
Flowers, John
Flowers, Thiro Mae
Flowers, Wiley
Floyd, Annie Mae (-1959)
Floyd, Arthur
Floyd, Charles (Private-)
Floyd, Cora Lee (26 JUL 1914-1981)
Floyd, Delilah
Floyd, Dolphin Ward (1807-1836)
Floyd, Elizabeth (1806-)
Floyd, Ethel (20 NOV 1913-UNKNOWN)
Floyd, John W. (ABT. 1800-)
Floyd, Joseph
Floyd, Laney (16 JUL 1909-1994)
Floyd, Mariah G. (25 OCT 1833-20 NOV 1908)
Floyd, Mary (ABT. 1800-)
Floyd, Nancy
Floyd, Oscar Matlock (25 APR 1869-1941)
Floyd, Patricia
Floyd, Jr., Penuel (ABT. 1800-)
Floyd, Quintalyn
Floyd, Raymond
Floyd, Sarah (ABT. 1800-)
Floyd, Susan (1813-)
Floyd, Temperance
Floyd, Thomas Beckwith (1802-1875)
Floyd, Thomas Penuel (ABT. 1781-ABT. 1815)
Floyer, Anthony
Fluitte, Maria Margaret (17 AUG 1818-)
Fonville, Jennie
Foote, Alice Jeanne (ABT. 1847-)
Foote, C. Ned
Ford, Donal
Ford, Henry E.
Ford, Homer E. (14 FEB 1937-6 MAR 1962)
Ford, John
Ford, Laura
Ford, Mr.
Ford, Phyllis Elaine
Forehand, Mitchell Lee (Private-)
Forehand, Randall Lee (Private-)
Foreman, Clyde
Forest, Pearl
Fortenberry, Audrey (Private-)
Fortenberry, Brandon (Private-)
Fortenberry, Bruce (Private-)
Fortenberry, Carol (Private-)
Fortenberry, Charles (Private-)
Fortenberry, Edward (Private-)
Fortenberry, Gerald (Private-)
Fortenberry, Karen (Private-)
Fortenberry, Karmen Tracy (Private-)
Fortenberry, Kathleen Desiree (Private-)
Fortenberry, Kathy (Private-)
Fortenberry, Sr., Kaysee (10 DEC 1905-1990)
Fortenberry, Jr., Kaysee (Private-)
Fortenberry, IV, Kaysee Emanuel (Private-)
Fortenberry, III, Kaysee Maurice (Private-)
Fortenberry, Kelly (Private-)
Fortenberry, Kerry (Private-)
Fortenberry, Jr., Lawrence (Private-)
Fortenberry, Sr., Lawrence Eli (Private-)
Fortenberry, Lisa (Private-)
Fortenberry, Lottie (6 APR 1929-1965)
Fortenberry, Monique (Private-)
Fortenberry, Otis (Private-)
Fortis, Ramona Lynn (Private-)
Fosche, Clarence Elonza
Fosche, Occie Mae (Private-)
Foskey, Helen Elizabeth (Private-)
Foskey, James Kenneth (Private-)
Foskey, Priscella Ann (Private-)
Foskey, Robert Wayne (Private-)
Foskey, Shelby Jean (Private-)
Foskey, Wesley Thomas
Foskey, Wesley Thomas (Private-)
Foster, Apoles Sanderson (8 MAY 1812-19 FEB 1877)
Foster, Bazel (1751-)
Foster, Elizabeth America (SEP 1826-26 FEB 1896)
Foster, Ella Jane
Foster, Emily T. (ABT. 1849-)
Foster, Emmily
Foster, Francis (1788-)
Foster, Frederick (1755-)
Foster, James (1809-1880)
Foster, Jesse (1780-1850)
Foster, John
Foster, John (1749-)
Foster, John (-5 MAY 1719)
Foster, Jr., John (1719-)
Foster, July Elizabeth (1760-)
Foster, Kimmie (1743-25 MAR 1816)
Foster, Lewis Thomas (1830-1898)
Foster, Liza F. (1783-)
Foster, Lyda
Foster, Martha (1753-)
Foster, Martha Jane (1835-1865)
Foster, Mary
Foster, Mary A. (ABT. 1849-)
Foster, Mary Ann or Polly (1 FEB 1816-3 MAY 1893)
Foster, Mary Emma
Foster, Missouri Parker (1839-SEP 1913)
Foster, Nancy Minerva (3 FEB 1824-6 APR 1866)
Foster, Nathan J. (ABT. 1839-AFT. 1880)
Foster, Philemon (1758-)
Foster, Pleasant L (1814-1877)
Foster, Prudence (1784-1856)
Foster, Robert G. (ABT. 1845-17 MAR 1925)
Foster, Sarah E. A. (ABT. 1846-)
Foster, Sarah Lewis (1823-JAN 1870)
Foster, Scindy Brimta
Foster, Shepard (1820-1855)
Foster, Virginia Ann (9 FEB 1827-15 OCT 1867)
Foster, William
Foster, William Lewis (1810-1850)
Foster, William Lewis (1782-29 SEP 1842)
Foster, William Shephard (1718-24 DEC 1792)
Foster, William Shephard
Foster, Jr., William Shephard (1745-1829)
Foster, III, William Sheppard (1770-26 OCT 1829)
Fountain, Lydia
Fournier, Brian Scott (Private-)
Fournier, Lydia Cassandra "Sandra" (Private-)
Fournier, Megan Marie (Private-)
Fournier, Michelle Lynn
Fournier, Sallie Ann (Private-)
Fournier, Wilfred James (Private-)
Fournier, Jr., Wilfred James "Jim" (Private-)
Fowler, Eleanor (8 NOV 1777-1839)
Fowler, John M.
Fowler, Magdalene
Fowler, Penina
Fowler, Sarah
Fowler, Wiley. F.
Fox, George Edgar
Fox, John
Fox, Maud
Fox, William
Fralick, John
Francis, Kelly Rene (Private-)
Francis, March Arbutus
Francis, Mary
Francis, Paul Madison
Francis, Steve Harold (Private-)
Franklin, R. Evans
Franks, Henry
Franques, Lectorius or Louge
Frazer, Donna
Frazier, Alice
Frederickson, Henry
Freeman, Sr., Alvin Gilbert
Freeman, Jr., Alvin Gilbert (29 JUN 1933-OCT 1994)
Freeman, Amy
Freeman, Janice Lee (Private-)
Freeman, Sarah
French, Ann
French, Isabella
French, Jake
French, Jr., James
French, James (-9 MAR 1789)
French, Malinda
French, Mary
Frierson, Alexander
Frierson, David
Frierson, Thomas James
Frost, F. J.
Frost, Francis (BEF. 1570-)
Frost, John W (19 SEP 1832-28 MAY 1863)
Frost, John W.
Frost, Margaret Ann
Frost, Nancy Lynn
Frost, Scott
Frost, Steven
Fulgham, Christiana Elizabeth
Fulgham, Medora Eleanor
Fulgham, Narcissa Jane
Fullen, Emily Elizabeth
Fuller, Andrew
Fuller, Martha Elizabeth "Betty"
Fuller, Nancy
Fuller, Robert J.
Fuller, Sarah S. (4 MAY 1808-1 AUG 1887)
Fulmer, Bobby Jo
Fuls, Nancy
Fulton, Alexander
Fulton, Eliza
Fulton, Emma
Fulton, Maggie (-BEF. 1918)
Fulton, Mahala
Fuqua, Wenona (6 JUL 1872-17 NOV 1959)
Futch, Eliza Jane
Futch, John
Futral, Ada Lois (1895-1972)
Futral, Annie Mae
Futral, Annie Mae (1892-1966)
Futral, Barbara (-Deceased)
Futral, Cheryl Ann
Futral, Elaine
Futral, Erastus Taylor (1890-1918)
Futral, Etta Elvinna (1886-1951)
Futral, Eugene
Futral, Eugene Taylor (1918-1954)
Futral, Hosea (1888-ABT. 1893)
Futral, Isabelle (-1918)
Futral, John Edward (Private-)
Futral, Johnny May (1902-1960)
Futral, Katherine
Futral, Linda (Private-)
Futral, Mary Ruth (Private-)
Futral, Myrtle Elizabeth (1916-1993)
Futral, Myrtle Mae (Private-)
Futral, Nancy Lee
Futral, Shirley
Futral, Wilbur (Private-)
Fuustrace, Rose Michele (Private-)
G., Martha (ABT. 1805-)
GERARDY, Edward (22 MAY 1865-18 FEB 1942)
GRAETER, Casper (1500-21 APR 1557)
GRAETER, Catherine (1533-14 AUG 1598)
GRAETER, Philipp (1540-1612)
GROSS, Lissie Drusilla (16 MAR 1870-6 MAY 1960)
GROSS, Theobald (18 AUG 1840-8 AUG 1913)
Gaghagen, Helen
Gailey, Margaret (-25 MAR 1865)
Gaines, Bonnie (Private-)
Gaines, David (Private-)
Gaines, Donna (Private-)
Gaines, Isabella (ABT. 1730-)
Gaines, Mary
Gaines, Mattie (Private-)
Gaines, Merle
Gale, Nancy
Gall, Ardith Kay (Private-)
Gallion, Dalphia or Dollie C. (1835-ABT. 1869)
Gallion, Eliza Nancy (1836-)
Gallion, Ellen (1832-)
Gallion, John C. (1805-)
Gallion, Lucy C. (1832-)
Gallion, Phoebe (1833-)
Gallion, Roberta (1830-)
Gallion, Sena Roberts (1826-8 MAR 1886)
Galloway, Annie
Galloway, Lewis
Galloway, Savannah Ellen (15 SEP 1865-4 MAR 1961)
Galloway, William
Gamble, Richard (-1951)
Garcia, Oscar
Gardiner, Angelina Agnes (28 SEP 1879-)
Gardiner, Arthur Columbus (1 DEC 1884-7 JUL 1949)
Gardiner, Barbara
Gardiner, Cecile Lula (13 JUL 1878-)
Gardiner, Cora Philomene (ABT. 1874-)
Gardiner, Edward C. (25 JUN 1821-27 FEB 1899)
Gardiner, Emma
Gardiner, Emma Catherine (19 DEC 1869-)
Gardiner, Frederic (24 JUL 1888-)
Gardiner, Gerald
Gardiner, Jeanne Marie (28 OCT 1873-)
Gardiner, John A. (24 MAR 1877-)
Gardiner, Johnny C.
Gardiner, Joseph Bechmans (19 MAR 1871-)
Gardiner, Leonard Ignatius (24 SEP 1865-)
Gardiner, Marie Josephine (28 OCT 1873-)
Gardiner, Mary Henrietta (10 AUG 1875-)
Gardiner, Mary Martha (6 SEP 1882-)
Gardiner, Newman
Gardiner, Stella Elmira (10 FEB 1868-11 MAR 1897)
Gardiner, Valentine (21 APR 1872-)
Gardner, James (-1951)
Gardner, Mary
Garner, Janice
Garner, John
Garrelle, Talmage
Garretson, Rebecca
Garrett, Fannie M. (4 NOV 1851-11 AUG 1944)
Garrett, Ferris Preston (1898-1970)
Garrett, James
Garrett, Nancy Ann
Garrett, Patricia Ann (Private-)
Garrett, Patsy Sue (1931-1947)
Garrett, Sally
Garrison, Amy
Garrison, Elizabeth
Garrison, Harley
Garrison, John Craven (1904-1988)
Garrison, Leslie
Garrison, Lillie
Garrison, Paul
Garrison, Ross
Garrison, Thomas
Garrison, Willoughby
Garvin, Albert Lee (24 MAR 1906-20 JUL 1972)
Garvin, Dorothy Lee (Private-)
Garvin, Lee
Garvin, Vernal
Gary, Bud
Gary, Emily Frances (-1885)
Gary, Franklin
Gary, Franklin Newman
Gary, Hampson
Gary, Helen
Gaskins, James S.
Gasoway, Mary
Gast, Bradley Earl (Private-)
Gast, Brian William (Private-)
Gast, Roger
Gates, Elizabeth
Gatlin, Cracie Lula
Gattis, Samuel (1807-1857)
Gattschalk, Frederick (1701-BET. 1746 - 1749)
Gauweiler, Lina
Gay, Harold M.
Gay, James Newton
Gay, Myrtle (1893-1914)
Gearey, Florence G.
Gee, Alpha
Gee, Anna
Gee, Brigit (BET. 1750 - 1757-AFT. 1781)
Gee, Helen
Gee, Iona
Gee, John
Gee, Melvin
Gee, Wilson
Gendrow, Kelli
Gentry, James Arthur
George, John
George, Thomas
Gerardy, Doris Lorene (18 NOV 1931-18 NOV 1931)
Gerardy, Edward Loren (15 NOV 1905-20 MAY 1994)
Gerardy, Gigi Lynn
Gerardy, Gina Marie
Gerardy, Goldie May (20 JUL 1903-17 SEP 1911)
Gerardy, Grace Clementine (11 NOV 1891-9 MAR 1966)
Gerardy, Greg Edward
Gerardy, Lenore
Gerardy, Lissie Christel (Christel)
Gerardy, Miller Edward
Gerardy, Myrtle Lena (1 NOV 1899-30 JAN 1984)
Gerardy, Pearlie Christine (22 APR 1897-3 NOV 1899)
Gettys, Janet
Gianini, Amanda Ellen (6 SEP 1887-30 APR 1965)
Gibbs, Margaret
Gibbs, Matie
Gibney, Opal Dane
Gibson, David (-1858)
Gibson, Edna
Gibson, Elizabeth
Gibson, Elizabeth
Gibson, Elizabeth
Gibson, Mary
Gibson, Mattie (ABT. 1844-)
Gibson, Mattie Bell Susan
Gibson, Mr.
Gibson, Randall
Gibson, Wanda
Gibson, Winfield Scott
Giddens, Maggie Faye (Private-)
Gifford, Janice Marie (Private-)
Gifford, Wallace Junior
Gilbert, Elizabeth Miles (10 NOV 1855-9 AUG 1890)
Gilchriest, William Clarence (1825-22 JUL 1881)
Gilchrist, Roxie
Gilcrease, Bryant
Gilkey, Aretas
Gilkey, James
Gilkey, Mack
Gilkey, Mary Jane
Gilkey, Sarah
Gilkey, William
Gill, Patricia Adean (Private-)
Gillen, Esta
Gillespie, Alexander (ABT. 1743-16 NOV 1839)
Gillespie, James William or Jasper (26 SEP 1827-29 SEP 1903)
Gillespie, John (ABT. 1824-30 NOV 1864)
Gillespie, Mary A. (ABT. 1823-)
Gillespie, Matilda (ABT. 1825-)
Gillespie, Nancy Elizabeth (ABT. 1830-AFT. 1910)
Gillespie, S. O.
Gillespie, William (ABT. 1794-BEF. 1830)
Gilley, Bennis Wayne (Private-)
Gilley, Bennis Woodrow
Gilley, Holly Kay
Gilley, Kenneth Wayne (20 OCT 1937-15 MAY 1952)
Gilley, Lawrence Ivy (Private-)
Gilley, Melody Ann (Private-)
Gilley, Mike Dean
Gilley, Nelda Frances (Private-)
Gilliam, Elizabeth
Gilliam, John
Gillian, Francis Raley (Private-)
Gillian, George Evans (1900-1983)
Gillian, George Kenneth (Private-)
Gillian, Jack Evans (Private-)
Gillian, Larry Lester (Private-)
Gillian, Robert Daniel (Private-)
Gillispie, Absolom Warrington
Gillispie, Sarah
Gilmore, Dorothy
Gilmore, Frances
Gilmore, Georgia
Gilmore, Harlan (BET. 1897 - 1898-JAN 1965)
Gilmore, John B.
Gilmore, Lauri Ruth (Private-)
Gilmore, Lawrence B. (-1950)
Gilmore, Opal Marie (Marie) (9 JUN 1914-7 DEC 1985)
Gilmore, Patty
Gilmore, Ruth
Gilmore, William C.
Gittler, Anna Mary
Gividen, Earl
Gjellum, Livy (23 FEB 1864-10 FEB 1954)
Gladjo, Virgie Mae
Glaser, Margaret
Glaspy, Hillary
Glasscock, Luke
Glenn, George
Glenn, James Rodney (Private-)
Glenn, Otto (-ABT. 1957)
Gloucester, Gilbert Earl of
Glover, Elizabeth
Glover, Emily (1852-)
Glover, Hettle (1882-1975)
Glover, Wilson (1848-1929)
Godsey, Debora Aliene (Private-)
Goens, Judy Moore (Private-)
Goines, Anell (12 DEC 1933-16 FEB 1993)
Goines, Bill
Goines, Eva Joice (Private-)
Goines, Hazel Lee (Private-)
Goines, James Riley (Private-)
Goines, John Thomas
Goines, Mary Margaret (13 AUG 1931-24 MAY 1998)
Goines, Nazel Ruth (25 JAN 1942-24 FEB 1942)
Goines, Oscar (14 APR 1900-15 MAR 1985)
Goines, Shirley (Private-)
Goines, Wanell (Private-)
Going, Raymond G.
Going, Richard Bo
Goings, William T. (1864-)
Goins, (-BEF. 1840)
Goins, Aaron (BET. 1825 - 1830-)
Goins, Addison (ABT. 1830-)
Goins, Ann (BET. 1798 - 1802-)
Goins, Araminta (ABT. 1805-)
Goins, Delila
Goins, Emily (ABT. 1832-)
Goins, Ernestine (ABT. 1834-)
Goins, Fannie (-1911)
Goins, Female (BET. 1831 - 1840-)
Goins, Florence (JUN 1898-)
Goins, Henry (-1921)
Goins, Ida M. (Private-)
Goins, Isabelle (16 JUL 1906-29 DEC 1991)
Goins, Julia Ann (30 OCT 1882-18 DEC 1960)
Goins, Louisa (ABT. 1838-)
Goins, Lula
Goins, Mary Delilah (10 JUL 1874-30 JAN 1962)
Goins, Mitchell
Goins, Oscar Vergil
Goins, Sarah (1800-)
Goins, Stephen Breckenridge (1804-1874)
Goins, Steve (ABT. 1835-)
Goins, Jr., Thomas D. (1807-)
Goins, Tom (20 SEP 1898-)
Goins, W. S. (-ABT. 1899)
Goins, William Bray (1861-)
Goins, William Breakenridge (1859-)
Goins, William Collin (1857-)
Goins, William Fulton (1863-)
Goins, William James (1866-)
Goins, William Lawrence (1859-BEF. 1966)
Goins, William Mitchel (1862-)
Goins, William Richard (1869-)
Goins, William Thomas (1830-BEF. 1880)
Golden, Edward Allen
Goldner, Martin E.
Goldner, Sharon E.
Good, Edward
Good, Edward (1780-JAN 1860)
Good, Edward H.
Good, Emily E.
Good, Enoch
Good, Hannibal (1810-28 SEP 1871)
Good, Harriet C. (8 DEC 1816-26 NOV 1895)
Good, Ida
Good, James D. (ABT. 1820-BEF. 1876)
Good, Joseph
Good, Joseph H.
Good, Joseph W. (ABT. 1824-BEF. 1860)
Good, Louisa D. C. (26 NOV 1818-31 MAR 1889)
Good, Louisa E. H.
Good, Margaret
Good, Minor P. (ABT. 1830-BEF. 1876)
Good, Nancy M.
Good, Rebecca (1814-1859)
Good, Susan E.
Good, Thomas H.
Goode, Elizabeth (1845-)
Goode, James Kelton (1847-)
Goode, James Othniel (1814-NOV 1854)
Goode, Mary (1843-14 SEP 1906)
Goode, Sarah Eleanor
Goode, W. T.
Gooden, Virginia
Goodlet, Sue
Goodlett, Margaret Elizabeth
Goodloe, William H.
Goodman, Charles
Goodman, Clarence
Goodson, Don Andrew (Private-)
Goodson, Jack
Goodson, Joseph
Goodzey, Walter Vincent
Googe, Ralph Dennis
Googe, Wade Dennis
Gordon, Charles
Gordon, Elizabeth (10 SEP 1763-16 JUN 1791)
Gordon, Elizabeth
Gordon, George
Gordon, Jacob Brown
Gordon, James Savage
Gordon, Lovelace
Gore, Arthur
Gore, Harry
Gore, Joseph Vernon
Gore, Rhonda Dawn (Private-)
Gore, Son
Gore, Son
Gore, Thelma
Gore, Willie
Gosnell, Roland H.
Gowdy, Ella Mae
Gowdy, Robert (-ABT. 1870)
Gowen, Sr., Thomas D. (ABT. 1770-1826)
Grace, (-1676)
Grace, William E
Graeter, Maria (1532-3 JUN 1620)
Graham, Francis (ABT. 1767-MAY 1814)
Graham, Francis J.
Graham, George (ABT. 1771-)
Graham, James Robert
Graham, Jane (ABT. 1775-)
Graham, John (1741-14 OCT 1798)
Graham, Judith (ABT. 1824-)
Graham, Lida (1854-1946)
Graham, Margaret (ABT. 1784-24 DEC 1862)
Graham, Mary
Graham, Nancy (ABT. 1773-)
Graham, Nancy
Graham, Patricia Ann (Private-)
Graham, Robert Curtis (Private-)
Graham, Ruby B.
Graham, Ruth Ann (7 APR 1774-26 MAY 1852)
Graham, Samuel
Graham, Sarah (ABT. 1769-)
Graham, Todd Clark
Granata, Shirleyann Cathrina (Private-)
Graves, Henry
Gray, Betty
Gray, David
Gray, Emma (23 DEC 1870-)
Gray, Nola Terry
Gray, Paul C.
Gray, Robert William (3 JUL 1861-14 JAN 1936)
Gray, Rosaline Aquilla "Rosa" (25 JAN 1865-1 SEP 1940)
Gray, Ruth (Private-)
Greathouse, I, Harmon
Greathouse, II, Harmon
Greathouse, John
Greathouse, Rachel (1757-1832)
Green, Alma
Green, Amber Nicole (Private-)
Green, Arthur "Arter" Berry (17 FEB 1842-18 DEC 1909)
Green, Jr., Arthur Berry (6 APR 1881-2 APR 1882)
Green, Carl (17 NOV 1885-6 JAN 1887)
Green, Clarence (28 MAR 1888-8 JUL 1888)
Green, Dale
Green, David G. (4 OCT 1814-5 JUL 1863)
Green, David Griggs (8 JAN 1864-)
Green, Dee G. (Private-)
Green, Dorcas or Duck Elvira (4 APR 1852-12 FEB 1935)
Green, Dorothy Cartherine or Carrie (27 MAR 1859-9 JUL 1883)
Green, Eliza Jane Ellen (27 JAN 1844-11 SEP 1927)
Green, Elizabeth (BEF. 1764-1850)
Green, Embree
Green, Estol Mae
Green, Floy (1889-1974)
Green, Heilglee
Green, Henry Newton (10 MAY 1879-26 DEC 1880)
Green, Henry Robert (19 JUL 1838-AUG 1888)
Green, Howard
Green, John Calvin (8 APR 1870-19 DEC 1959)
Green, Judith (BET. 1728 - 1763-)
Green, M.
Green, Margaret Matilda (26 DEC 1849-17 APR 1917)
Green, Martha A. (1838-)
Green, Mary Ann (5 DEC 1839-1923)
Green, May (28 MAY 1889-7 JUL 1951)
Green, Nettie Addelle (28 JAN 1893-23 NOV 1972)
Green, Newton Thomas (17 JAN 1846-31 MAY 1929)
Green, Rose Myrtle (6 SEP 1876-)
Green, Rosetta Josephine (20 MAR 1857-3 DEC 1951)
Green, Rowena (27 MAR 1883-1982)
Green, Ruth (10 JAN 1892-10 JAN 1892)
Green, Sallie Katherine (29 MAY 1909-12 AUG 1989)
Green, Travis Cochran (1887-1931)
Green, Warren David (28 JAN 1872-18 DEC 1945)
Green, William Giles (22 MAY 1874-27 OCT 1874)
Green, William Harrison (28 NOV 1847-6 SEP 1853)
Green, William Perry (1847-1905)
Green, Youna (1885-Infant)
Greene, Allan Brower
Greene, Nancy Montgomery (Private-)
Greene, Stephen G.
Greer, Joseph
Gregg, John
Gregg, Mary (ABT. 1812-)
Gregory, Dennis
Gridley, Josephine
Griffin, Gordon
Griffin, Henrietta
Griffin, Henry Johnson
Griffin, Isabella (1750-25 JUN 1850)
Griffin, Jacob
Griffin, John
Griffin, John
Griffin, Mary Elizabeth
Griffin, Noah
Griffin, William
Griffing, Amanda
Griffing, Amos
Griffis, Patricia Elizabeth "Mitty"
Griffis, Sarah Ann
Griffis, Jr., William A. (-22 JAN 1970)
Griffith, Ray
Griggs, Eugene
Griggs, Finn
Griggs, M.
Griggs, Sarah
Grimes, Dorothy
Grimes, Judith
Grimes, Lucinda
Grindstaff, Jacob
Grissom, Matilda
Grohigan, Jane
Groisbey, Jim
Gross, Hannah Clementine (Clemmie) (26 MAY 1867-2 APR 1934)
Gross, Henry Theobald (1 FEB 1879-7 AUG 1880)
Gross, Luther Theobald (9 AUG 1865-18 APR 1878)
Gross, Mary Adrianna (11 NOV 1873-16 AUG 1874)
Grothe, Rueben
Grotius, Sophia
Grounds, William E.
Grove, Gladys
Gruenberg, Sandra Elise (Private-)
Gude, Briana Lauren (Private-)
Gude, Thomas
Gudgel, Abraham (1844-1910)
Gudgel, Abraham (26 JAN 1784-OCT 1815)
Gudgel, Allen
Gudgel, Allen (14 FEB 1788-1868)
Gudgel, Alvin (1868-)
Gudgel, Andrew (1727-16 AUG 1815)
Gudgel, Andrew (19 FEB 1825-23 JAN 1910)
Gudgel, Andrew (1852-)
Gudgel, Andrew (ABT. 1809-1878)
Gudgel, Ann (1856-)
Gudgel, Ann
Gudgel, Ann Lucenda Bell (1874-1878)
Gudgel, Ann Mary
Gudgel, Arthur
Gudgel, Arthur
Gudgel, Ason Gerald (Private-)
Gudgel, Calvin (10 JAN 1846-17 FEB 1930)
Gudgel, Caroline
Gudgel, Charles Sherman (1865-)
Gudgel, Cheress
Gudgel, Dan
Gudgel, Daniel (1755-1821)
Gudgel, Della
Gudgel, Dollie May (1890-)
Gudgel, Dorothy
Gudgel, Dorothy Dolores (Private-)
Gudgel, Doyal T. (Private-)
Gudgel, Doyle
Gudgel, Edna (Private-)
Gudgel, Edward
Gudgel, Edward (1884-1884)
Gudgel, Edward
Gudgel, Edward (ABT. 1832-)
Gudgel, Elijah
Gudgel, Jr., Elijah
Gudgel, Elizabeth
Gudgel, Elizabeth (23 APR 1763-6 AUG 1843)
Gudgel, Ella (1897-)
Gudgel, Elnora (10 MAY 1860-3 NOV 1934)
Gudgel, Elvira\Elizabeth (1865-)
Gudgel, Esther May (7 MAY 1753-)
Gudgel, Ethel
Gudgel, Ethel (1900-)
Gudgel, Eva (18 OCT 1886-22 FEB 1890)
Gudgel, Evelyn
Gudgel, Everett D. (1883-)
Gudgel, Fannie
Gudgel, Fedora
Gudgel, Flora (1891-1892)
Gudgel, Flora (Private-)
Gudgel, Florence
Gudgel, Fredrick
Gudgel, George Martin (8 AUG 1856-23 FEB 1868)
Gudgel, Gertrude
Gudgel, Gilbert
Gudgel, Guy (1883-1902)
Gudgel, Hannah (ABT. 1785-1824)
Gudgel, Harold Or Howard (1887-1947)
Gudgel, Harriet Hester (ABT. 1799-)
Gudgel, Harriett
Gudgel, Harriett (1866-)
Gudgel, Harry B. (7 OCT 1877-)
Gudgel, Helen (28 DEC 1897-)
Gudgel, Henry (1854-)
Gudgel, Henry Thomas
Gudgel, Holland Porter (1881-)
Gudgel, Infant Son
Gudgel, Jr., Jacob
Gudgel, Jacob (13 MAY 1833-7 NOV 1905)
Gudgel, Jacob (1859-)
Gudgel, Jacob (1775-BET. 1830 - 1840)
Gudgel, Jacob Madison
Gudgel, James Edward (10 MAR 1858-17 SEP 1938)
Gudgel, Jean (ABT. 1778-AFT. 1819)
Gudgel, Jerry Lee (Private-)
Gudgel, Jessie B. (1879-)
Gudgel, John (1776-1851)
Gudgel, John (ABT. 1869-)
Gudgel, John
Gudgel, John Franklin (1841-)
Gudgel, John Franklin (29 JAN 1849-4 OCT 1901)
Gudgel, John W. (ABT. 1860-)
Gudgel, Joseph
Gudgel, Larry Virgil (Private-)
Gudgel, Laverne (Private-)
Gudgel, Leoma (Private-)
Gudgel, Leota (Private-)
Gudgel, Levin Wilson (26 JUN 1850-)
Gudgel, Loyal (Private-)
Gudgel, Loyd Louis (1895-)
Gudgel, Lucy
Gudgel, Lucy (1864-)
Gudgel, Lucy F. (26 JUN 1850-18 MAY 1851)
Gudgel, Luther (1894-)
Gudgel, Maria Johanna (10 JUN 1750-)
Gudgel, Jr., Marion Floyd (Private-)
Gudgel, Marion Floyd (1893-)
Gudgel, Marjorie (1 NOV 1895-31 MAY 1896)
Gudgel, Martha (10 JUL 1852-11 JUL 1853)
Gudgel, Martha Jane (22 FEB 1829-15 NOV 1906)
Gudgel, Marvin (1896-1899)
Gudgel, Mary
Gudgel, Mary
Gudgel, Mary (ABT. 1769-AFT. 1819)
Gudgel, Mary Agnes (1877-1961)
Gudgel, Mary Edith (Private-)
Gudgel, Millara (1881-)
Gudgel, Morton
Gudgel, Nancy (1831-1893)
Gudgel, Nancy
Gudgel, Nancy Jane (2 DEC 1797-6 DEC 1878)
Gudgel, Nicholas
Gudgel, Nicholas (ABT. 1839-)
Gudgel, Opal Leroy (Private-)
Gudgel, Oswald
Gudgel, Otto Augustus (Private-)
Gudgel, Philip Sheridan (1865-1865)
Gudgel, Rebecca
Gudgel, Robert Arthur (Private-)
Gudgel, Robert Emmet (1881-1902)
Gudgel, Roy
Gudgel, Ruth E. (1885-)
Gudgel, Ruth Jeanette (Private-)
Gudgel, Sarah (ABT. 1770-AFT. 1819)
Gudgel, Sarah C.
Gudgel, Sarah Emma (Private-)
Gudgel, Sophia (1790-AFT. 1819)
Gudgel, Thomas
Gudgel, Thomas Jefferson (1847-1899)
Gudgel, Thomas Wiley (1869-1934)
Gudgel, Tully
Gudgel, Unknown
Gudgel, Victor Thomas (Private-)
Gudgel, Virgil Wiley (Private-)
Gudgel, William
Gudgel, William
Gudgel, William (11 FEB 1801-9 MAY 1877)
Gudgel, William
Gudgel, William Alexander (1850-)
Gudgel, William Henry (18 JUL 1847-10 DEC 1905)
Gudgel, William Henry (1867-1870)
Gudgell, Jr., Andrew (BET. 1760 - 1774-14 JAN 1840)
Gudgell, Elizabeth (ABT. 1798-)
Gudgell, Joseph (20 SEP 1801-)
Gudgell, Polly (ABT. 1794-)
Gudgell, Rebecca (ABT. 1796-)
Gudgell, Rezin (1807-)
Guisendorff, Ernest G.
Gulley, Achsah (6 APR 1788-AFT. 1833)
Gulley, John G.
Gunn, Virginia
Gunter, Josiah or Joseph (-BEF. 1967)
Gutherie, William F.
Guthrie, Lucinda
Gwaltney, Zetta
HUNN, Aegidius (ABT. 1531-)
HUNN, Agnes (1537-MAR 1563/64)
HUNN, Alexander (ABT. 1529-)
HUNN, Anna (ABT. 1525-)
HUNN, Barbara (ABT. 1527-)
HUNN, Catharina (1535-)
HUNN, Johann Castolus (25 MAR 1533-ABT. 1578)
HUNN, Michael (1505-)
HUNN, Regidius (ABT. 1531-)
Haagen, Anna (9 OCT 1636-14 JUL 1673)
Haagen, Conrad (1617-)
Haak, Billy Joe
Haas, Charles Darrell (Private-)
Haas, Child (Private-)
Haas, Kurt Thomas (Private-)
Hadden, Eve (1891-1974)
Haddox, Paralee
Haeward, Mary (1607-AFT. 17 MAY 1641)
Hagan, Esther (-1834)
Hagood, Judy
Hair, Anne
Haire, Ethel
Hake, Jean Ellen (Private-)
Hake, Julie Ann (5 OCT 1961-23 MAY 1967)
Hake, Rex Carlson (Private-)
Hake, Richard W.
Hale, Donna (Private-)
Halford, James
Hall, Allie
Hall, Allison S.
Hall, Alonzo C. (JUL 1890-)
Hall, Annie
Hall, Annie E.
Hall, Bud
Hall, Dick
Hall, Elija
Hall, Etta
Hall, Ewing (1834-)
Hall, Fannie
Hall, Francis Delores (Private-)
Hall, Gordon (1904-1970)
Hall, Harrison
Hall, Hattie (1895-1900)
Hall, Henry (1870-1942)
Hall, Henry
Hall, Ida
Hall, Ina
Hall, Irene (Private-)
Hall, Jason (1845-)
Hall, Lena E. (1872-1955)
Hall, Linn
Hall, Lorenzo
Hall, Lou Nettie
Hall, Martha A. (FEB 1856-)
Hall, Martha Ann
Hall, Mary Frances (4 OCT 1885-5 MAY 1979)
Hall, Matt
Hall, Melinda (1829-)
Hall, Meliscent Bethany (24 APR 1814-7 JAN 1862)
Hall, Minnie
Hall, Mr.
Hall, Mr.
Hall, Robert
Hall, Sallie E.
Hall, Samuel S.
Hall, Simeon Jason (27 JAN 1859-26 NOV 1924)
Hall, Simon (1840-)
Hall, Sis
Hall, Thalia (1838-)
Hall, Uranian (1836-)
Hall, Jr., William Britton
Hall, Sr., William Britton
Hall, William Madison "Bill" (29 DEC 1842-18 DEC 1926)
Hall, Wyatt (1841-)
Halloway, Emily Clara (Private-)
Halloway, Victor
Hallowell, Debra Jean (Private-)
Hambledon, James
Hames, Pamela Kay (Private-)
Hamilton, Alexander
Hamilton, Amanda
Hamilton, Ann Elizabeth (1847-1888)
Hamilton, Audley A. (28 FEB 1811-30 APR 1819)
Hamilton, Catherine (BEF. 1513-)
Hamilton, Cynthia T. (16 APR 1850-17 JUL 1895)
Hamilton, David
Hamilton, Elbert Kesterson (10 NOV 1826-22 MAY 1914)
Hamilton, Elizabeth (3 DEC 1831-)
Hamilton, Elizabeth (28 AUG 1809-2 JUL 1890)
Hamilton, Elizabeth
Hamilton, Emily (4 OCT 1847-)
Hamilton, Harvey (14 APR 1806-11 NOV 1868)
Hamilton, Harvey (28 FEB 1839-)
Hamilton, James (28 MAR 1828-)
Hamilton, Jane
Hamilton, John (18 SEP 1780-2 JUL 1833)
Hamilton, John (5 DEC 1829-30 NOV 1909)
Hamilton, John P. (8 AUG 1808-16 OCT 1808)
Hamilton, John P. (25 DEC 1816-)
Hamilton, Joseph (19 OCT 1843-4 SEP 1917)
Hamilton, Lula V. (22 NOV 1901-25 JAN 1994)
Hamilton, M. C.
Hamilton, M. C. (1862-AFT. 1900)
Hamilton, Margaret (5 DEC 1820-)
Hamilton, Margaret
Hamilton, Margaret (7 APR 1834-)
Hamilton, Martha Turner
Hamilton, Mary (1747-26 AUG 1829)
Hamilton, Mary Ann
Hamilton, Mary Ann (16 DEC 1836-25 JAN 1916)
Hamilton, Mary Cornelia
Hamilton, Molley (1887-)
Hamilton, Monroe
Hamilton, Mr.
Hamilton, Nancy K. (11 SEP 1852-ABT. 1882)
Hamilton, Polly (1825-)
Hamilton, Rachel (1 APR 1814-BEF. 1870)
Hamilton, Roy
Hamilton, Sarah (13 JUL 1822-)
Hamilton, Sarah Jane (27 SEP 1845-5 OCT 1917)
Hamilton, Sinthia (22 OCT 1812-)
Hamilton, W. B.
Hamilton, William Henry (6 JAN 1842-)
Hamilton, William W. (8 JAN 1807-6 NOV 1876)


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